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Looks like I'm getting a little one at work during our staff meeting at the end of the month.  It's very sweet of them, but I can't think of anything to suggest for gifts (as I was asked for).  I'm not telling the sex, and I already have pretty much what I need for clothes anyway.  I use cloth diapers and so won't need any.  I don't need new gear or toys or anything.  So probably I will say a gift card is best for just those little things I'll find myself needing.

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My shower was on Sunday and it was really nice! It was my immediate family (6 sisters, SIL, mom, nieces) and some extended family plus a family friend, which was big enough for me. I got some really cute & useful stuff, including our co-sleeper (which arrived from Amazon today), plus some gift cards to Amazon & Target (which will go toward our carseat). There was one game, where the guests had to sculpt a baby out of playdough in 2 minutes while I was in another room, and then I had to pick the "best" baby. Some of their attempts were pretty hilarious! The decorations were gorgeous (including some "recycled" from my sister's wedding the night before) and the food was great - they included a yogurt parfait bar as well as a make-your-own-granola bar. 


My partner got to go golfing with my brothers-in-law during the shower, which was nice for him, though he now has sunburned arms and one really white hand (from the glove)! 


Also, my sister managed to not freak out too much about all she had to do over the weekend, so there were only a couple mild shouting matches eyesroll.gif

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Woohoo for upcoming showers, Boots and ninetales! Keep us posted! I think that Sol_y_Paz mentioned that she's got a shower coming up this week. 


Eleuthia, it sounds like a very eventful weekend! Glad there was only a bit of shouting! You scored some great things!!


We had a shower at dh's work a few weeks ago. He's a teacher and it was a few days before the end of the school year, and it was great to have support and interest of his colleagues, especially since they all had so much to do at that point. We got lots of gift cards and already used the BRU ones to go towards the car seat/base.


We still need another base and a breast pump. In 2 weeks my family/friends will have a skype shower for me since I can't travel out there. It should be interesting and I feel really fortunate. I'm so glad that my mom will be involved in at least this aspect of the baby prep. I know she is knitting like mad and won't be able to come until mid September, which is hard on her. She has wanted to spill the beans over the phone about the things she's knitting but I wouldn't let her.

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Boots and Ninetales, have a great time at your showers!  Eleuthia, I'm glad you had a good time at your shower...with minimal shoutings...that is pretty on par for a family gathering in my neck of the woods.  Andaluza, I'm glad the shower at your DH's work went well and that you were able to get some more of the stuff you need.


Our shower plans have gotten much better.  I had B talk to his parents about doing a separate family shower at their place in Georgia July 4th weekend, which should take some of the stress off of my sister and friend who are throwing a shower in Florida, since it will significantly reduce the guest list.  It really works out also, because Q is the first grandchild/niece-nephew on B's side, so everyone is really excited and a lot of his flying is going to be flying down to attend. Q is the tenth grandchild/niece-nephew on my side, however, so the exuberance about a new baby is a bit muted. 

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Eleuthia, that sounds like a fun chill shower.  I get a little overwhelmed with showers because I feel really uncomfortable asking people to buy me things.  It's nice when it's smaller and intimate, IMO.


We have our first shower on Saturday!  My best friend is throwing it for us at our place (because we have a rockin' new smoker), so this will be the "young folks" co-ed shower with beer and BBQ and then my MIL is throwing a more traditional adult ladies only shower in July.  And today, one of my friends/coaches at the gym told me she wanted to throw me a gym shower.  We'll have to look hard for times, because we're running out of weekends.  I can't believe things are happening so quickly!  It's also kind ironic that with my general discomfort with showers that I'm having three of them.  It seems a little excessive.  I'm sort of suspecting the gym one won't work out due to lack of time, so I won't have to feel bad about acquaintances buying me stuff.

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