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Rash after 'flu subsided..please help

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DD 3 yrs old had a 'flu for almost 6 days 4 days back where she kept having high fevers and needed Ibuprofen.

Around the 6th day her fevers subsided but some parts of her body are covered with tiny pin-prick size bumps which are flesh-colored (almost like goose bumps) and some of them are itchy.


Can anyone shed light on this please?


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Sounds like a post viral rash. I know several kids who get them. Usually they are nothing serious and subside pretty quickly. If any of her joints get inflamed though, take her in.
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Also keep an eye on what happens to the rash (e.g. if it develops blisters or if it's on the palms of hand/feet, could be hand/foot/mouth disease - which we all got earlier this year).  


Without a cough/respiratory symptoms, I doubt it would be influenze (aka the flu)...it's more likely some other type of viral illness that involves a fever and rash (?roseola maybe?).

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Originally Posted by dot1 View Post

it's more likely some other type of viral illness that involves a fever and rash (?roseola maybe?).

Roseola if I remember correctly is not raised and looks more mottled and not itchy.  It follows a relatively brief, very high fever, followed by a sudden break in the fever.  Both of my girls had this.  The second time when the fever completely broke, almost out of the blue, I was ready for the rash. 

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Nope.. not mottled at all and definitely itchy where she can scratch it. Not red at all... just like goose bumps (and even smaller than goose bumps in diameter..if you can imagine that)


This rash came after her fevers were completely gone and is even subsiding into dry scales/points in some places.

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I'm definitely not writing it off as a fever-induced rash, but fevers can do weird things.  My daughter started losing bucketloads of hair over the next 8 months.  She would leave hair every where!  I wracked my brains trying to figure out where this came from, and finally her ARNP and I remembered her super-high fever (104.5) months previously.


So, back to the rash..... if she's fine now, and the rash subsides, you may just never, ever know exactly what it was.


That said, since you posted in Allergies, my 7yo (the same one who lost half her hair) has had what seemed to be an allergic reaction to ibuprofen.  It took a few times of giving the medicine to her before I caught it.  Apparently it's more common in girls than boys.   But she didn't have a rash.  Her symptom was a nasty bout of coughing starting about 7 or so minutes after the dose of medicine and lasting about 20 minutes.


But your daughter's rash does sound like those weird post-virus, post-fever rashes people get instead.  Unfortunately, some things like this often remain a mystery.

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Thank you all...


As I mentioned in my x-posted thread.. the rash looks closest to 'prickly heat' (this simple description didn't occur to me earlier). The flesh colored small prickly heat.. not the red kind.


Her ped thinks it is a post-viral rash and it is already sloughing off...

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