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Well, I'm only 27 + weeks and I'm already counting down the days until I can go on maternity leave. 39 business days to go (not counting weekends, stat holidays and my week long vacation coming up) LOL. But who's counting.


I have a lot of pubic bone pain - turns out it's actually ligaments. We just set up our pool so hopefully that will offer some relief. It's not heated though so I have to wait for the sun to do its job and warm that sucker up. I am not getting into 65 degree water LOL.


Other than crying with ANY emotion and the pubic pain, I'm doing pretty darn good. It's hard to believe I'm at the point where I go to the midwife every two weeks! This pregnancy has been flying by.


Hope your BP stays put and that you're able to get a lot of comfortable rest for the next 5 weeks!

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Hi, everyone. Man, I suck! I've been completely MIA.


Everyone's so pregnant, it's awesome!!!


Congrats on baby Deacon!!!


Life is crazy. DH and I bought a house, moved into it a few weeks ago... I'm still in school full-time (UNTIL DECEMBER, WOO!) and work full-time, so I hardly have a second to myself.


Little Conner Dean is 7 months old now, 15lbs, 28". He's a little guy, but gosh, is he growing. He army crawls, sits up by himself, laughs, has two teeth, and he's just awesome (I like babies so much more than newborns, LOL!). Here's some pictures for you ladies:



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Well, I think you can be confident that he will be adorable forever, because he is still just so cute! lol.gif I can't believe how time has flown. Teeth and everything, holy cow!

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Hi everybody-


Jane!  Congrats on your gorgeous boy!  He is such a cutie- he reminds me of my little guy when he was a little.  I'm sorry your birth didn't work out how you wanted, but I'm glad Deacon has arrived safe and sound.  (And will you be mad if I just put Deacon on my list of names?  DH and I haven't talked about them at all and we really need to get crackin'.  As soon as I read it I thought CUTE!)


CD's mom- Your little guy just gets cuter and cuter.  I can't believe that he's already so big and developing so fast!  I loved the 5-9 month stage with my Colin- they're so much fun and have such big personalities in their little bodies.  


As for me, I'm almost 34 weeks pregnant.  Hanging in there.  I have the same pelvic pain that you do, Maman F!  It's MISERABLE.  Especially when I try to change positions in bed.  It's really messed up my sleeping- between having to pee 5 times a night and coming to full consciousness everytime I move because of the pain, I'm lucky to get 2 hours in a row.


The nausea seems to be returning as well- I'm still on a lot of medicine for it, but it's discouraging nonetheless.  I didn't realize that my feeling "good" for a few weeks there was actually "good" because, frankly, I've felt pretty crappy all along.  Poop.


So.... I'm ready for this pregnancy to be over, but I sure as hell am not ready to actually have a baby!  Quite the conundrum!



How is everyone else?!?!?  


What up, Maman F?!?!?!?

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Originally Posted by Belia View Post


As for me, I'm almost 34 weeks pregnant.  Hanging in there.  I have the same pelvic pain that you do, Maman F!  It's MISERABLE.  Especially when I try to change positions in bed.  It's really messed up my sleeping- between having to pee 5 times a night and coming to full consciousness everytime I move because of the pain, I'm lucky to get 2 hours in a row.

That is exactly how it is for me, too! And I'm only at 29 weeks! My DH isn't getting much sleep with me moaning and whining as I turn over in bed every few hours (or less) or try to get up to pee (for the 10th time). We have one of those tempurpedic beds so I don't even have bounce to help me out...


I'm so sorry you're still sick! OMG, I don't know how you are still sane after everything you've been going through. 6 more weeks(ish) and at least you'll have some relief. 


My newest thing is that everything and everyone irritate me. I mean to the point where I can feel my blood pressure rising and I actually want to yell at people. It's out of control. I snapped at a coworker (although she deserved it but I would never normally be so unprofessional), and I WANT to snap at my DH, my kids, everyone! AHhhh! I want to check in to a luxurious hotel for the next few months and be left entirely alone.

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Maman F, I am convinced that you and I are the same person, because every time you post anything I read it and say "Yup!"  Right down to the Tempuredic bed!


I had a TOTAL. MELTDOWN. last night.  Just could not stop crying, and I'm not really a crier.  It started because I had to work a half day, so I was up super early and rushed around all morning and early afternoon and that is what typically sets off my feeling sick.  When I have to go-go-go.  Then DS woke up an hour early from his nap, and I had only drifted off about 45 minutes before, so I had to be up and moving before my stomach was ready to be up, too.  So I parked DS in front of the TV and tried to drift in and out, which just made me feel crappier.  By the time DH got home from work I was hungry and crabby but didn't want to eat ANYTHING because everything sounded gross, yet I knew I was hungry.


So I started crying, and that made me throw up.  A lot.  Which made me cry more.  Then I started thinking about my dog, who died in November.  Ummm..... whaaaaa?  I mean, I think of her every day, but my emotions were so strong it felt like it had just happened!  I was just so hopeless and helpless and tired and sick and DONE.  


But then.... I fell asleep propped up against three pillows because I still felt nauseous and had a little heartburn, and I had the best sleep in weeks.  I don't think I woke up to pee once.  The pelvic pain never woke me up either, because I don't think I turned over or changed positions once all night.  I didn't exactly feel great this morning or anything, but I definitely felt better.


Maybe my guardian angel... or my angel dog???... decided to cut me some slack and give me a break.



And I actually had a good moment today.  DH, DS and I registered at Babies R Us, not because we actually expect anyone to buy anything for baby #2 but so I could get coupons and free samples.  shy.gif  One of the free samples was a size newborn Pampers diaper.  We use the earthy-crunchy, plain, free-of-everything 'sposies, so I had forgotten how GOOD plain ol' Pampers smell!  And how small the newborn diapers are!  I opened up the little package and pulled out this teeny-tiny little diaper, and the smell hit my nose and all of a sudden I remembered that not EVERYTHING about babies totally suck.  It actually brought tears to my eyes.... good tears.  A little diaper and that clean smell of Pampers.  Amen.


So that's my novel.  Maman F- I'm not surprised that your pubic bone pain has started early- so did mine.  I washed all the windows in my house on Easter weekend, and that is what kicked off my pain, so it's been a long time for me, too.  My midwife also told me that it gets worse with each pregnancy.


Scowgirl- how are you doing?  Are your HCPs still being supportive?  Now that I'm reaching the end all of my docs seem to be getting more nervous out of nowhere.  I keep thinking..... this pregnancy has sucked since day 1.  Why are you all starting to freak out now?

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I am wondering if anyone heard whether AndTheStars had her baby?


ETA: Never mind, I did some stalking around and it looks like she did! Woo hoo!! joy.gifCongrats, AndTheStars, if you see this... you know, in all your free time when you are surfing the internet and stuff. ROTFLMAO.gif

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Hi there. I'm new here. I'm a recent graduate of The ONE TTC thread. I'm due with baby #2 in early March. We're really excited, even though it's so early (I'm 6 weeks). I look forward to getting to know you all and hear about your happy births!

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Hi, maydaymom10, and congratulations!! How cool that you are a doula.

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Welcome, MayDayMom! 


I'm glad someone resurrected this thread!



As for me..... I'm 37 weeks pregnant and just discovered that I have hemmorhoids.  irked.gif  I really hate being pregnant.

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Oh Belia, get that baby out of you! 3ish more weeks. That's like 15 business days! 

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Originally Posted by MamanFrancaise View Post

Oh Belia, get that baby out of you! 3ish more weeks. That's like 15 business days! 



I know, right?  DS was born at 36 + 5, and I'm now at 37 + 4.  So already there's a big part of my brain that's like, "What's the friggin' hold up?"


Then I have to remind myself that a friend of mine had her first at 36 weeks, and her second didn't arrive until 42 weeks!  dizzy.gif



How are you doing, MamanF?  Hanging in there?

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So, I just changed my signature to put the little stork over the 40. This really freaked me out for some reason... 

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Belia - can't wait to see your little boy! You have to post pictures when he arrives. 


I'm doing fine. I can't really complain. But I will.. I have non-stop heartburn and I can't sleep because I wake up every hour to change position or go pee (or because of the heartburn) so I'm cranky due to lack of sleep. But other than that, I'm good.


scowgirl - so exciting! It's a bit freaky, yeah. That baby is actually going to come out of you some day very soon!

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Ugh, the lack of sleep! I hate that part. I've actually been sleeping better the last few weeks, which I have been thankful for.


Belia, so sorry about the hemorrhoids. It seems like you have definitely been awarded the grab bag of horrible symptoms this pregnancy.

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Hey Scowgirl- I would be freaking out to actually reach the official 40-week mark, too.  Like, it's officially official that you're going to have a baby.  Sheepish.gif


The lack of sleep is affecting me, too.  I'm up all the time at night peeing or in pubic bone pain from changing positions / rolling over, then I sleep all morning while DS is at camp and/or all afternoon while DS naps.


Which makes it harder to go to sleep at night, and the cycle starts all over again.  nut.gif


And my mom is driving me crazy with the pressure to have this baby.  Like I can do anything about it.  She was expecting a phone call from me today about something completely unrelated, and still when I called her she answered in a panic like, "OMG Is something happening?!?!?!?"  I'm like, ummmm..... no, you knew I was going to call you tonight!  Weird.


Sorry about the heartburn, MamanF!  That's the one thing I've only had a tiny taste of, and I got past it by propping myself up while I tried to sleep and it passed quickly.   

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Ah yes -- you all are reminding me of what I have to look forward to. It scares me a little that I'm already having so much insomnia & discomfort (aka: bloating & nausea) at 6 weeks. I'm hoping it resolves soon and I can have a few months of "normalcy" before it begins again. So excited to hear your birth stories & see pics of the new babies to keep me going the next few months.


On a happier notes -- we've set our first midwife interview for Saturday. I'm really excited to start interviewing and looking at possibly doing a homebirth. We had ds at a SABC, but I'd really love to be at home for this one. DH isn't 100% on board yet, but I hope meeting some of the midwives will help. 


Hope everyone gets a little break in some of their troubles & gets some sleep.

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Thanks for the good sleep wishes, maydaymom10! Likewise I hope the nausea abates for you soon. I felt so awesome in the 2nd trimester and most of the 3rd (mentally and physically) so I think I got pretty lucky. Good luck with the midwife interviews!


Belia, how are things going?

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Wow! It's almost baby time for a BUNCH of you. This thread is about to explode with cuteness. I can't wait. =D

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Oh wow! It really is almost baby time! Congrats to the newbies! Stephanie is 7 months old, and 17 pounds. She still can't roll from her back to front, but she started clapping her hands this week and it's so freaking adorable! She isn't eating much yet but she likes mashing blueberries on her tray and sucking the juice off her fingers, which is extremely messy! The big kids are on summer break so I feel like I'm neglecting her all the time but she's busy playing with them.

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