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Conner is 8 1/2 months old, CRAZY! He's also 17 pounds, LOL. He's crawling around, rolling everywhere, going from sit to crawl, saying, "Mama" and "Dada", eating level 3 foods (The fruits and veggies. He doesn't like the actual 'meals'.), and trying to pull himself up. He can't sit himself up when he's laying down yet. I wish he could. He gets so frustrated.


DH is bringing up another baby more and more... I just keep telling him we have to wait until Conner's paid off (Sept. 2013).

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Hey everyone.... guess what?  I had a freakin' BABY!


Our little guy was born Tuesday, July 17 at 9:25 am at 38 weeks + 3 days.  I had to be induced due to very high blood pressure that came out of nowhere, and I have been pretty sick and out-of-it since then.  But it was a vaginal delivery, with a lot of medical things going on and not a pretty, inspiring story.  AT ALL.  I didn't even get to see the baby until about 11 p.m. last night.


Still no name,  pumping but no nursing due to my condition, but I'm slowly getting better.  Baby is in the NICU but doing very well.


It is a boy!  I'm not pregnant any more!


Please send your love and light our way......

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Oh yaaaaayy, Belia!!!! I'm sorry you didn't have the ideal birth but YOU ARE NO LONGER PREGNANT! I wish you and baby nothing but health, healing and happiness and for you to feel much, much better very quickly! 


Can't wait to hear his name! 

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I'm sorry you didn't get the birth story you wanted... I'm still trying to get over mine.

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Guess who I'm holding right now on my lap in my hospital room?   


My new baby.





He's out of the NICU.  All along I've been way sicker than he's been.  I've been really unstable- they wouldn't even let me transfer out of my room in l&d into a "regular" postpartum room until early this morning.


He's kind of cute!  Maybe we'll keep him.


We named him Trevor Arthur.  Trevor means "wise" and "prudent."

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This is so weird. I remember being in the TTC One Thread with you and it feels like a week ago you announced your BFP. So weird how he's here already!


Thank goodness he's cute so you can keep him! Hate to have you have gone through everything not to!


I like the name Trevor. luxlove.gif

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Oh, congratulations, Belia!! I logged on to post an update real quick and now I see this amazing news. I am sorry you have been so sick, but hope you are on the mend now, and CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful son.


I did want to let everyone know that our daughter Evelyn Linnea was born on Monday, July 16 at 10:30 a.m. 8 lb 0 oz, 21" long, and healthy! I wrote up a (warning: really long) birth story in the July DDC if anyone is interested. I hope everyone is well and will return soon to get updates on all of you!

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Congratulations Scowgirl and Belia! Wishing you both a relaxing, stress free babymoon and quick recoveries!


MamanF, You are getting so close!

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Yay Scowgirl!  Congratulations on the arrival of Evelyn!  joy.gif


I haven't updated our DDC- I've been completely overwhelmed here. 

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Hey everyone!!  Been busy with the baby... wanna see??  Looky looky...








He is 2.5 months and HUGE... he is already 25 inches long and 15 pounds haha!  He is gonna be tall like daddy obviously!

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So cute!! He is looking fantastic! I hope Evelyn will start putting on that kind of length and weight soon.

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15lbs!!! WOW! Conner is 9 months old and only 18, LOL. But he's like, 30'' tall. Tall and skinny just like he's Daddy. He's SO CUTE!

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I know, he is HUGE!!  I am bummed because most of our fun toys go up to 25 pounds which I am afraid will come sooner rather than later!!  He kicks his feet So much and i want to put him in the jumperoo but he is still so young that he doesn't quite have complete head control yet.. I am afraid when he gets it he will be too big hahah!  His daddy is 6'3" and my dad is about 6'5" so I think he is just destined to be ginormous.

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Oh wow, Stephanie is 19 pounds, but she's only 26" tall... maybe she's going to be short and fat like me and her dad, lol! She wriggles and kicks a lot but she will. not. roll onto her tummy. She's getting more steady when I sit her up. She's just going at her own pace. DH is hilarious, she says mama way more often so far (food source) but when she says dada he gets a HUGE grin on his face... he was "yaya" until this week, she figured out the D sound. Caitlin is "Unya" and Roland sounds like "Oh yeah!!" (he loves that) She likes clapping her hands, even when she's crying! And splashing in the bath. She doesn't seem to know that her tongue belongs inside her mouth.

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Here are a few pics of Evy:


Just born:




Getting ready to head home from the hospital (I love the outraged expression):





This one shows her luxurious locks:




One of our favorite photos so far:




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Awww, she's so adorable!

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She is beautiful!!! And look at all that hair! Lovely!

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Wow, this thread was buried!


I want to post a couple of pictures of my little guys, but can't figure out how and am too lazy to look.  Can any of you help?


How is everyone else?  MamanFrancaise has one stubborn baby.... or is holding onto a new little one!

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Nope. Stubborn one is still on the inside. Probably waiting for this nasty cold I have to pass. I haven't been sick in FOUR YEARS and suddenly I get an evil, nasty cold while I'm already overdue? So not cool.

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