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Such lovely pictures everyone!!


Icy: You don't look all the big yet - but I hear you about feeling uncomfortable already!!


Here is my pic from 26 weeks and 3 days. I have ones that are angled better from the side, but I like this pic w/my DD:


24-26 weeks 010.JPG

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Here's us at 24 weeks ! Getting closer to Trimester 3, yay!

24 weeks.jpg

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26 weeks, 2 days. So when does this actually become difficult? :)


Right before our midwives' appointment this morning 26 weeks, 2 days. So, when does the hard part start? ;)

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BostonMummy- it never did with my first!! This time I am much more uncomfortable.  Enjoy feeling good :)

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Love your response, Icy. Thanks! But sorry you're so uncomfortable with this one . . . hope you find some relief.

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Icy: Glad to know I'm not the only one that's more uncomfortable earlier this time around!! I feel like this baby feels so much heavier and my pelvic bones hurt and feel so much pressure - but I'm sure it's just bc my muscles aren't as toned as last time!



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This week I wanted to do a comparison to my last pregnancy - so I tried to sort of recreate the outfit. Belly bare. I think I am bigger this time around. It's a bit hard to compare though bc my arm hid the curve of my back in the pic from my last pregnancy. Still fun! And easy to do bc I hit a new week every Thursday with both pregnancies so taking pics on Sundays always yields the exact same days along.


Here is 28 weeks 3 days from this pregnancy:

28 weeks 011.JPG


28 weeks 3 days from my last preg:




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Vegan Princess, you are WAY smaller and fit now than your last pregnancy. I started off the same way but now I'm not so sure anymore.

My abdominal muscles have separated and I feel huge! 


@icy, I am also MUCH more uncomfortable with this pregnancy than I ever was with my first. I also feel like he kicks a lot more than my DD did when I was pregnant with her. The past few days, he's been in a really weird and uncomfortable (for me at least) position and it's really bugging me. Ha. Oh well, gotta deal with it. 


26w1d today..

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Tijana: It's funny but I think it's just a difference in camera angle? I started off both pregnancies at the exact same weight. I've gained about the same but maybe a few lbs more this time. I was working out a lot more often last time! I did get down to my lowest adult weight in between pregnancies, thanks to nursing - but most of that weight came back by the time I got pregnant again. LOL. But I did find out today that I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead - which explains why I feel so much bigger!



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27 Weeks1.JPG


This was my 27 week picture. Can you see why I'm so uncomfortable?! lol I have an egg belly because baby's lying so low. 


I have to say, I'm more uncomfortable now that I ever got with ds...which is ridiculous as I'm SOOOO much smaller, so much more healthy and fit. You'd think that would have made for a better welcoming into 3rd trimester! 


Cindy, I also think your top pic looks smaller than the bottom! lol It's so cute to compare the two pregnancies like that!!

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Aww pregnova - I thought you were feeling way better this time until now! I feel like my body started falling apart recently. I feel like the lack of toned muscles is making things more achey this time than last. Your belly is adorable!! I can see your belly button disappearing, like you said. :-) And your hair is so long now!! It looked short in the last pic you posted. It looks great.

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I know! I WAS feeling SOOO much better than last pregnancy! And now...I'm just so done. lol I think if Baby wasn't so low, I'd feel way better because it's mostly just being ridiculously uncomfortable from the lowness, having a LOT of difficulties with eating, and just feeling pinched on then inside from how it's lying and pressing against things. But all of the physical discomforts of last time are gone...no sore back, energy is pretty high, ect...


Meh, obviously baby needs to stay in for a long while, but I will be SO happy to have it OUT of me! lol

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Here is us at 28 weeks

Hello final chapter joy.gif!!!


Like pregnova already said, I know we have a little while to go, but I can't wait to meet this little man.

He is KICKING my butt in all possible ways he can nut.gif

My DD never kicked as much as he does, and definitely not as strong.

I am only wondering how much stronger these kicks are going to get, we still have about 12 weeks to go. Ouch!





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Fuzzy, but here I am at 26 weeks, 3 days400

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Some gorgeous mamas and bellies on this thread! Thought I'd jump in and join the fun. Here I am at just over 29 weeks. I am SO much bigger this pregnancy than my last one at this point-- the diastasis recti/hernia I am rocking probably have something to do with it. But it's been a smoother pregnancy overall by far, so I am not complaining! :)




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It's been way too long since anyone has posted on this thread!! Let's see those 3rd trimester bellies!


Here is me at 33 weeks and 3 days:



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I agree Vegan Princess! P.S. Your belly is the cutest little basketball ! You look great.


Here is us at 31 weeks and 5 days and 22 lbs heavier than pre-pregnancy! Woo-hoo, getting closer !





Where did all the October mommies go?! 

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33 Weeks! Ummm the belly is HUGE. lol

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Great looking bellies, ladies!


Here's almost 35 weeks... home stretch! LOL check out my daughter trying to get in on the action. And please ignore the obvious hair roots-- I need the salon, badly.




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This is 6 weeks old....but I haven't downloaded my recent pic to photobucket...  So here is an awful bathroom mirror pic of me at 27 weeks....




I am 33 weeks now and much bigger....



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