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So, I am still irate (hours and hours later) with my child's 5th grade teacher.  Every year, they have Young Author's projects, where the kids write and draw their own books.  They have blank books and the kids spend a large amount of time and energy producing these projects.  The results are awesome, and we have loved the kids' stories.  Katie came home a month or two ago working on her rough draft.  She informed me, though, that she was told that she had to do an ABC book.  The class was not given any other option.  ABC book.  That's it.  Katie was disappointed, as she had already been coming up with story ideas throughout the year and jotting them down (no big deal, as we are planning on getting her some blank books to create in).  So, she turned her rough draft in a long time ago.  Yesterday, she came up with the idea of changing her "G" page from "Games" to an homage to our dog "Gromit".  I told her I thought that was a lovely idea, and encouraged her.  She came home today, with a long face telling me that her teacher said no, the other page had already been approved.  She looked heart broken.  I told her that she could write whatever she wanted to, and I would talk to her teacher.  I wrote her teacher an email, asking WTF?  Turns out, Katie has been taking a long time typing the damn thing, and she was worried that she wouldn't get finished.  Last Friday, we had Katie's IEP meeting.  A large focus during this meeting was her social emotional issues, and the fact that she does not appear to show compassion or understanding of peers' feelings.  An example that was used, was that her special ed teacher told her that she had lost her dog as well the previous fall.  They didn't feel that Katie could understand that the teacher had the same feelings as she did.  So, rather than teach by example, they are withholding compassion because of a clerical issue.  Ultimately, I prevailed.  We will help Katie get her words typed at home (something they could have asked for at any time when they saw she was falling behind), and she can write her page for her dead dog.  Seriously, I cannot believe that this is not common sense! 


RR: None.  Rest day today.  I was tired.  I am going to have a rest day tomorrow, too, and hit it again on Saturday!

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Bec, that's ridiculous. They're so focused on the product that they seem to have lost sight of the process and her learning and development. I'm so glad she has you to advocate for her.

RR- Good trail run. I moved up to a faster group this week, which was a good choice. I kind of wish I'd gone even one more faster (there are 9 in total, from sub-3 marathoners all the way to walkers) because they did a hillier trail, but I'm not confident I can keep up. Maybe after a couple more weeks with the middle group.
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bec, I agree totally. Ridiculous. First off, writing is SUPPOSED to be about process. Outcome is important, but realistically, at that age we should be encouraging reflection, contemplation and the willingness to write. That she wanted to write about Gromit was important, and teacher blew that. And could we contemplate that maybe she was still inside her own grief? There's little known about exactly how compassionately the adult presented the shared experience of losing a pet. And it's normal for a kid to focus on her own grief, isn't it?


MelW, wow, some dream. I sure wish you clarity on the subject, wish it were an easier thing, and hope that there's a lot of satisfaction and happiness ahead, whether you induce or wait. winky.gif


Tolstoy (the Siberian cat) spent the night outside last night. He apparently got cabin fever after three days being unable to go out. When I let the kitties out for bathroom time (yes, they are like dogs and go outside), they never came back. No biggie with the Arabian street cats, which have almost no hair and adapted to the climate. He's back now, but I was worried he wouldn't show up before it hits 100+ again for the day. Boy was he happy to see the toilet (his preferred water source).


Ugh, hot. If I am going to take kids to the beach today, it will need to be very soon. caffix.gif

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Originally Posted by bec View Post  Last Friday, we had Katie's IEP meeting.  A large focus during this meeting was her social emotional issues, and the fact that she does not appear to show compassion or understanding of peers' feelings.  An example that was used, was that her special ed teacher told her that she had lost her dog as well the previous fall.  They didn't feel that Katie could understand that the teacher had the same feelings as she did. 


angry.gif What? Oh for heaven's sake. I thought just what Jo said - isn't this normal to feel her own grief so acutely that she can't really think of being in someone else's shoes, and anyway, maybe the teacher just mentioned it in passing and it didn't register...


The whole thing - just frustrating and sad. Glad that she can write what she wants, thanks to your help.


Got you down for the 5k, JayGee.


Is anyone missing anything from the race list or results?


Just craziness here, and packing for a weekend camping trip. I will be so glad to have a couple of days away.

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Yes, jo, you hit it on the head!  Not to mention that everything I have read about kids coming into adolescence is that, nobody can possibly understand what they are feeling!  That also doesn't mean that the words aren't getting through to her.  Argh!  So done.  Just done with this school.

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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post

There's little known about exactly how compassionately the adult presented the shared experience of losing a pet. And it's normal for a kid to focus on her own grief, isn't it?

Yes, and if they wanted to test her compassion they should have tried plating a younger kid with a dead pet.  Why would a student try to console an adult anyway?  Adults are supposed to have their $h!t together aren't they?  That sounds like the dumbass stuff happening in our school these days.  Sorry for you both to have to deal with that kind of bs.


MelW - That must have been quite the dream! 


RR: No, but dh and I fixed our well and that, I must say, was awfully satisfying!  Once we had the water back I happily started laundry, dishes, generally washing down everything I could see that looked grubby - which was everything so hopefully that counts as a little activity.  I was hoping to get to a make-up boxing class today but I don't have anyone to watch Ali G, then I remembered my stash of Tae Bo dvds so I'll do one of those instead.

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Plady, glad your well is fixed. Enjoy the Tae  Bo (I'd forgotten about Tae Bo until you mentioned it, though remember when it was the new hot thing!)


Mel, have a great camping trip!


jo, I hope you can survive these final weeks of heat. I'm glad your cat made found his way back home.


NRR- A rest day, since I'm teaching this morning and working a 12 hour night at the hospital tonight. The two jobs thing is a bit much, but I feel like I need to keep both things going right now in case the teaching contracts aren't around in the fall. It's beautiful and sunny and I wish I was gardening instead of working/sleeping. Saturday afternoon and Sunday I have a date with my yard.

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Argh, Bec.  That makes me mad.  It's like the special ed teacher hasn't met a kid.  Besides, if that conversation was so recent, shouldn't the teacher have noted the compassion and moved mountains to let her change the book?


I'm trying to figure out how to get DD's IEP written so that the new math curriculum (all online and autograded) doesn't further hose DD's math learning. 

RP and I have been doing more situps and lunges, etc into our workout.  I'm taking the stairs at work this week...  Ow.

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bec--ugh. That seems like a rather extreme example, and besides which, the average kid is pretty much all about themselves at any given time anyhow.

Geo--good luck.

Plady--yay for a working well pump!

Mel38--have fun camping.

MelW--good luck with the shift and everything else on top of it.

1jooj--hope today (um, tomorrow) is cooler.

tjsmama--Are you feeling better? And if so, any tips for a 20-miler on the Platte? I might PM you, in hopes that you're feeling well enough to be lurking on MDC.

RR: 8 yesterday, in two parts due to early release and school conferences. It would have been a school pick-up run but R has orchestra on Thursdays and it meant also fitting the violin into the double jogger. My solution was that R could run/walk home, but her nerves are shot (due to Tuesday's concert and the student-led conference) so she completely freaked out about her violin not being ok. rolleyes.gif Fine. I get it, but I'm so over her freaking out on a daily basis, and a little bitter that so much of my valuable time is taken up with crap because she's anxious. She can't help it, and this was a particularly bad week, but still.

In good news, I got a new pair of shoes. I've been a fan of the Brooks Adrenaline for years, but I don't like the 11. The tongue of the shoe is just a bit longer or something and it twists and bumps my ankle. So I tried on a bunch of others and decided on the Saucony ProGrid Guide 5. I've used it on two runs and I think it will work. Interestingly, it also has a lower heel lift (8mm instead of 12) and is supposed to promote better form. I'll probably still use the Adrenaline for the marathon because I'm hesitant to try out the Saucony on tomorrow's 20-miler, but at least I have a different option.

Tomorrow is the mother's day-ish 5K around Sloan's Lake, and from there I'm going to head toward downtown and run on the Platte and/or Cherry Creek trails to finish out 20 miles. Mostly, I'm trying to figure out where water fountains and portapotties will be, as I will need them.

NRR: J just told me she wants to keep me and not put me in the rain. Good to know. And article revisions continue. The editor emailed me Tuesday night to ask if I'd have it to him this week or next week. Um, yes, why yes, of course, no problem. bigeyes.gif My goal had been to be done by revisions by the middle of the month and to tackle them in a big way after Tuesday's concert anyhow, but now it has increased urgency. At least my calf isn't bothering me as much.
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You mamas must be having some nice spring weather this weekend! No action on the Dingo front.


Plady...breaker switch? I hope?


Nic, rock this race, mama. I want so much to hear great news!


Real, I hope the revisions worked out and the paper's on its way. Congrats on the new shoes. I hope the work out in the long run. Proverbially, I mean. winky.gif Since you're sticking with the Brooks for the literal long run.


Geo, just ugh on the math. Wha? All online? Maybe next we can implant the chip and be done with it. Everyone gets an A, everyone gets math. eyesroll.gif


I'm sort of excited because it's only low 80s at 7AM, so I am trying to...um, de-coffee lol.gif before heading across to the beach for my morning FM. I have been adding pool laps, but not a lot of them, usually late afternoon, either before dinner or after, when the sun is no longer overhead and the pool is in the shadows. The water was basically body temp yesterday, which makes it hard to swim much of any distance without overheating quickly. They are super-stingy with the pool chiller here. But I am at least still moving. Dh is home, actually still asleep in bed now, and is starting to develop his own anxiety about "everything that has to be done around here" before we leave. I'm glad it's not just me anymore. Heh.


Have a great night, Dingoes. 

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Nic - I'm thinking about you rocking this race too!  Can't wait to hear the report!


Jo - Mmm, body temperature water - sounds kind of nice right now.


Real - hug2.gif Oy, all that anxiety, it must be so draining for both of you.


RR: NOt much but did Tae Bo abs yesterday, it's been about 8 years since the last time I did it and it was kind of funny that it looked dated, but it was still pretty tough.  Today I only unloaded the pickup of a big load of firewood for next year. 


NRR: We do have water - it turned out to be an above ground leak.  Whew.


DDR: Poor dd is still dealing with the fallout from her lie.  Three of her friends confronted her on Friday and told her that they didn't want to be friends anymore, that she wasn't the kind of girl they felt comfortable around anymore.  Later on one of them (her bf) confided that she'd felt bullied into going along with the other two and still wanted to be friends but still.  Poor  dd has been going through sobbing cycles ever since.  But we did actually have some nice moments regardless.  I'm liking having her grounded, it is actually making it somehow easier to spend time with her.  Go figure.

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Plady - your dd has been through the wringer this year! I hope the grounding and the enforced closeness to mama will at least help.

RR: I was supposed to go on a long bike today, but worked late last night and was just too tired to get up early. So, I'm lounging in the hopes that there will have been some mother's day cleaning!

Which reminds me to wish you all a wonderful day. I feel blessed and inspired to be amongst such amazing parents.
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Happy Mother's Day to the Dingoes...the best women and mamas I know. I love you all so very much and you are my support system.


So, the race. Well, truthfully I knew going in it wasn't going to be a PR kind of day, much less my goal race. I think that might be the one in June, as it's a much flatter course (and hopefully I won't be sick). This course is Hilly with a CAPITAL H. I didn't realize just how bad actually which was probably better. And I got no sleep last night to speak of, between: 1) ds climbing all over me all night; 2) coughing up phlegm every time I lied down' and 3) overwhelming anxiety over my 'situation' (see: yahoogroup).


Got up, took a quick shower to wake up and get my hair wet enough to cement into a ponytail under my hat (it was doing its Wild Jewfro Frizz). Ate my usual pre-long run routine, pb&j on a rice cake and a cup of coffee. Went out to the race with friends.


So anyway, first few miles were downhill and I thought I could make up some time there, which I did. I think my splits there were like in the 8s and it's a darn good thing too. It was a double loop course. Then we started climbing. By mile 5-6 I was vomiting up mucous and I really thought about DNFing. But I got to the top of the hill, ate a Chomp and drank some water, and pulled the reins in and set my pace for 10 min. miles for a couple miles. By mile 8 I felt much recovered and after that things were pretty steady at 9:30 ish pace. Mile 12 I tried to get myself to lay down the hammer but in all honesty I just didn't have enough air to do it. Last half mile the 5k joined up with the half which was cute but also totally annoying as I was then trying to get some kind of kick in, do the dodge-and-weave around small children, and not trip over the potholes. Crossed at 2:06:11 by my garmin though it might be less on chip time, not sure.


Now off to brunch and then road tripping back home. I hope you all have a wonderful day. flowersforyou.gif

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Evening mamas,

I hope everyone had a happy day. 


Nic - That's pretty hardcore to run through snot-vomit.  I hope the rest of the day was easier and you aren't having any backlash from pushing yourself so hard. 


Today is dh's birthday and since he was feeling a tad more type A than usual as he's leaving Tuesday for a week and missed a bunch of gardening time with the well drama we didn't have much in the way of celebration.  I did make a pretty nice dinner (steak and enchilada rice, 2 types of salsa and - YUMMO - jalapenos stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon ~Nic, if you ever do a day of non-kosher, these should be your first stop yummy.gif faint.gif) and the girls are working on cupcakes and we've got ice cream. Too much food but I'm shamelessly taking comfort in that to ignore not hearing the words "Happy Mother's Day' cross dh's lips today.  oops! Didn't work! eyesroll.gif


Whatev.  I hope I'm in a small minority!


Love you mamas!

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Plady--how long 'til school is over? Hopefully everything will calm down for your DD on the friends front then. And sorry about your DH on mother's day, even if it's also his birthday. It's not that hard, says the woman who frequently shares her birthday with father's day.

Nic--2:06 is a rocking time for a hilly course. And you sound like you're going in the right direction with everything else. I haven't had time to login at Yahoo but we've got your back.

bec--hope they cleaned for you.

RR: 20.6 yesterday, including a 25:12 5K time and 4.25 today.

Brief race report: the 5K went ok. I left the house so late I contemplated not bothering going at all, but eventually I made it to Sloans Lake. They said they were going to be set up at the SW corner, so I parked at the NW corner, thinking it would be a short warm-up run. Turns out they were more toward the center of the south end, which was about a mile away. Made it there about 3 minutes before the race, with just enough time to get my bib and chip on and get in line. Then we were off and that was fine. It's not my favorite race distance and I was more doing it to get my behind out of the house for the 20-miler, but just before the finish line I realized I could pull off a sub-25 *if* I could cross the finish line in 30 seconds. Well, it took 40, but not bad all things considered.

The rest of the run was fine. It was overcast and chilly--in the mid 40s--but it felt a bit warmer due to the humidity (for us) and was pretty pleasant. My turn-around point was the Whole Foods in Cherry Creek North, which is both huge and insanely busy. Then it was downhill back to the Platte, and then a whole lot of climbing to get back to Sloans Lake.

NRR: my 2yo is so excited about mother's day that she's still awake...at 10:30 pm. Ah, the irony....
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Plady, here too. Around 5PM I announced I needed to call my mom, "because it's Mother's Day," which elicited a response of, "oh," followed by children's declarations that their teachers didn't remind them. And I am talking myself into not caring. I think. eyesroll.gif


Nic, I'm totally impressed that you finished, and like real said, that's a great time for a hilly course, snot vomit or not. Not to mention all the other stuff you're wrestling with.


Real! A sub-25 5K after a run to the start AFTER a 20.6mi run the day before? That's pretty amazing.


RR: I'm glad I did longer mileage yesterday while the temp was relatively cool in the morning, because it looks like that was the last time that was going to happen. Ah, well. I walked 4.5 miles today and did my indoor exercises, and I am pretty confident there will be swimming this afternoon, but I think I want to convince dd to come to the beach and swim in the ocean instead.


NRR: The major work of packing for the trip is done, and I plan to drop enforcement of school with the end of this week and just let that go. Both kids are being promoted, and beyond that, I need to not care. Dh renewed the car registration yesterday, which is a load off, and I gave him all the info for requesting utilities' shut-offs. Movers are scheduled. Freezer is empty and cleaned, and I'll do the fridge last-minute, I guess, and just plan to clean behind the movers...I guess? I've cooked through most of the pantry contents. I am in a holding pattern, which if I recall correctly, normally sends me into a carb-loading frenzy, which I have managed to avoid thus far. With now less than two weeks before departure, this is a victory to be celebrated. Gift shopping is totally done, and it looks like we will have plenty of space in our luggage, and our luggage is only a little over half our limit. thumb.gif


We want to pack all our little knick-knacky things ourselves, because there could be fast fingers on the packing team, and some things are best kept out of sight and mind. Dh is responsible for finding and providing either boxes or totes for said kitsch. Maybe today's the magic day. 

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I hope my favourite mothers had a wonderful day yesterday flowersforyou.gif


This has been a hard week. I tripped and fell early in the week. Nothing too serious but I did hurt my left hand and knee. Scrapes I could live with but this feels like soft tissue stuff on both counts. Agh. dh is gone for a week and I have no way to contact him - realized to late that even when he goes on retreat, now that we have a child with a serious medical condition I always have to be able to contact him! ds had a difficult seizure yesterday and both he and his little sister needed a ton of support in the aftermath. I am exhausted. The meds have kicked his butt physically and emotionally. He fell asleep after the seizure and when it was time to wake him up for work I literally had to pull him into a sitting position and wash his face with cold water and pour juice into his mouth. He cries almost all the time when he is awake. I rarely see the kid I have always known any more so this morning I am driving him to school, meeting with someone from the resource team to get things in place for him and then I am going to the hospital and will plant myself at the paediatrician's receptionist's desk until we get that referral to the neurologist - and in to see the ped this week in the meantime. My ds can't go on like this. He is still having seizures AND dealing with terrible side effects of medication. I am pretty overwhelmed and so tired all the time. Something has to ease up around here.

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((((Shanti)))))) Your poor DS! That sounds just so awful for him, and for you and his siblings, too. Thank goodness he has you there for him - I hope you get that referral today, and the medication gets sorted out, poor guy. And I hope your knee is ok. Probably some bruising?

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Oh, Shanti. I'm sorry. Those appointments can't come fast enough. And I sure do hope there is some better med/combo to try. Did you have a chance to read sparkle's link to the ketogenic diet article from NYT? It was apparently the go-to treatment before the drug boom of the 1930s. There's apparently also some success with adults doing something similar. It sounds pretty tedious, but I wonder whether an adolescent, like an adult, might have good results with the modified Atkins? Sigh. I just want you all to have health.

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Hi Ladies,

I'm jumping ahead to report a wild (read very stressful and somewhat chaotic) weekend of climbing in Utah. DD did make it to Divisionals (Mamajb, here we come; June 9-10), although after first getting slapped in the eye (while on the wall) with the rope, falling b/c of it, calling a technical ad having the judges need to evaluate.

I was the defacto coordinator of the weekend, as I made the hotel reservations for the team (43 climbers plus parents), so everyone came to me for info, which was fine, but after Saturday morning (the climbing) and the intense adrenal overload, I just wanted to sign off to someone else.

Every parent was SO stressed. It is such an intense experience. Oh ladies, my own competitiveness kicks into HIGH!!! gear (in my head, I'm only ever positive w/ DD)

I have more to say, but not enough time

That 9 year old climber from NY (who is 11 now) that I linked a youtube video here about, is in the NYT this week :uhoh3.gif

Off to get the kids to school
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