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Are there any spiritualist/metaphysical mommas out there?

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I'm a metaphysician and fall under the spiritualist church.. anyone out there have those same beliefs? i'm feelin all alone here..lol.. especially since all of tyhe homsechool lists i can find are christian!! AHHH!
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'scuse me. What's metaphysical?

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There are so many different kinds of metaphysicians.. but to me it is a way of life where everything is mind. mind over matter is one aspect, but also intuition into spirituality and nature. A metaphysician is one with spirit.. we are spirit.. We believe that we are a spark of life that makes up spirit. we can change anything and everything. we can float, heal and speak without movement. we strive to further our knowledge and break down those conscious and subconscious barries so that we will be completely in tune as we once were. We practice numerology, holistic health, tarot etc. everything can be changed by one person. we believe in reincarnation. it's rather hard to explain. i even just spent some time looking for a simple definition that i could give you.. and well.. it didn't work.. so this si what i think of when i think of metaphysics.
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Any other takers?

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i don't call myself a spiritualist BUT

I qualify as I believe in reincarnation (& have since I was a child),I am also Catholic-married one & went through classes to become a member.It is important to me to have a church for the family but I teach the kids & hubby about spirit,life,reincarnation,"thoughts are things",Edgar Cayce teachings,etc.
I do not like the limits we place on religious beliefs.There is so much good to be found in most all faiths.
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I believe in reincarnation and that what we think affects reality. I believe there are only two paths or choices- love and fear. (Let's hope we choose love-especially now) I don't believe any soul is evil. All everyone wants is to be loved. Does this make me a Spiritualist?
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"intuition into spirituality and nature. A metaphysician is one with spirit.. we are spirit.. We believe that we are a spark of life that makes up spirit. we can change anything and everything. we can float, heal and speak without movement. we strive to further our knowledge and break down those conscious and subconscious barries so that we will be completely in tune as we once were. "

Sounds lovely...I am a mutt of religion and an infant on the spirituality ward.... But I try and am taking this crazy eccletic path of mine one day at a time....

Three cheers to squirrelgurl!!!!!!
Love to ALL...
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I don't have a label or definition for my beliefs, which are certainly evolving each day, but I have experienced reincarnation and the ability to impact the physical world through spiritual practices. I homeschool too, in large part because I want my children exposed to many, many ideas/perceptions. We talk all the time about the many theories/stories explaining life and origins, and about where spiriitual messages are found--animals are our favorite relayers of spiritual information. I agree it's good to be inclusive concerning religious beliefs, but sometimes religious teachings leave little room for individual experiences of spirituality. If you're Catholic, for example, don't you have to believe in The Father as creator of all? Where does this leave the woman whose fundamental understanding of spirituality is found through her own experience of creation, in pregnancy and childbirth? I don't mean this as an attack whatsoever, but as an inquiry. I could ramble on here as I find this subject very interesting, but I will leave it at this.
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Hi amandajf- I was raised in the Church of Religious Science, and although we did not practice all the things you mentioned, there were several things you mentioned that we did. If you have seen any of my other posts here on the Spirituality page you will already know that I am very much in seeker mode right now. The CofRS did not fit exactly, and although I have very much enjoyed my time in a more traditional Christian church (dh is traditional Christian), that doesn't quite fit either. I tend to see the same truths in both teachings, just that they use different words. You can imagine that doesn't go over well with some of my conservative Christian friends- two of them have told me I am going to Hell.
Anyway, have you ever read Ernest Holmes? His book The Science of Mind is the book that Religious Science based itself on. Also, have you read any Norman Vincent Peal? He is great.
I would be very interested in staying in touch with you about metaphysical thinking as I have no one in my life right now with that background.
Interestingly enough, I have never been able to find a simple definition either when trying to define metaphysics!
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Thanks guys! this is very cool for me to find other moms finding their own pathsin this direction! I do attend a class weekly taught by my mentor who is an ordained minister with the spiritualist church... but its weird not having anyone to discuss things with? like raising kids.. howyouexplain things.. you know? Especially when all of our family is christian and they over hear me referring to jesus as a master metaphysician who could stophis heart for three days and rise again.. lol... thanks for responding! Maybe we can share some things and glean as we go!
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I believe essentially the same thing as squirrelgirl has stated....

I believe we are perfect souls and that our purpose is to remember who we really are....and we will continue to show up here until we have remembered it....I believe that we, all of us, are GOD in that we are all a part of God. I also believe we approach everything in life either out of Love or Fear. I believe that we, on some level, create everything that is happening in the world...good and bad, including hunger and drought. I believe that we can change the world by changing the way we think about the world.....

Amandajf - have you read or studied any Course in Miracles material?....I have read some and it seems very "metaphysical" to me....the idea that our lives are an "illusion" that we have created.....

Anyway, this is very interesting....thanks
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hi Amanda, I believe we know each other I am mary from Fort Pierce, < treasure coast breastfeeding taskforce- the new girl >
When I homeschooled locally I found it to be pretty christian oriented also but didnt have a problem with it, Everyone was very nice,Where is this spiritualist church you are going to? Have you been to Spiritual Path on 25th in FP? just curious,
blessing blossoms
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Hi! No i didn't read that course.. right nowmy class is all i have timefpor lately...

Himary.. never tried that church.. we're notexactly churhc people anyway.. no one in this house wakes up before 10am and the thought of getting everyone dressed and in the van for church by 10am scares me to no end! lol.. am i just that slow? lol
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Squirrelgirl, I have come to the very same conclusion lately, that everything in our lives is either based on Love or Fear. Hate is not truly the opposite of love, because it is merely a sympton of fear, as we can only hate what we fear.
I have been going through an incredible spiritual/metaphysical awakening lately, and have realized so many things. Each new layer of understanding that is unvieled brings with it an even greater feeling of bliss, and a slap on the forehead and a loud "duh" because I can now see that it was in front of me the whole time, just obscured by petty worries and fear.
Ditch your fears and anything is possible.
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Hello everyone!!

Interesting thread....While I do not consider myself of any specific religion, I definitely "dig" the metaphysical, spiritual perspective.
My husband and I have been on our spiritual quest since we met each other nearly 10 yrs ago.

Currently my understanding of metaphysics has been greatly broadened since dh and I have taken some healing touch levels. (Anyone familiar?) It has been truly amazing to witness the mind over matter aspect when doing healing touch on ourselves and on others. To be clear though, this healing does not come from us, it comes from that absolute source.

At any rate I was just "casting my vote' for metaphysics/spiritualism. Its so refreshing to discuss this openly with people who understand!!

Peace and love - N

Just to add: I definitely believe in the fear and love choices. Hate comes of love filtered thru a fearful heart. There is only one great energy, LOVE, of course!!!
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Wow! Ladies, it is wonderful to read you all talking about the ideas and feelings that are so precious to me, but that I would never say to most people!

You have all expressed it so well, by saying that in the end, the only substance in the universe is Love, and that we spend this trip to the earth trying to *remember* that! :-)

There is a wonderfully gifted psychic/healer here in Dallas who holds a circle of healing and enlightenment every Tuesday night. We all gather to pray for ourselves, for our families, for the earth, and then the healer connects to the other side and brings us messages from our families and from our spirit guides.

It is very cool, and I love being around others who don't think that I am a weirdo! :-) If you ever met me, you'd laugh b/c most people *think* that I am really normal. :-) I have them all FOOLED! BWWAAHAAHAA!! ;-)

Anyway, I am happy that you are all here. And also that I am here! And of course, that I am reading my fave bulletin boards instead of working! ;-)

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Originally posted by artemesia
Ditch your fears and anything is possible.
So simple, so true, yet so seemingly difficult for so many!

These are the things that I have found to be true for me: The dimension we live in is an illusion for our comfort (obviously less comforting for some than others). I have seen and felt healing through touch working in myself and others. I believe that the "source" is God (Jesus, Emmanuel, Counselor, Yahweh, Holy Spirit) and that anybody can learn to be the vessel, but not the source. And that anyone who demands exorbinant amounts of money for sharing their gifts should be 'ed.

I do not believe in: reincarnation (though I do believe in cellular level memory, which could be related in a way, but still retaining individualism), or that every person is, or even wants to be, "good", or that every soul is perfect. Whaddayoukiddinme? I'm about as perfect as I-10 and it's three to five potholes for every mile stretch of road.

I do think it's cool to hear what other people have to say, as I think that when ones mind closes because they believe they already have all the answers, then their journey is over, at least emotionally/spiritually and that's just sad.

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Thought I'd add another one to the ranks. When most people ask me what my religious affiliation is I have to say I don't hold just one particular belief system. My mother raised me by her native american beliefs that we are all a part of nature - not to be separate from it. The idea that we are separate from nature or separate from another is an illusion. I have also been working for years doing bodywork which has included various forms of energy work. This along with having many pagan/goddess friends, has given me a pretty diverse sense of spirituality.

A friend once told me that there are many paths up the mountain of enlightment which is a good thing otherwise the climb would be crowded and perhaps a little boring! I think that says a lot about tolerance. It's also about understanding that the important thing is that we find the way that works for us - and not judge others who may do it differently.

Anyway, I'm so pleased that this thread was started. I'll certainly be back to check out more now that I have found all of you/us!

Mitakuye Oyasin - Goddess Bless..........Kimberly
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Hi! Just wanted to add myself to this cool little list of mamas...
I do not have a particular "title" or religion I subscribe myself to, but I agree with pretty much everything being said here...
It's really hard for me to keep up my energy and spirit when everyone (and everything) around me seems to feel that everything is so negative and out of control... I do know a few mamas, however, that have the same beliefs as me, so I enjoy sharing the positive energy to keep myself afloat
Have any of you read "Conversations with God"?
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