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So yesterday we went out to go grocery shopping, then play at the park, then work for a while then go to a rally. Before I knew it ten hours passed without breastfeeding my 20 month old son. When we got home my left breast was kind of sore and swollen so I nursed him a little while to relieve some of the pressure, Before bed I meant to nurse him on the left side but he kept refusing and wiggling over to the right breast. Big mistake! At two AM I woke up with a bowling ball in my breast and had chills and sweats. I could not move without being nauseous. I woke up ds and he nursed some but kept falling back asleep. After a few hours of this I was finally able to get up and get some water to drink.

So today I stayed in bed until noon, I had his 4 year old big sissy bring him a diaper and clothes so I could change him in bed. And I tried to get them breakfast but puked in the sink instead, at this point my dd said I had to stay in bed and she would make breakfast, so they had cereal and cliff bars.

I was just now able to make it into the living room to get my laptop and try to take some vitamins. After fighting back nausea between each one I managed to take some oil of oregano, sodium ascorbate, beta carotene, lysine and milk thistle. I also slathered arnica gel all over my swollen breast. I tried to put some sage oil on it but the smell was too overpowering! Is there anything else I should be taking? If I feel better later today I might go to the health food store to pick up some poke root.

This is so awful, I just hope I am feeling well enough for us to go to work tomorrow!

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I hope you are feeling better by now!


But I have to say that mastitis is nothing to take lightly.  I have had it many many times.  Even if symptoms seem to subside that infection can flare up again.  I think the recommendation is to see a dr. after 24 hours of symptoms.  I am not crazy about antibiotics but sometimes you need them.  You don't want to end up in the hospital.

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I hope you're feeling better......I agree with the pp that it's nothing to take lightly ( not saying you're smile.gif). Anyway when I had it my mw said to take my temp and if it's above 100.5 then they'd prescribe abx. I'm not too keen on abx but I feel like in this case it's warranted. A couple things I did that helped me was eating raw garlic, echinacea and expressing over my bathroom sink filled with hot water. These are all ideas from previous posters that posted here when I had it. I'll see if I can find my thread and post it here so you can refer to it. In the meantime take care, mastitis does get worse if not treated. Hope that helps
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Here's the link to my thread




I hope you're feeling better, and I also wanted to say that when I had it my mw said to treat it like the flu.

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