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border stories, so beautiful!  I can't knit to save my life.  


My snap press finally arrived from China (I've been making do with the pliers) so I'm hoping to get started on some new diapers and covers.   I'm also planning on a rebozo conversion to a ring sling, a linen sling, and possibly a double layer silk ring sling.  Maybe even an onbuhimo.  Other than that, I may make some more wipes, and some kind of matching outfit for all three kids, but nothing else.


Cut off some too short jeans of DDs and then made a patchwork circle skirt for the jean yolk - super cute!  Want a cute cargo short pattern for DS because the pattern I've been working from Sewing For Toddlers is so extremely 80s in style and cut that I can't possibly dress him in them.

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border stories- I friended you on Rav.  just so you know. :D


Madimamcita - thanks for the info.  i never would have thought to just let it go. :)  i'll probably keep serging edges, mainly cause wipes are used until they fall apart around here.  Wipes are just for baby butts.  lol  


i have a bunch of stuff on Rav. too, not all of it is baby stuff.  and some of my baby stuff is not photographed atm.  soon, yeah?  :D

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Border stories- I have never had the inclination to learn to knit but I do now! Those sweaters... swoon!
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I love the sweater with the buttons on the side. So adorable. I can't knit...I was once able to crochet but only a loong straight line, that wasn't really good for anything LOL.


As usual, I have nothing to show cause I still can't bring up the energy to do anyting. I did buy some fabric so that's step 1, lol. Now...I just have to sew something and finish it.


I'm new to Pinterest so that's where I'm spending all my time hehe.

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Originally Posted by MissE View Post

I'm new to Pinterest so that's where I'm spending all my time hehe.

Me too!

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Oops, I meant to say that: Wipes AREN'T just for baby butts around here.  duh

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anyone have any suggestions on what else I should make? Or what quantities I should have of what I have already? It's much easier for me to make these now than after baby comes.


So far I've made/have:


13 flannel wipes

3 wash cloths

24 newborn fitted diapers

5 covers

small quilt

3 store-bought baby towels (pretty cheapo and thin)

5 receiving blankets/swaddle blankets (3 are cotton, 2 are jersey)


Any ideas? I'd like to make some more diapers, but running out of terry (and trying not to spend more). I have a ton of flannel (recycling a queen sheet set we never use in FL).

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That sounds like a good number of towels and washcloths. It also sounds like plenty of NB fitteds to me, though you might want one more cover. We used a lot more wipes than that, but I'm basically under the impression that there is no such thing as too many wipes (most of ours are the cheapie baby washcloths, actually -- I think we have 2 dozen of those, plus some other fleece and flannel that I've cut up).

ETA: Are the covers adjustable size? Or are they NB covers?
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Crystal: Actually, looks like I have 7 newborn size covers. The ones I made are velcro newborn size and I have 4 bummis whisper wraps. So they will grow a little (7-10lbs). I also have 4 grovia hybrid shells that grow with the child, which seem just too floppy for when he's little, but will probably work better once he gets bigger. I've heard you can use them as covers or buy the snap-in inserts. I'm also getting birdseye prefolds to use as soakers.


I guess it's time to make some more wipes!

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Ascher- yeah, i'd make at least 2dozen wipes, ideally 3 dozen.  You can never have too many and 13 will last you for maybe 1 day.  



So, i finished up some knitting and am now looking to sell the woolies.

What would you expect to see for a Longies and a shirt set and a shorties and a shirt set?


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So I made my first diaper today. It's more or less this t-shirt prefold design. It was the first time I've used my new sewing machine and the first time I've sewn something in five or so years. It's not exactly pretty (sewing in straight lines is overrated anyway) but it should get the job done! I'm hoping that as I make more I'll get faster and better at it. But for now I'm really proud that I finally got started after lots of thinking about it!

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ArtificialRed, cute prefolds!  I think I might have to make some of those.  I've used this pattern with a lot of success with old receiving blankets http://handmadebyrita.blogspot.com/2007/10/classic-rrp-ritas-rump-pocket-pattern.html



I'm currently deep into my maternity Elizabethan gown, so baby sewing is off the machines for a while. 

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ArtificialRed: cool, I haven't seen that style before. Just one tip I noticed for the directions: you know how there's puckering in the interior corners when she turns it right side out? You can make a little snip in the fabric (don't cut the stitched line or past it) in that angle before you bag it out and that should help it to lie more smooth.

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I have some Grovia shells (I didn't buy any inserts, since it looks like they'd only work with those particular shells) -- I've put prefolds and various other (Flip) inserts in them smile.gif They'd also go over a fitted nicely, I think. DD still fits them and she's (a smallish) 24 month old, but they weren't ridiculous when she was teeny, either, at the smallest setting.

ETA: we started CDing at 5 weeks. She was 7 pounds 4 ounces at birth.
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crystal: cool. Good to know the shells work w/out the inserts. I got the shells on a two-for-one sale and I thought they came with the inserts. Imagine my frustration when I realized I still had to buy more accessories. Luckily I'd read you can use fitteds, etc with them. I have 14 kissas (size 0) which were hand-me-downs from a friend, and she said they fit from the start, plus the newborn diapers I made from flannel are the same size. I'll be using flushable liners for meconium (we have city sewer system). But my friend warned me about the OS version of anything, that is takes a little time for them to fit well on a newborn.


I've kinda become a diaper geek. And I haven't even had my son yet!

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I have a grovia shell and a couple of inserts. The shell is pretty good as a standard cover, especially since I'm a aplix lover and they have good aplix. I'm normally a prefold gal but I do like the inserts with the grovia shell because they are small and I can fit several in my wetbag (wet or dry side). Since we traveled a lot with DD mostly on long (5+hr) train or plane rides often times just me and baby so I had to get everything on and off by myself, having compact diapers made life easier. So if you are a traveler, it might be worth picking up just a couple inserts. 

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Ascher, I adore the kissa luvs for newborns. They don't last really long but they are perfect for tiny babies. We used them from birth with my DD and she was only 6 lbs 14 oz, and went down to 6 lbs over the first few days. I really wouldn't worry too much about meconium. I found it actually washed out really well despite looking so sticky and black. It was actually the breast fed poop later that tended to stain more. The best trick someone told me for dealing with meconium was to put a little olive oil on baby's bum. It made it slide right off!

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Carlin--does the meconium stain? I think that was what I heard. I did hear the trick about the olive oil from my midwife!


BRC-MacKenzie--I have two sets of inserts on my registry. Have you found that the mesh on the inside of the cover gets wet from pee and therefore doesn't dry as quickly/ can't be used as many times as a regular diaper cover could? Does it retain smell more than other covers? I think I read those comments somewhere and it made me hesitant.

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I had heard that about meconium too but didn't have any problems with meconium staining and we started with cloth from the very first diaper. The few that did get spots cleared up after an hour or two in the sun. I just pulled out my newborn stash for this baby and they look great. And that olive oil trick is great even if you are using 'sposies since it helps get baby clean too. Actually, I'm really looking forward to new baby diapers again - toddler diapers/dirty undies are just not as easy to deal with. 


I didn't notice that it smelled more than my other covers or drying issues but I also tend to rotate covers pretty frequently - not necessarily because of hygiene reasons, I'm just lazy about keeping track of which ones I've used so I might end up using 3-4 in my rotation by the end of the day (not counting ones that got pooped on). I really should just get a hook near by changing area so I can keep it to two at a time. 

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We used cloth from diaper one too, and had absolutely no staining from the meconium. Normal poop stains way worse, but a little time hanging in the sun takes care of it no problem.

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