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Our family overall has been supportive of our decision.  My family (that knows) has been amazing.  I don't know that they 100% agree but they also believe birth is a natural process and that it's no one elses business what we do.  However DH family has been ok.  My step mother in law has made comments on how brave I am for having a homebirth (and by brave I think she means crazy).  I try to keep in mind she had fairly traumatic births and she is by nature a HUGE worrier.  My sis in law and her husband believe their daughter would have died if she were born at home but to our faces they are respectful but I do know they have had some conversations about how they don't agree with other family members when we're not around, which really bothers me.  It really gets into my head when I find out people talk about me when I'm not around.  The way we have chosen to deal with it is, I have offered to my step mother in law that she can come with me to my next midwife appointment and see for herself what she does and how capable she is.  I think she believes the midwife shows up bare handed and has no medical training whatsoever.  She even asked me the other day what if your blood pressure drops?  I explained to her the midwife keeps track of my vitals just like at the hospital.  She says she is open to coming to the appointment but I'm not sure.  I know she isn't going to change her mind about homebirth but I hope that at the very least she can learn a little more about the process.