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Definition of Single Parenting?

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So, how do you mamas define "single parent"? 


Is it strictly based on marital/coupled status, or do you still consider yourself a single parent if you have to deal with an ex with regard to parenting? If not, when do you consider yourself to be no longer single? When you're dating or moved in together, or actually married (or partnered with a ceremony)? Or is it one of those things where once you're a single parent, you're always a single parent? And if your partner is just a workaholic and you feel like a single parent, does that count too?


I'm just curious as to whether or not there is a group consensus here on the definition of a single-parent, or if it's a case of "you are when you say you are". Anyone want to share their thoughts on the matter?

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Soooo.... no one wants to touch this topic with a ten foot pole, huh?



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I have an ex, he causes me more headaches than I'd care to admit, and I'm very much a single parent.

I don't think people with workaholic SO's are single parents, because ultimately they can rely on that persons income even if not the person.
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never saw this in my subscriptions (it looks like it only shows threads with replies =P)


I consider someone sharing a home/life with a partner to not be single, whatever the legality of the situation. I considered myself to be single when my XH moved out even though we didn't officially divorce for 4 years after that. I did not consider myself to be single when we still shared a home, even though we slept in separate rooms for several months before he moved out and were definitely no longer in a romantic relationship with each other.


I don't think that married people who live separately from each other for long periods of time (like military) are considered single, though one might solo parent for a while. That's a whole other category. And if your spouse is just gone a lot, that doesn't make you single, either.


I do think the line gets fuzzy when a single parent is in a committed relationship with a new partner but they're still just dating and not living together. Then it's like you're a single parent with a boyfriend, sort of a blending of the two =)

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