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Oh Erika!  At least you made it to your kids' first day of school?  Last Wednesday?  Yay?!?!?!


You must be climbing the walls.  (((((((((HUGS)))))))))

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Wow! Your baby is already almost two months old? HOLY COW!!!


Conner's birthday is next month. *falls over and dies*

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Dexter has finally arrived! Born naturally at home in the water! Weighed 11lbs 1 oz. He's perfect.


Birth story here.



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Eleven pounds???????




You, my dear, are a rockstar!!!!!!  Off to read your story now....

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Oh my goodness, Maman, your birth story was awesome!  How long was it from when contractions really started to Dexter's arrival?  It doesn't sound like it was long.


Just like you, I also kept my eyes closed at the very end when things were really rocking and rolling.  My blood pressure shot way up and the baby's heartrate went crazy, so all of a sudden my hospital room flooded with people and they flipped me over from one side to another, trying to find a position that the baby liked.  All during really intense contractions that moved me from a 7 to a 10 in about five minutes!  Then it only took about 3 contractions after that for baby to come out.  I just closed my eyes and refused to open them until it was all over.  I can't really explain my thought process.... it was like "If I keep my eyes closed, then this isn't really happening."


Dexter is just gorgeous.  So cute!  Eleven pounds!  yikes.gif  I'm just in awe.  And I love his name!  Is it too early to get your Dexter and my Trevor together for a playdate??  Conner can come too!




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My water broke at 8:15 and he was born at 9:22. Painful contractions started at about 8:30 I'd say. Currently, baby blues are starting. I knew they would eventually but my oldest daughter is having a tough time starting at a new school so my emotions are already hyper sensitive. Sigh. 


I'd love to get together for a playdate! We could meet halfway. LOL


To post a picture click on the little picture icon. It is in between the "Redo" icon and the "Insert Video" icon (ya know, where the bold, italics, emoticon, etc. icons are). If you have a picture on your computer, click on "My computer". Find where you saved it on your computer and voila.

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What an awesome birth story!!! 11lbs. Hope you didn't have any Newborn clothes, LOL.

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Thanks, Erika, for the info on how to post pictures! Here are my 2 loves.  Thanks for letting me show off!  





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Erika... I am so sorry to hear that the blues are already starting for you.  Oh no!  Pull up a chair and tell us about it when you have time.  It sounds like this was also an issue in the past?

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Ummmm..... so I posted pictures of my two LOs, like, almost two weeks ago and NOBODY has given me and/or them any love!  WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!?!?!?


Tell me how beautiful my kids are, y'all!  lol.gif

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Aww, I'm sorry! I didn't see them, they are adorable! How is your big boy coping with having a sibling?

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OMG! I didn't even see this! They are super cute! luxlove.gif


Man, is there a new ONE thread? This one is old as dirt.

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