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Which woven wrap?

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About to have a summer baby.  But I also have a 40 lb toddler that I need to be able to put on my back. 


I tried a woven at a BW meeting (with my toddler), and I loved the support, but the one they had that was long enough for me was so thick it was hard to tie (and it was super hot!), so I'm looking for one that'd be thinner than that, but still supportive enough for my toddler.  I'm looking for something along the lines of 6m.


So the ones I've been looking at:

Wrapsody Bali Breeze





Which of those would you go with and why?  Or is there another I should be looking at instead?  Why? 

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I love the Bali Breeze for summer because it is so light but honestly, I don't think I would get it for a 40 pound toddler. It just isn't supportive enough.
There are differences even in wraps of the same brand. Like some Didymos wraps are thinner than others, some of the BBSlens are very supportive and not as thick. I would ask people who have these different wraps which are the best for warm weather plus good for a heavy toddler.

You could ask people in your BW group or ask online at thebabywearer.com because there are so many people on that site who have tons of different wraps.

I love woven wraps but I would actually go with a soft structured carrier for a toddler that size on your back. I find it quicker to get her up and down and more supportive with a padded waistband. Plus you don't have the big knot.

DD1 wanted to be carried when I had DD2 and was about that size. I already had wraps and wanted to use them. It felt fine for a little bit but got very heavy after a while and much harder to have her up there. The only wrap I had that felt ok was a Walter's and that is very thick like a blanket with a pretty big knot. Great for winter but definitely not summer.
I have a bamberoo that worked for her for a while and there are several toddler sized SSC's that feel great.
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Here is a chart comparing carriers and their weight limits
There are several for 45-50 pounds or even heavier.

ETA here is a thread comparing different woven wraps for extra support (over 30-35 pound babies) and coolness.
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