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All natural "clear" liquid soap?

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I made my own foaming soap bottle out of a beautiful old fashioned green glass mason jar. I took the pump off of a plastic foaming soap dispenser, altered the mason jar lid to fit the pump, and it looks so great!

My only problem is that I am using diluted castile soap in the bottle, and castile soap is naturally brown. Dr. Bronners, Alafia, ect are all this brownish color. When I put it inside my jar it just looks dingy.

Does anyone know of an all natural clear soap that can be diluted and used in a foaming bottle?
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I have yet to hear of a clear hand soap that is home made/natural...  are you are refering to clear like water? I did a search on that but could not find anything.


This recipe results in white soap, but it is colored based on the soap of your choice.

I have been using this recipe for a month now:




It doesn't mention it there but I add 1 tbsp of natural vegetable glycerin to keep the soap from clumping. (I add it in at the same time I add the soap) It makes 1 gallon so you can fill your pump bottles and have extra for later. It is a little runnier than grocery store brands but it does well to give lather and works fine to clean hands. The soap tends to settle after lack of use so it helps to shake the bottle before refilling your hand pump bottles.


Your mason jar idea is neat. Where did you manage to find a colored mason jar?

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Have you tried Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds?  It's clear and you dilute it like the regular Dr. Bronner's.  It also doesn't leave the residue on dishes like Dr. Bronner's castile soap does.  I have it in foaming dispensers and use it for washing dishes, hands, and general cleaning around the house.

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