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Finding out or NOT finding out the baby's sex? - Page 3

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Cindy, how exciting!!!! How are you feeling about girl 2?!


Aw, Sunny, that's so sweet. Did you take any pictures?


Dandy, Raf s such a funny boy! He doesn't care much for cake but discovered with this cake that he's a big fan of icing!

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Congrat's everyone!!

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Sunny: Yes, wondering if you took a pic? You have a son already, right? How fun!


Zub: I am tickled to have another girl! We were all hoping for a boy but mostly I was just hoping bc I knew DH wanted one. I would prefer a girl. LOL. I think DH was a bit sad, even though he woulnd't say it. I know he'll be fine - but this is very likely our last baby so that means no son for him. 



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We had our scan last Thursday and found out that we're expecting a baby boy!  I'm so excited, but also a little nervous to have to learn all of the nuances of raising a boy.  We did a little interview video with DD where we had her talk about going to the doctor and getting to see pictures of her baby brother.  We posted the video on our blog as a way to announce the sex to family and friends.  It was a big hit with everyone, and it was nice to be able to include DD in the announcement.  I want to try to include her in all of the major events with the new baby to help ward off any jealousy issues.


We also got a really nice profile shot of the little guy, and I can already tell that he looks like his big sister.  love.gif

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We had our ultrasound today and found out we're having another baby boy! I was hoping for a girl but baby looks healthy and that's what really counts. Dh is pretty excited though. 

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We had our 20 week scan a few days ago and we decided that we didn't mind if they shared information about our baby's gender with us.  This is our first one.  Really, gender isn't important to us, so it was information like the rest of the information - that our baby was healthy and heart was healthy that was important to us. To  our joy and delight, report came with flying colors.


We found out we are having a boy and I'm glad we know so that I can knit with a boy in mind and meditate on our son's little soul.  Funny, I bought a baby boy's brown velvet three piece suit made by Monsoon at a charity shop 4 years ago - couldn't resist its cuteness....


I am not keen on all the boy clothes that have images that seem to turn baby boys into walking advertisements for patriarchy (the t-shirt "Daddy's little soldier" comes to mind...). So, last night i had fun looking on line for baby boy clothes that let baby boys keep their innocence look. I was happy to find really sweet adorable clothes. 


I wasn't going to have the 20 week scan but since I am older they really encouraged it and so I went with it.  But now, I haven't felt the baby move that much since the scan and before it, baby was kicking up a storm....I hope it is okay.  So in the future, I wouldn't bother with the 20 week scan - i'm sure everything is okay, and I know baby's get quiet now and again, but it seems like a drastic difference...perhaps it is the weather because here in Wales now, we are having a heat wave - perhaps this is what has made baby more quiet.

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