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Quick, Easy UC of Maribel Lee! (Warning: graphic content)

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Maribel Lee was born at 6:43 a.m. on April 25, 2012.  She is my third UC baby and my first singleton!  She was 8 pounds at birth and is 20.5 inches long with a 13.4 inch head circumference.


Without further ado, here is the birth story/video!



[April 24th] I finally got my husband to DTD with me...Tuesday and Wednesday were my days off and I really wanted to have this baby (I knew my labor would be short and didn't find the thought of having a Walmart baby appealing, though my coworkers did!). It seemed to work with the twins, and well, it worked this time, too. I began getting crampy contractions immediately afterward. I must have been at about 4 cm by this point and felt 80-100% effaced, as I had been slowly dilating/effacing during the last 20 weeks of my pregnancy.  (I had been 3 cm and 50% at 36 weeks...after sex.  I then said "no more sex" until I was ready to have a baby, lol!)  


(I must note that at this point, the contractions I was having felt the same as the prelabor I had been having since 36-37 weeks, the only difference was the crampy feeling of my cervix dilating/being irritable after sex.  I was not initially convinced I was in labor since this was pretty normal for me after sex.)


Contractions were totally bearable and continued for most of the night, very erratic, coming every 3-10 minutes or sometimes more in between. At around 12:50 a.m., they petered out and I was able to sleep. At 3:00-3:30 a.m., contractions started waking me up. I began timing them, and they were about the same intensity as before and still 2-8 minutes apart, again very erratic. At 4:30 I decided to get up, because I was uncomfortable and couldn't sleep through contractions. I continued having them while playing a game on my tablet, and continued timing them.  I was tired, kind of bored, and not really thinking about anything except maybe the contractions would stop so I could sleep.

Then at 5:31 a contraction really hit me and I had to stop and breathe through it. I thought that could actually be something, and after a few more like that, I went and got my birth supplies. I had to stop through contractions, but I had enough time between them to do things. I had stopped timing them by this point so I couldn't say how far apart they were, but I'm pretty sure they jumped to 2-3 minutes apart.

By this time Jason was up too, I didn't even wake him up; I think he just has labor radar. He was awake before I even got out of bed. And also super anxious before we went to bed that night. So he saw me getting my birth supplies and asked if he should call in to work, and I told him yes. I also texted my friends that I wanted there - to no avail. We tried calling them several times and they just didn't pick up.

After laboring in the livingroom for a bit, I felt like I had to poo, so I went to the bathroom, and did so. Laboring on the toilet felt very good and productive, so I ended up sitting there a bit longer, and it wasn't very long that I didn't want to get up and began to feel nauseous. I retched and heaved a few times, but I didn't throw up. In any case, I think it pushed the baby down enough that I was no longer nauseous.

Contractions at this point were crazy. For each one, I grabbed my thighs and squeezed/pulled them back while relaxing my pelvis/uterus. I could actually feel my cervix opening with each one, and the baby moving down a tiny bit each time, too. I had checked myself at some point and was surprised to feel what must have been 6-7 cm and a bulging bag of water. After a couple of contractions, I'd check myself again, and again.  It gave me the strength to get past the intensity of my cervix dilating so quickly - I was panting and sweating buckets.  Soon I was at what must have been a 9-10, and told DH that he had better get ready to videotape. I was having crazy ouchie contractions, and I started pushing with them - that felt good. Then my body kind of went with it and started pushing on its own with contractions, and so I reached in and broke my water with another one - it was easier that way because the contractions made the bag bulge more.

Once I broke that I roared that baby out. Omg. It was effing painful. Not even crowning hurt that bad; it was just contractions and holy this baby filled me up. I really had to make an effort to give birth this time - and I just kept on pushing. Once the head was out (I had my hands down there the whole time, so neat), I reached down further and felt a nuchal cord, and quickly unwrapped it without even thinking about it. I then got to the business of pushing the shoulders out, it was tough so I slid a hand in and pushed her gently up by the shoulder to help out (god I was still in pain!). And she was born, all 8 lbs  of her, after 1 hour and 9 minutes of active labor and 3 minutes of pushing!


That's not the end of it either. So I got my short labor for my baby.  However, the placenta decided to take its sweet time, and I was miserable. I continued getting contractions that were maybe 8-15 minutes apart (not entirely sure), and I had to breathe through them, and they lasted forever, tapering off slowly. I had back labor with this thing, and with none of my babies!! So an hour after birth I decided to cut the cord. I had to clamp it on both ends because my end would bleed.

5 miserable hours after the baby was born, the placenta (somewhat painfully) finally slid out of me. It was so thick! But whole and man I felt like a million bucks after that!



Here is the birth video, I'm so happy to have captured it this time, especially the few first moments.  Wonderful. <3




The part where I say "Oh yeah" is when I break my water.  I also do not remember taking such a long break before pushing her out!

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Here is a picture of the placenta, for those that like to see that end of things. :)






Less than two hours old - I had just weighed her.





A day old.





A few days old.



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That was SO cool and beautiful! Thanks for sharing that video.

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Congrats!  Watching births is so beautiful.  Thanks for sharing. 

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What an amazing video to watch - thank you so much for posting it. Happy Babymooning!

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Such a great video! congrats!

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Congratulations and thank you for sharing such a beautiful video!

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thank you so much for sharing!


You make it look so easy! :)

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That was amazing! Thank you for sharing!! Congratulations!

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Thanks everyone!  Maribel is doing great.  Such an easy baby! <3


Oh, I also forgot to mention, I think, that I was GBS positive for this one.  Just a little side note.  I wasn't really worried about it because I figured I'd have to break my own water right before she was born.  Lol.

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What a beauty! She has got such a perfect little face. AWESOME birth video, mama...congratulations!

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Congratulations to you and family mama, thanks so much for sharing!

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Thank you!! <3

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Amazing and beautiful!  Congrats!

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Oh wow mumma!!!!
I must say you make birth look so "normal" smile.gif I wish society could see such empowered educated women doing what we are made to do!
Im looking forward to my own smile.gif
Congrats again smile.gif you are both so beautiful!!!!!!
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Great video, congratulations!

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Congratulations Mama!! She's SO sweet!!

Welcome Welcome Maribel joy.gif


Thanks so much for sharing your video-Such awesome strength you have superhero.gif

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Thank you ladies!


I, too, like that it makes birth look like a normal event.  And for us, it is.  There's no worrying about getting to the hospital or whatever (I probably wouldn't have made it with this one anyway - shortly after I realized I was in active labor, you couldn't have moved me, which is why I had baby on the toilet).  I broke my own water, pushed my baby's head out, unwrapped her nuchal cord, and pushed the rest of her out.  I like how "normally," in a hospital setting, you'd have doctors and nurses doing those things.  Why the hell anyone would pay someone else to do that for them when they are perfectly capable, I don't know!


Plus, I really wanted to catch my own baby this time, they won't allow you to do that in the hospital!

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bad ass mama! Thanks for sharing! so cool! welcome maribel!

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Congratulations on a wonderful birth and a wonderful baby!! joy.gif Welcome to the world Maribel!!

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