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Nicotine (not tobacco) during pregnancy

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Hey mamas,

I'm currently using nicotine in the form of an e-cig to control my Ulcerative Colitis (an inflammatory bowel disease).  I've been using it for a little over a year with my doctor's approval.  This is the only thing that has had a significant impact on my symptoms.  I'm also on one prescription med as well as a diet that works for me (created by myself after MUCH food journaling).  Neither of those things ever made a huge difference, but I stick with them.

I really have no way of knowing how much nicotine I'm getting, I just use it throughout the day.  Don't know how much it would compare to in terms of number of cigarettes or anything like that.


After I had been using it for about 8 weeks or so, I tried to taper down to a lower dose and symptoms returned.

It's possible that more healing has taken place in the last year, so I'll be trying to taper down again and see what happens.


I've run across a few nicotine studies with results saying things along the lines of nicotine replacement being better than cigs in regards to premature birth, low birth weight etc., but I'm also concerned with studies (in rats) that show a direct link to the offspring of the nicotine-exposed mother having issues with glucose and having fewer pancreas cells.  And, I can't find it any more, but is there also a link to nicotine and an increased risk of the placenta detaching?  


On the flip side, if I cut back or quit and my symptoms return, there are also risks if I were to have a flare up while pregnant, the chance that going back on the nicotine may not get me out of the flare, and if that were to happen the stronger prescription drugs are much worse than nicotine.


I'm not pregnant yet, but figured this would be the best place to post since my main concern would be use during a future pregnancy.


Any thoughts?  Any studies you know of that are NOT related to actual smoking or tobacco use?  



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Odinsmom -


I also have UC and have been very interested in trying the e-cig to help with "mini-flares" - also looking to start a family via IVF this year so this thread is right on time.


I'm new to this forum so don't want to step on protocol by filling up this thread on the "I'm pregnant" tab


I'd like to hear more details about your e-cig use: did you smoke previously (sometimes previous smokers who quit develop colitis, and then starting smoking again resolves it.....but non smokers don't seem to get the same benefit).   Do you puff on one cig all day, etc?



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I'm running to get out of the house right now but I'll send you a PM later or tomorrow with e-cig info and my experience with it so far.  In the mean time, and if you haven't already, check out the UC forum at www.healingwell.com and use the google search to find posts about the e-cig use in the folks over there.  Many of us have had success, but we all stay on it.  Gotta go!  more later.  :)

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Yep - i check out healingwell once in a while too. Thanks!
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I would suggest calling the Utah Pregnancy Risk Line.  They are the best resource I have seen for questions related to herbs, medicines, and other drugs.  They should be able to help you.  Here is their information...



Mon-Fri 8am-5pm


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www.safefetus.com says:


  • Intravenous administration of nicotine to pregnant animals resulted in decreased uterine blood flow, fetal hypotension, hypercabnia and acidosis.
  • Maternal toxic doses are teratogenic in some animals.
  • Cigarette smoking in pregnancy can cause lowbirth weight, increased abortion rate and perinatal mortality, so nicotine replacement therapy is not recommended during pregnancy
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Studies out last month show....Nicotine Promotes Cardiovascular Disease, Benefits of Smoke-Free Products Questioned http://www.medicaldaily.com/news/20120223/9169/cigarette-smoke-nicotine-cardiovascular-disease-benefits-smoke-free-products.htm

Brown Researchers Find New Dangers in Nicotine http://www.golocalprov.com/health/21207/

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Thanks so much for the replies! For some reason I didn't get notified about responses and didn't check until today. I'm definitely planning to be off it during a possible future pregnancy. Already down to half my normal dose and, so far, my symptoms related to colitis haven't gotten worse.
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