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conraindications to the first trimester

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Just found out today that I am 5 weeks along and I am wondering about Komucha and pregnancy. Has anyone had any adverse reactions, recommmend or not recommend Kombucha during pregnancy. My DR didn't have much to say about it today..Ay feed back would be helpful..Thanks

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I went looking for info  & found none in my midwifery books.  At the link I'm posting, there was quite a bit of info, and also a statement that there is some controversy that remains to be resolved.  I don't know how much you already know about this tea, but you may want to check it out.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kombucha.   You may want to present the info to your doctor for his/her opinion after reading. Kefir could be a less controversial substitute.  You can check Kefir info at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kefir

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I drank both kefir and kombucha early on this pregnancy and didn't notice any particular side-effects.  I stopped drinking the kombucha primarily because it started tasting too sugary.  Some people are concerned about the alcohol content, while others are concerned that those who start drinking it suddenly will get a bacterial imbalance.  Since you've been drinking it previously (it sounds like) I wouldn't worry about the latter.  Since there really isn't any good evidence in either direction, it's basically up to you.  I do drink a lot of kefir now and love it -- great source of probiotics and calcium.

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My understanding is that if you've been drinking kombucha prior to getting pregnant, then your body is accustomed to it and your gut can handle it, so it's ok to consume at the rate you currently drink.

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I know this isn't what you meant but I laughed when I saw the thread title, thinking, yes, there are lots of contraindications to the first trimester! Nausea, exhaustion, etc. - you shouldn't have a first trimester if you don't want to deal with those!  (I don't mind the reallyreallypregnant phase or giving birth or early infancy but man if I could skip the first trimester I would.)

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I was hoping for a concerte yes or no greensad.gif.  I stopped drinking Kombucha tea because I couldn't find an answer on whether it was safe.  I walk past it in the grocery store all the time and look so longingly at it.  orngtongue.gif  Kefir is almost as good and actually has minute amounts of alcohol in it too.   

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