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ONE graduates May/June

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This thread is for members of the ONE thread from the Trying to Conceive forum. Some of you have started similar threads in the DDCs but this is an all-inclusive, cross-DDC thread. We have all made connections and friendships with ladies who got BFPs before or after us so this can be a central thread for us to catch up and for those on the other side of the One thread to keep up with us!


In bold, please tell me: Name, Due Date, how long it took you to conceive and what you went through to conceive, what "number" child this will be, and anything else you would like to add.




Due May 2012

8-RenoKirbyButtrs (Jamie), got BFP on second month trying after 11 years! on BC, #1

8- MeredithA

11-km84, this will be our first


Due June 2012

2- CorgiMommy, expecting a little boy after a 2nd tri loss.

6-kylie1 (Kylie), pregnant after 11 months of straight trying, on-and-off trying for about three years or so, with acupuncture twice and lots and lots of charts!  #4 (#3 for her and #2 for him)

6-AndtheStars (Maria), expecting #2, trying for 3 months, NTNP for...shrug, who knows.

26-GradStudent13, expecting #1 after three months of trying


Due July 2012

9 - reelala (Sarah), trying for 3 months, Baby #1 for us, YAY!

12 - scowgirl (Jennifer), conceived on the 4th try using RRL tea, 100 mg B6, preseed and instead cups, #1, BFPChart2.gif

25 - Deborah Kelly, TTC #1 for 9 months, BFP on 11/18/2011, we did IVF, I have endometriosis, Hashimoto's disease (antibodies against thyroid gland that results in hypothyroid) and diminished ovarian reserve, had a very scary retrieval but managed to retrieve and transfer 2 embryos, one survived, which we found out became identical twins!!!

28- I'm Belia- #2 - we conceived on our second month with charting.


Due August 2012

20- FeralFox (Tris), due with #2 on the first try!


Due September 2012

1- MamanFrancaise- Expecting #3 after 3 months TTC

19- Mamaforever- Expecting #2, conceived two cycles after a m/c with the help of charting and B6 to lengthen LP.

19- Carlin- Expecting #2 after 5 months charting and only early loss in October.


joy.gifONE Thread Babies! joy.gif



July 14th - Kayden (LivingSky)

August 19th - Reed Adam (jillybeans)

October 4th - Jacob (ValH)

October 11th - Julia (yellowdart)

October 31st - Conner Dean (CD'sMom1031)

December 13th- Stephanie Margaret (Mummoth)



January 29th- Emma Faith (MommyMatsumoto)


April 17th- (vivica2)

April 20th- (belacmsage)

May 5th (BubbleMa)

May 12th Deacon Alexander (Janellody) 


Need an Update:


8/19-savah, conceived on 4th month (3rd temping), #2

9/11-LovingBaby (Elizabeth), took 7 months (charting, OV strips), #3


10/13-Nicolian (Nicole), charted for 2 cycles, #3 (#4 for DH)

10/23-not_telling (Jess),  took 3 cycles, #2

11/9-TalkToMeNow (Amanda), tried for 4 months, #4 (3rd pregnancy)

12/30- LadyScientist, conceived on the first "real" try, $1!

19-OdinsMommy0409 (Laura), got pregnant on the second cycle after a chemical pregnancy, planning a HBAC with boy #2!

28-tantylynn (Teesha), after 20 cycles (1st cycle of Clomid), #1 

In Our Thoughts:   candle.gif






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Hi guys! I've been MIA... don't quite know what happened there, it's like I've got a baby or something Sheepish.gif


I haven't been a thread keeper before, so please bear with me if I suck at it. Stephanie is 4 1/2 months old now and still a ton of fun. The last few mornings I've woken up thinking I could hear a rat scratching around in the wall, but this morning I discovered Stephanie is the culprit! She likes the sound it makes when she scratches the side wall of the little pod she sleeps in next to me... it's super cute, she's using her pointer finger and staring at it intently as she scratches, ha ha! Now that I know it's not a rat, it's sort of a nice noise to wake up to... she's happy so I can lounge for a few minutes before she realizes I'm awake and demands her breakfast!


Here she is with her big sister and brother:


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That photo is SO cute. Great looking kids!!

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Thanks for the new thread! 


Mummoth - Cute picture! My two DD's will be 7 and almost 11 when this baby is born. I notice your age gaps are similar. How are they with the baby? Any specific challenges you care to share?

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The kids are great with her, the only 'issue' we've had is that they both want to hold her at the same time sometimes. My son tends to think he should be able to move around with her and hold her in ways he thinks he's seen us do (but he doesn't think about what if she arches her back or lunges forward, and his hand isn't in just the right spot to prevent that) so I've hurt his feelings a few times correcting him.


My son really wanted her to be a boy, but we didn't know until she was born and then it didn't matter to him. They want to see her as soon as she wakes up every morning, as soon as they get out of school, and last thing before they go to bed. They want to hug her when they're hurt, not me anymore! I've heard a few complaints about her crying, but in more of a "I wish she felt better" way that a "make her shut up" way. My daughter asked me not to tell her when the baby gets a needle because it upset her that her sister was in pain.


One thing I highly recommend is to have the big kids bake a birthday cake... we just got a cake mix, decorating supplies and a '0' candle and let the kids have at it. They thought that was really fun and it helped pass the time while I was in labour.

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Mummoth - thanks for the new thread and that is SUCH a cute picture!  I love hearing about how awesome your other children are, too.  This will be my first, so I won't have any experiend with that for a long time.  A birthday cake is a great idea, I am thinking about having a birthday party even though I don't have any other kids... hmmm. Maybe I will change my mind after he is here and decide it is too much work hahahah :)


Well, I had another doctor appointment on Thursday to check me again and see if I had progressed any.... and.............. no. :(  I am still 1cm and even the doctor started feeling like I was less than that, this time.  Very depressing!  After my appointment, I spent the next 24 hours in a major depressed mood.  I know it's the hormones and all that but it really bummed me out.  I have been walking and walking and walking and he has dropped some (she even said he felt lower, so that is good) and I guess I just expected something more to have happened. 


My due date is next Thursday, so I am definitely hoping that something has happened by then.  I am not in the super depressed mood anymore but I am still just waiting around.  I am trying to "enjoy" these last few days but this hasn't been an easy pregnancy, so I really haven't enjoyed any of it much.  What I would enjoy is having my little boy here, finally.  I can't sleep now because I am always super congested, and have been for the last 9 months, so I would prefer to lose sleep over a baby than my stupid congestion. Plus I am gaining like 5 pounds a week now (WTF?) and getting really swollen so I am ready to be done with all of this.


Ugh.  Anyways.  I can wait, but I am just so over this pregnancy.  I am ready for the next chapter in my life.  Ok, rant over. :)

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janelody~ I totally understand, it's hard to live in the moment when you know something awesome is coming soon! Tell that boy that the best present ever would be if he was OUT before Mother's Day!


And thanks to all about my kids... I really like my son in that one, especially. He looks a bit more like a little boy from that angle!

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I feel ya on being tired of waiting, janellody. I'm due on the 11th. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't so uncomfortable, but as it is I can't really enjoy these last few free days. I wish I could bottle them up and save them for later.

I assume your doctor has checked you out for preeclampsia? The sudden weight gain and swelling are possible signs of it, but I'm sure your doctors are paying attention. 


An update for the list - BubbleMa had her baby! Born May 5.

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Oh and I just snooped over on the April DDC - belacmsage had her baby on the 20th, and vivica2 had hers on the 17th. BABIES EVERYWHERE. Hmph, when is it my turn?

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Thanks KM84, I updated the first post, you're at the top of the list!


This part of the year is so hard for me... this morning, my son is trying to pretend that his sore throat is bad enough to stay home (no fever, he can eat no problem, and he's talking and playing) and I really wish I could let them stay home from school. I'm ready for it to be summer! Next September, they're starting a new thing where they go for 3 months and then take a month off, year round... I think I'll like that. Well there, he just found the blue jellos I bought them for school snacks... he's over it.


I don't know if you guys remember, but she taught us how to say "nay nay" for nursing at around 6 weeks. She made that noise anyway when she was crying so I started saying it and she yells "NAY!" at me when she realizes I'm heading for the change table. Well, she's trying to talk like crazy now, and her favourite word is 'hungry'. It comes out like gunga, gungy, hunga, unga... she's still working on the pronunciation, LOL! I think we know what her priorities are.

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Good morning everyone.. yes still here and waiting :)  I just noticed it shows my due date as the 12th on the this thread, it was actually changed to the 10th, but either way it's close...  So this Thursday is my official due date and I hope that I have something to show for it.  SOME progress would be nice.  I am spending time walking each day, but maybe I am not walking enough?  I walk for about 45 minutes, maybe I should do that a few times each day instead?  To answer your question, yes I am checked at each appointment for preeclampsia but I am always fine.  For some reason I am just having a hard time not gaining weight at the end here and getting really swollen, so hopefully when he comes out I will deflate!! 


I hope these ladies post some baby pictures for us when they get all settled in :)  I would love to see the babies!  KM84 - we are so close on due dates, I hope we both have some good news here soon..!!!


Mummoth - that is very strange, when I was in school forvever ago (I am 29 now) they always talked about doing that 3 months on, 1 month off thing, but it never took off.  I totally forgot about it until you just now mentioned it.  Sounds like an interesting plan, I never wanted it because I didn't want to spend summer months in school.  That will be interesting to see how it all turns out!

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Bumping to see if there is an update from janellody! Hope you are doing well!

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Yes! He is here and is keeping me busy. Here he is, Deacon Alexander, born May 12 at 2:10am - 8 lbs. 13 oz. 22 inches long.



Here he is practicing his karate skills at home.



Still in the hospital here, lookin all cute n stuff.



One tired mommy -- admitted Thursday evening after my doctor's appointment when we discovered I had preeclampsia, cervadil all night to soften cervix, then pitocin Friday morning.  After trying for an hour to do it naturally, I broke down and got an epidural.  Then late Friday night when I was fully dilated, I pushed for 2 hours only to discover he wasn't budging and his head was stuck and we had to do a c-section. SO all in all, everything went opposite of my birth plan BUT I am not gonna cry over it, because I got beautiful baby Deacon and we couldn't be happier!! 

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Oh, how wonderful!! What a sweetheart! CONGRATULATIONS and I'm so glad you are both doing well! biggrinbounce.gifjoy.gif

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Congratulations Janellody! He's adorable!

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Awwww, what a cutie! Congrats!


We're heading up to my parent's cabin for the weekend. Why, I don't know... I'm already looking forward to getting home again and we haven't left yet! It's going to push me over the edge to having PPD, I've already told DH I'm not going anywhere else this year. Just this once for the kids, then I'm done.

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Oh and an update -- Meredith had her little boy on May 10, and he already has a winning name! -- Deacon  thumb.gif

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Nice! Congratulations to her as well orngbiggrin.gif

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Where is everyone? How is everyone doing/feeling?

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Hi MamanF! I am here, doing well at about 35w. I keep worrying about my blood pressure etc. (just because it's a little on the high side when I'm not pregnant, and I'm overweight) but it hasn't gone up yet. Hopefully I'll be able to hang in there all the way until baby is ready to be born. Otherwise I feel good... just tired, and I haven't really been exercising for the past couple weeks, so I need to step that up. I need to get more sleep while I can. Last night I did at least get myself to go to bed before DH.


My best friend just had her baby this morning (a 7 lb 6 oz boy). I can't wait to be done with my work stuff for the day so I can hopefully go back down to the hospital and visit them again...


How are you doing?

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