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Would you go back to a dentist you don't trust? (Time-sensitive!)

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So our dental insurance only has 3 dentists in the whole state, one is a known scam company, another is far away, and the third is the one we see (& have seen for 5 or 6 years now). I never liked our dentist, something always felt off... and the first thing he ever said to me is "You're going to have a ton of cavities in a couple of years." Nothing more, no preventative advice or anything. Plus they are stuck in the dark ages & still use a paper appointment book! lol But I figured how much damage could routine cleanings do...

Anyway. So about 6 months ago when I went for my cleaning, they told me as I was walking out the door that I needed to make an appointment to have a cavity filled. I have never had a cavity in my life (and they know this) so I was really upset that they didn't even bother telling me while the doc examined me, no one explained what the options were or how they do fillings, nothing.

I made an appointment but then cancelled it. DH looked in my mouth & couldn't see a cavity (he just checked again, still nothing). I had no tooth pain up 'til that point but my whole mouth was sore after the rough cleaning they did. Because I was so upset about the cavity, I started clenching my jaw again while I slept (chronic issue for me), which caused a ton of pain in my jaw etc. and I thought maybe I did have a cavity, but once I calmed down I stopped clenching so hard and all I felt fine, though sometimes I still clench up & then feel pain for a day or two again. I also ended up changing my diet drastically (was vegan for years), partly due to this 'cavity'...

OK so to get to the point... I only have dental insurance for one more month (I am being laid off & can't afford dental insurance through DH's employer). So I feel like this month is my last chance to get another exam (maybe with x-rays this time?) and get a filling(s) if I do need it. BUT I really don't feel comfortable going back to that dentist. I could change to the one other dentist on the plan (who I know nothing about) but because it's an HMO it would take almost a month to go into effect so I couldn't see the new dentist until a week before my insurance runs out, which doesn't leave enough time to get fillings if I do need them.

Sorry so long... what would you do? Since I've never had a cavity, I really don't know what it feels like. Maybe the jaw pain from clenching my teeth is really the cavity??? But it really doesn't bother me except when I think about it. I'm the kind of person that convinces myself I have meningitis because my neck is a bit sore. LOL so it's hard for me to trust my symptoms but I'm pretty sure my teeth are not REALLY hurting. Am I over-thinking this? I just feel kind of sick when I think of going back to that dentist & I don't want my teeth drilled (ESPECIALLY for no reason....)
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It is entirely possible to have a surface cavity that doesn't really need to be filled unless it progresses. I have one and was told by a dentist about 8 years ago to get it filled. I didn't have the money at the time so I never did. Now its been many years and 2 different dentist have told me there's no reason to get it filled since it hasn't gotten larger and isn't bothering me.

So you may just try another dentist and see what they say. Also you can ask about a rate without insurance. I needed a cavity filled and didn't want to get the silver filling(the only kind insurance would cover) so I negotiated a very reasonable out of pocket fee.

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