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Anyone interested in joining?


I think everyone knows the drill. Come say a bit about yourself,your family and use this thread to help you stay accountable!


Lets support each other!

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I'm a SAHM of 3 and dh works crazy hours.


We're trying to spend less,save more ans stop eating out! I would LIKE to have at least 15 no spend days and limit take out to 2x(which could be hard since dh's gma is sick and well be traveling to see her)


01-irked.gif$82.00 Gas

02-irked.gifdh-$1.80 on coffee



Mindless spending-1.80

Eating out-0/2

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Oh, do I need this thread!


I am a sahm.  DH works outside the home.  We just enrolled our ds in a private school that only takes students who struggle a great deal academically.  After a lengthy search, we decided he would really benefit from the program...so...we really have to cut back on our spending.  Really.


So, I am going to try not to spend money this month except on necessities -- although that's a pretty broad term!


Today, I did buy a tea at Starbucks but I was using a gift card I have.  Bought groceries for the weekend, as I do not want to be tempted to eat out.  We're pretty good about eating at home most of the time, though.


Am looking forward to learning from everyone!


Peace ~~

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Hi I am a single WWKM (work with my kids mom) but I don't work at home. I usually don't spend much but this month I think I've spent too much. I bought a tent and a didgeridoo and some textbooks for summer school for me and a few educational workbooks for my dd and a new pair of crocs for my dd too. I put $50 in my gas tank this month and will probably have to do that again before the end of the month.

So for the rest of the month I'd love to spend money on nothing but food! We only ate out once and that was buying a pre made sandwich at the co op when our shopping trip took longer than expected and we had to get to work.

I just got accepted into a BSN-RN program and have a few expenses to prepare to start nursing school. I have to get titer tests done which are 100-200 each! I have to buy new scrub bottoms ( I can use my CNA tops though), pay for a background check $100, they also want me to get a new BLS certification even though mine does not expire for another year which will cost about $60.

So aside from those necessities that are going to cost close to a grand I really do not want to spend any other money this month or next! My job is a contract one and will end at the end of this month so I am really hoping to earn and save enough to make it through May and June with money left in the bank but I have a feeling I will have to borrow money instead.

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