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Did I say CONGRATS to Chloe's Mom? If not, sorry for forgetting! That's awesome smile.gif

Of course, the fact that you got a BFP earlier than usual is making me want to test early. Must... wait... til... Sunday... ARGH! smile.gif
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Thanks Livingsky!   Can't wait to hear about how it goes tomorrow.  


I wanted to stop by and see how everyone is.  I also wanted to post my test from today (16dpo)... no more squinting required.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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Yay!! That test is beautiful :)


Wishing you lots of luck Livingsky!


Afm- Not sure what my dpo is because I don't know when (or if) I O'd. But I'm going to test sometime soon seeing as DH and I DTD a lot last week. I'm not particularly hopeful because it seems so far fetched that I'll ever get pregnant (trying for over a year now!) but gotta keep on truckin', as they say! I'm super glad that you got a bfp Chloe'sMama! It gives me hope that more people will be soon to follow (hopefully me!!) Sending lovely baby sparkles to you all!

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Originally Posted by ocelotmom View Post

No congrats due to me yet! :)


My DH used to insist that I was going to have twins because it runs in his family. I had to explain to him that it doesn't work that way. I still don't think he quite believes me :)


We got a suburban a few months ago, so we're set for up to three more. In that regard, anyways :)

Sorry!  I saw the "positive" test, and assumed pregnancy test, not OPK type test!!  Reasons to post when actually fully awake rather than sleep deprived!  Well, hopefully I was forshadowing a short stay for you here!


We're going to look at a Ford Expedition this weekend.  There's one that seems like a good deal about an hour's drive away.  A 2004. Anyone have/had an Expedition?  Any advice to share?  If we do get it, we'll be good for twins too (at least in the car department, the house is another matter!!)

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Jr'sMom had offered to be our thread hostess for June but I'm not sure where she went.  Would anyone else be willing to take over?  There is no way I can do it this month.

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Maybe, what does it require?

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Basically just copying the first page post into a new thread and updating people's information as they post it.  The thread isn't terribly busy so it's just a few minutes each day or so.  Let me know and I can send you the instructions via PM.

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I can do it.  I'd appreciate instructions, since I've never done it before.  Thanks!

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Sorry about that jr's mom.  I had sent you the instructions last week and never heard back from you.  I just sent them to you again via PM, please let me know if you don't get them. 

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Sorry, I didn't get the first message.  Thanks for the instructions!  I'll see if I can get the June thread going here in a minute!

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