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do your let your kids watch their siblings get shots?

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We are a selective vax family. I'm wondering if others bring siblings to each other's doctor's appointment where they'll see a sibling get a shot. Or do you make an effort to bring them separately so they won't witness this?
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We vax. I think this has only come up once, and the older child went first and we asked her to be extra brave as an example (she doesn't mind shots much, so it was okay).
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As someone who gives shots, most of the time when families come in the siblings are in the room. Sometimes if a parent is worried a child will be particulariy upset they have the child wait outside , but this is rare. When immunizing more than one sibling at a time, usually it is best to do the most anxious child first, then it is over and done with. Sometimes parents will say let the non anxious child go first so the anxious child can see that it is not so bad, but generally this backfires.Usually in this case the non anxious child will go and do just fine, not cry sit still, by now the anxious child is so worked up! It just leads to bad scene, and it is not fun for the parent the nurse or the child! Much more traumatic than it needs to be.  The only siblings I ever worry about being present are the occasional very protective 2 or 3 year old with a baby being vaccinated, or even examined. They are too young to understand what is going on and don't want you near their baby! They can be in the room, I just take extra care to watch where they are in the room and position myself so they can't suddenly grab for the needle, or pull on my arm.  Once at a home visit I had a 2 year old come  up and give me a swift kick in the leg when I examined the newborn baby so I am always a little cautious with those protective little ones.

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We selectively vax so this comes up. My 4 year old is very protective of her little sister and has asked to go out of the room and not see her get her shots. Coming up this month is the first visit where they'll both be due for some shots. My oldest is turning 5 and she hasn't had any shots since she was 3 so she's a little anxious and my 18 month old is aware enough now to really notice what's going on with her sister. I'm not sure how we'll handle it. Probably do the big kid first then she can leave the room and hang out with dad while the little one gets hers. I hope it goes smoothly.

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we do selective delayed. when we went I had my 6 year old go first b/c she always does well and then my 9 year old who does badly.  After reading what babymommy said I think we should have switched it b/c we had to hold the 9 year old down while she screamed and tried to twist away.

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