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cost of bradley method classes

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Those of you who have taken Bradley birth classes--would you mind sharing how much you paid for your class? I understand that Bradley tends to be more expensive because the class is longer, but I'm trying to get an idea for how much is reasonable.



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I paid 250 back in 1992. Well worth every penny for a twelve week, college level course in childbirth.
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250 sounds about right, ours were in 99/00. 

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We're taking them now and it's $275.  Well worth it, as far as I'm concerned, though we're only on our fourth class.

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We paid about $125 in 2003.

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Thanks for sharing, everyone. Wow, the two classes closest to us are both $500. Maybe since we live in the DC area and the cost of living is higher? Woof.

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I've seen large variety even in where I live.. 150 - 350$. Depends on the teacher I guess!
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$500 definitely seems pretty high, but everything in DC is expensive.  Still, that's rough.

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They offer it at the hospital I delivered in for $225 +$25 for materials.  I didn't get to take it bc my employer at the time wouldn't give me the time off, booo!

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I thought it was supposed to be the same everywhere... that's supposed to be a rule. Maybe it is the same across each region but each region sets their own guidelines? I can't recall precisely but I think we paid about $250.

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No.5 under their faqs states that fee varies according to teacher and/or area.

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I think we paid $350 4 years ago. I didn't do enough homework on that particular instructor, so it wasn't worth it then.  I'm taking another class from an different instructor (who I told about our last experience and is allowing us to attend for free) and this one would totally be worth every penny of $350.

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