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Aw plady - thanks!  (and sorry if my picture made things tougher on you)


Did 6 this morning at a good pace.  I'm enjoying just running with dd for now with track and letting go of some of my distance work.  

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Plady--thanks!! I didn't get around to the mail until today. You rock! love.gif
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Real, that was a terrific summary of the various asthma meds and how they work! My husband's immunologist switched him from advair to qvar because he has small airway  issues, but even the local respirologist didn't "believe" that the particle size was important enough to make a difference. But it was huge in terms of decreasing his rescue inhaler use. Singulair's patent has just run out, too, so it's gotten much less expensive (though this may just be in Canada).


I loved your daughter's talent show performance, too. It was a big hit with my fiddle-playing daughter.


Nic, good luck with the switch to a vegan diet. And wishing you a peaceful anniversary :)


sparkle, thinking of you as you approach moving day. So close!


Race report: Gut Buster 12.5k trail run

I bought entry to this race as part of my husband's birthday gift in April. He has waffled a lot about doing it since- his anxiety has been really bad with a lot of self-consciousness about his speed, his body, the competitiveness of the race, etc. The check-in and lead up to the race was rather unpleasant. I probably would have been running it had I not driven and had the keys well-stashed in my camelback. We had an agreement that I wouldn't let him back out and I had a strong feeling that he would be fine once the race was underway and much happier having finished it. I was right :)


He also overheard people talking about how hard  and uphill the course was at the start line, despite my reassurances that it wouldn't be that bad. It turns out.... it was a different route than they had ever used before and I had been looking at the wrong elevation maps. Ooops!


The race started with the short course (mine) and the long course (half marathon) on the same trail, and a long slow uphill climb winding into the forest. Then a stream crossing. Next a thigh-high mud puddle. Then a big long climb up the trail, with 457m elevation gain all the way to 6k. It was hard to not know the trail or course very well- there were no distance markers and I had no idea how much longer the climb was, so took a couple of walking breaks on some steeper sections. After a gorgeous view from the summit, the next kilometer was steep downhill. The rest of the course was a gradual downhill, with lots of nice views. I tripped and fell (and swore loudly) at around 9 km, luckily the fall was broken by some salmonberry bushes, which scratched but probably hurt less than the ground. After picking myself up and getting running again the rest of the race went smoothly. The runners were pretty spread out, so we spent most of the time with just the two of us in sight. The trails were well marked, but I was really missing a sense of how much farther to go. There was one more steep but short climb where we passed a couple of runners, then saw nobody else until very close to the end when we were passed by the winner of the half marathon.


Even the finish line seemed to come up quickly- around a corner and there it was with not much time to sprint to the end. As I saw it I told my husband to go ahead, since I knew that he had slowed down for me for the whole race. He told me he couldn't do any faster than I was (a lie- which he confessed to later), and let me sprint in just matching my pace and letting me cross the finish line first. He also apologized for being a grump and stressing all morning.


We grabbed some oranges and started our trip back up Island to pick up the kids, without staying for awards and draw prizes. I forgot to set my stop-watch, so I'll have to wait for official timing, but it was around 1:40.


This afternoon I've lawnmowing and other yardwork, so I have some aching muscles in store for tomorrow, I'm sure.

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Wow Mel, amazing report! Good for you and hubby!!

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It has been a while!  So, I got my house cleaned and prepared for a family visit from DH's siblings and their respective others.  It was a really fabulous visit.  Except that Katie, Emily, me, and Dh's brother's girlfriend got some sort of horrible stomach bug today!  Right before they all flew out!  I can't imagine having to travel feeling like I am!  Luckily, it does seem to be fast moving, so, even though I have spent the day curled up around the toilet or passed out in bed, I feel like I'm on the mend now.


I have read and caught up, but don't have the energy for personals.  Just know that you are all on my mind and in my heart!


And thank you Plady!!!!!! I just love it! luxlove.gif

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Hey mamas!

We did our indoor skydiving thing today and it was really neat!  Ali G got scared after only a few seconds in the wind tunnel so they let us split her remaining time between us which was fun and she was happy rocking her pink flight suit.  They give you two rounds of a minute (and a bit for us) in the chamber so the first time you just kind of begin to get a feel for how to hold yourself and then it's over.  The second time in it's easier to get the position so you fly around a bit and then the instructor grabs on and takes you all the way up to the top of the tunnel, about 16 feet I guess.  It was really fun.  Once all the newbies do their flights the instructor flies in for a little show boating which just makes you want to go back in and try it again of course.  So, a good time was had by all and I'm sure that it's going to be on wish lists in the future.


Shanti - hug2.gif


MelW - That sounds like a fun race, despite the running-into-the-unknown factor.


Bec - Hope you're all feeling better soon!

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MelW--great race report!

Plady--sounds like fun!

bec--feel better!

RR: the Bolder Boulder 10K was today. Gaye & I were running together. We usually meet up to catch the bus there anyhow, and I needed someone to keep me from going all out because all that adrenaline and excitement will get me otherwise. And as you know, Gaye's been sick for quite a while and despite that, (drumroll please.....), managed a qualifying time for next year anyhow. orngbiggrin.gif (Are you surprised? I wasn't, having seen her pull off some amazing things during the years I've known her.... love.gif ) It was a great day for running. Catching the bus was chilly--mid 40s with a nasty windy out of the west, but it wasn't as windy at the start and it was probably about 50 and sunny when we started. I still feel mixed about the new course design, though I think it's probably a better one. The old course used to head downhill for the first mile, and eventually was mostly uphill for the couple of miles after that. The new course starts uphill and basically continues to be uphill for the first three. It makes the second half feel easier, but still. Anyhow, we hung together to the end, finishing in 1:01:29 (I think her time was a couple of seconds faster). And here I extend a huge thank you to Gaye, because I would have ruined my taper otherwise--especially during the final stretch when I kept mentally picking out people I would have left in my wake (like say, the tall shirtless dude who passed us on the Folsom hill and some chick whose costume just annoyed me for no good reason). lol.gif

We checked out the expo, had breakfast, and headed back to the stadium for the international team challenge and Memorial Day tribute. Also, I have to mention that it's both cool and surreal that as we're heading to breakfast, there's this stream of runners going into the stadium, and then after we eat breakfast and walk back, the stream of people is still there--now mostly jog/walking, but unbroken. So cool.

This was the first time I'd stayed for the pro races. When I first started running the BB in 2001, the pro races didn't start until after the Memorial Day Tribute (around noon) and there was no way I was going to hang out for 30+ minutes in the hot sun waiting for them to come back. Plus, DH usually wouldn't meet me in Boulder and was annoyed that I was running when he felt we could have been hiking, so more often than not I've taken the first bus back and then we'd go hiking so he wasn't mad all day. When he walked the race with me when I was pregnant with R and for the couple of years after that, we stayed for the Memorial Day Tribute but not for the pro races for the same reason. Sometime since then they've changed that so that the pro racers start the race much earlier and run the same course as the rest of us, and they come into the stadium about a minute or two after the last walkers cross the stadium finish line. We got to watch Deena Kastor finish third (third!!!) this morning, which was awesome given that she's a decade older (39) than when she won the race three times in a row. And it's cool to watch them come in too. The Memorial Day Tribute was great as usual, though it was too windy for the skydivers. Overall, this was tons of fun with great company. orngbiggrin.gif
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Hi Dingoes. love.gif


Great job at the BB, Real and Gaye. How fun! Gaye, I hope you're feeling better and better all the time.


Plady, you DO rock. And that iFly experience really does sound fun. I imagine there was laughter.


I am safely lodged in my friend's house, drinking an amazing cup of coffee while ds chills and dd finishes sleeping. All is well, travel was utterly uneventful in the best possible way. Flights were'nt just on time, they were early. Lines were short. Baggage all arrived, intact and on time. My children were a shining example of How to Be On a Long-haul Flight and made service workers and grandmothers smile all over the world. Wisconsin is a cool, green, sweet-smelling paradise (and I think the mosquitoes would agree winky.gif). The driver found us without a problem and the drive home was virtually traffic-free.


One the agenda today, hit the credit union for some money, get a phone number, pick up some essentials (footwear, new undies for the kids, fun stuff like that). My sister's bday is today, and I want to surprise my nephew by showing up at his soccer game after school back in our sweet little town. From there, maybe a walk in the park and down the old main street, just for fun. We have all the time in the world right now.


All of that is assuming I can heave my butt off the chair and stop drinking cups of amazing coffee. Cameron's Organic Paradise Blend, French press, coconut milk. I have a basement yoga/dance studio and a whirlpool tub at my disposal, a wooded park with trails 3 blocks from the house, and Reb is less than 3mi from here. Life feels pretty good right now.


My dietary choices have already offended my mom, I think, but I managed not to inhale the sweet desserts at my sister's house yesterday. My digestion is wonky after plane food and 17 hours in flight, and I can see that protein will be my challenge until I figure out sources, but all is well.

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Real - Great race and report!


Jo - Welcome home!!!!!!!!

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Jo - I love your post! Fill that cup, my friend, and drink it up over and again. You have earned this respite ten-fold! love.gif

Nic - hug2.gif
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Jo - I just love, love hearing the relaxation in your voice!!!  Enjoy it!

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Jo I fourth or fifth the love of peace in your writing.  Welcome home!  I envy your friendship with Reb. I wish I had that.


Real, that was an awesome report. Nice work!


We're heading camping tomorrow and to do the warrior dash on sunday.  I have done nothing beyond running to prepare and some minor yoga.  It's not going to be pretty!

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Jo - Welcome home!!

Real and Gaye - awesome clap.gif

NRR: quick update - moved yesterday, 80%. We are sitting on the floor indian style to eat, sleeping on mattresses on the floor. We leave here Friday, to go to a house that is under construction (filthy, no services) , and then have to be out of there M-Th while they polyurethane the floor. We dont know yet where we will stay - hotel, friends, but we cant camp in the new-house backyard as all the entryways will have poly on them, and we cant leave town all-together b/c dh works all week, which also means I have to have the kids out of the hotel at 8am every day for at least 6 hours. Needless to say, Im pooped
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Yay for being home, Jo! Enjoy it!

Sparkle~dizzy.gif Wow. Any chance of finding a week-long camp to plunk the kids in?

I think I'm finally starting to feel normal-ish, although I don't even really remember what that feels like anymore, to be honest. My gums are way improved, the rash is clearing up. I'm still tired, but who knows if that's sickness or just life. The only thing that's really bothering me at this point is that I have a film (for lack of a better term) in my mouth, and a kind of bad taste that doesn't go away with excessive brushing/mouthwashing. But, given that my tastebuds are just starting to come back a little, there's no way I'm killing them off with the chlorhexidine rinse again. Don't get me wrong, weight loss is good, but I can't voluntarily do it that way. Eating food that tastes like dirt is not fun.

So, after getting all excited about my money from my call shift Friday night, and spending all of it plus a little (hello, new cute danskos for work and new iphone!), what happens but that I get cancelled last night. rolleyes.gif At least I got the option to take PTO, so it's not a complete wash, but PTO doesn't make up for my shift differential. Oh well. C'est la vie, right? I am pretty excited about my new phone. I've been wanting to upgrade for awhile, but my battery really started dying off over the past week or two, so it was time. And bonus: my old phone is now essentially an iTouch, perfect for playing games on for a certain short person. Whose birthday it is today! How is it possible that my little guy is SIX today? It seems weird, because he's in Ohio, so I haven't talked to him yet or anything. I've never spent his birthday apart from him, but he'll be back tomorrow and we'll have a couple of days together (party on Sat) before I'm back to work.

rr~Lisa pretty much covered the Bolder Boulder. I was pleasantly surprised with how good I felt. The first 4-ish miles were at a hard, but comfortable pace, I thought. There were definitely a couple of times when Lisa tried to pull away but restrained herself. orngbiggrin.gif Getting toward the end of the race, I started wondering if I could have gone harder through the whole thing, but then we hit the last big hill into the stadium and I can confidently say that I would have DIED if I hadn't had as much left in the tank there as I did. I really, truly love that race, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world! I really wish I could have gotten under an hour, but considering the circumstances, the fact that I re-qualified is pretty amazing. And next year? I WILL go sub-9 min pace. A huge thank you to Lisa for hanging with my slow-poke self, since I'm relatively sure that I would have wimped out and walked a zillion times (and probably consumed all the doritos, marshmallows, cotton candy, etc. available along the course, just for kicks). For the record, official time: 1:01:30.

Yesterday, I went out for a quick bike ride before (I thought I was) going into work. Just 45 minutes, but it felt good. Time to start getting some miles in the saddle again! And today: track. yikes.gif It was ugly. My workout ended up being all of 2 miles long total, with warm-up, and I thought I was going to die. 6 x 400 (8 for the non-wimps) as a relay with a partner. I felt decent for the first three, then the fact that I forgot my inhaler kicked in, and my legs died all at the same time. Fun! But it's done, and now I can make my shopping list for DS's bday party, get a shower, and a nap before work tonight!
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Almost forgot to post the picture of myself and Lisa, hanging out in the stadium after getting some breakfast. You can see the mass of humanity still streaming into the finish line!

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Awesome race and photo, real & Gaye!!!

Plady, the skydiving sounds like a fun adventure.

Jo, welcome back to the continent. Enjoy your visit home!!

Official time from the Gutbuster 12.5km is 1:45:15.

I'm tired. Still waiting for the bloodwork results for my youngest, and also waiting for AF to arrive. 4 days late by the calendar, but I remember ovulating late though didn't write it down. My IUD is in place, so it's very unlikely that I'm pregnant. May tomorrow be filled with good news and a trail run.
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Originally Posted by MelW View Post
 May tomorrow be filled with good news and a trail run.

Ditto that.


Today wasn't a very good day but I did manage to get dh to FINALLY schedule his Big Snip.  'bout freaking time.  Nearly bit his head off when he suggested that it was a birthday present.

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Originally Posted by Plady View Post

Ditto that.

Today wasn't a very good day but I did manage to get dh to FINALLY schedule his Big Snip.  'bout freaking time.  Nearly bit his head off when he suggested that it was a birthday present.

Birthday present for YOU?!! I could see maybe if it was his present to himself...

AF has arrived. I am doing a little happy dance.
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Jo! Welcome home!!!


Plady: Birthday present? Well, perhaps if you send me to Hawaii for a weekend while you lay on the couch and recover, honey. loveeyes.gif

Oh, and blowkiss.gif thank you!!!


Sparkle: Hang in there! Just picture how awesome the floors are going to look when you do get to move in.


Hey Nic, how's everything going with you?



Great races Mel, Real & Gaye! I think I have the race lists updated, but please let me know if I am missing something.


Memorial Day weekend was a family get-together in Tennessee for hiking, camping, eating, drinking, playing, swimming, riding... whew, all bookended by 8+ hour drives. But it was great to see everybody.


I am finding family sometimes hard to handle with our huge differences in lifestyles, income, political viewpoints, parenting ... so my goal is to be relaxed about it. This weekend, I really succeeded in letting it (pretty much) all just slide and enjoying everyone's company.


There was one discussion that I had to decide not to participate in, and my BIL jokingly asked me if I had given up on discussing politics with him... he always enjoyed seeing me get all wound up (eyesroll.gif) . I responded that he knows my standpoint, and that I love seeing him get all wound up, too (mischievous.gif). Then I went to go do something else, and that was that!


There have been family get-togethers in the past when a comment like that would have irked me to no end, but now, eh.


RR: plugging along with some 3-milers and a 5 milers this week, 1 swim and 1 bike workout. I am going for my longest LR in over 2 years, 11 miles on Saturday. uhoh3.gif  It should be fine, though. The walk breaks I am still doing make everything more manageable.

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Hi ladies!!  I miss you when I can't get on here for a while.  It's always like a "coming home" feeling that is just wonderful. 


RR: ran 10 miles on Tuesday with about 15 minutes of squats and lunges with 8# weighted ball before the run.  Can you say DOMS?!  can barely sit and walk, lol. 


I had put on a few pounds and in an effort to rid myself of it before a business dinner with dh's coworkers on Friday, I think I over did it.  *eyeroll*  I hope I can walk normal tomorrow night into the restaurant, lol!!




NRR: INPUT PLEASE: My 12yo son, who has OCD, anxiety, ADHD, seeks out sugar. I usually just don't have "sugar" in the house although Hubby uses sweet n low for his coffee and I use splenda and truvia for my yogurt, smoothies, and waffles.  The only reason I have powder sugar right now is  because I used it to decorate end of the year brownies with stencils.  My last resort is to lock it up, and I'm just about there.  No matter how many times I talk to him about it and punish him, he'll still eat it in secret (till I find the spoon in the container or the empty bag/container.  He isn't that good about the secretive part, lol).  would you lock up your sugars?


RR:  Since starting this post, I've run 6.25something since I pulled out the cord to the TM around 5.7something. 

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