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C-section rates of NJ Midwives/OBGYNs

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I am compiling a list of C-Section Rates for OBs and Midwives in NJ.  Before I begin to call around, has anyone done any research on their own and have any information to share?  I would like for this list to be a resource for women in NJ as a compliment to ICAN's fabulous list of intervention rates for Hospitals.  When the list is complete, I will share the information with all.


All Love,


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Just wondering how you are going to get the info...from docs or the hospitals? I think it is a great project (being an OB who is very proud of my low section rate ;) However, I could see other docs either not knowing their rate or "guessing" a maybe less than accurate rate. 

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Hi DocMom,


Well, I am planning to call, though I was afraid that what you suggested might be true.  I guess if a doc didn't know, I would make that note and that speaks for itself.  Would you mind PMing me your rate and a little about your practice?  I always love to pass on info about OBs with great stats!



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If you do end up finding the information would you pass it on?  I teach Bradley Method Childbirth classes and I would love to have the information for my students!!!

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Check out the ICAN of NJ site. They have c-section rates listed by hospital. Might be a good place to start. 

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