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My DH just reminded me that we have friends who planned a home birth, but had to deliver in the hospital because they found out she developed preeclampsia.  She started out on pit, and after contractions started (not sure how long) she was able to come off it and had an unmedicated birth.  This is probably more relevant to you b/c she was induced, whereas I had it towards the end.  Even though they wanted a home birth, they were just so happy their baby was healthy that they don't regret anything.

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KM84 it sounds like you're out of the woods on this one but I just wanted to chime in just in case...
I was induced for Pre-e with DD1 at 38w5d after sort of teetering on the edge of borderline for weeks. Bedrest and my DH taking extreme pains to make sure every bit of food I put in my mouth was super healthy and BP lowering helped for awhile, and then at 38w4d my bloodwork came back icky and my bp was up again and my DR (who was going on vacay the next day) basically said...eh...either be induced now or maybe face emergency c-section later this week. I'll never really know how that would have worked out. We basically had a few hours to decide what to do and I had no idea where to start researching about the safety of the various methods offered. We opted for the induction and yeah, it probably was in large part because we were scared into it. We went in late that night, and they gave me a cervical suppository of either misoprostil or cytotech (same thing? still not sure what it was exactly). First dose did nothing but we got NO sleep that night. Around 3am, they have me a second dose and by 3:30 I was contracting regularly and clearly in labor. There were other factors that made that labor/birth difficult (positioning, bad support team, etc) but the induction itself was successful and I don't think it made my labor any more painful that it would have been naturally given the circumstances. Since I went into labor without pit, I was allowed to just keep the hep lock in (from the blood work they did the night before) and avoided an IV until I got so dehydrated later on (dear hospitals: it is cruel and unusual punishment to deprive a laboring woman of food and drink!!!) that I needed IV fluids. They didn't have me strapped to the monitor constantly and for some of the time I was monitored, it was with wireless things, so I was able to leave the bed and labor in the bath, on the rocking chair, birth ball etc.
DD was born around 4:30pm after about an hr of pushing. Since there was meconium when my water broke, they whisked her away immediately and I will always feel a little bit like she was affected on a very deep level by all the immediate chaos surrounding her when she entered the world. But that had more to do with the protocols and people of that particular hospital and the health care team that was supposed to be taking care of me and not very much at all to do with the actual induction.

I would say for me...that birth was sort of traumatic, but it had very little to do with the actual mechanics of the induction and very much to do with feeling uneducated, unprepared and unsupported by my dr and the nurses (who were all sort of standing over me, rolling their eyes and waiting for me to BEG them to give me an epidural...that hospital had/has a 95% epidural rate. Most of my nurses had never even seen a woman have a baby without an epidural). Inductions are NOT the end of the world and sometimes they really are needed and I've heard plenty of stories of women going through even pit inductions without an epidural. It can be done - but really, the important thing is that inductions only be used when they're really necessary for mom and baby's health. And it sounds like your MW is on top of things and isn't going to push you into any unnecessary interventions. If you have a MW or Dr that you trust on that front - you're in a better place than I was with my first. :-)

Glad your BP is back to normal. smile.gif
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