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Bleach alternative that works?

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My husband is a chef and his white chef coats get a healthy layer of grime and splatter all over them every time he wears them. The only thing that I have found to actually keep his white coats clean and stain free is to use bleach every time I wash them. Even then, I still have to soak certain parts (sleeve cuffs esp) in a bleach/water solution every so often. 


The problem is I really don't like bleach. Its just so bad on the environment! Plus it smells and clings to my hands and burns and is just all around nasty. But nothing else I've tried keeps his coats white. I've tried OxiClean (commercial and store brands), Resolve, vinegar, FelsNaptha, hydrogen peroxide, Tide Pens. Nothing has worked well enough. Heck, a lot of it hasn't worked at all. Is there anything anyone can think of that I haven't tried that may work? I do hang dry in the sun when I can and that does help, but alone its not enough.



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Well, do you know what it is that is causing the stains?  Is it just grease? 


For grease stains (food grease), the best thing I have found to take those stains out is rubbing Dr. Bronners into the stains.  I have never had to do an entire garment, but maybe a soak in good soapy hot water would help?  The degreasers in detergents are no where near as effective as real soap, IME. 

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Grease is a big culprit, but its more than just grease. Its basically any food that can splatter, usually he'll come home with some sort of soup or sauce splatters. Its also sweat stains. I've not tried Dr. Bronners soaps at all. What kind of soap do you use? If I remember correctly there are several different varieties??

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I don't know that Dr. Bronners will be much help against something like tomato sauce, but for grease it does great. 


I just use the liquid soap that is sold for personal (body) use.  The only real difference between those is the scent.  I haven't tried the bar soap or the one meant for cleaning. 

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