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Hi Candiland,

I have read all three of the Conversations with God books, and I was just about to give the first one another go-round - nearly two years have passed since I first read it.

They are wonderful books, and they came to me at the perfect time. Everything I read felt so right to me.

I picked the first book up only after a friend had suggested them to me, AND after I heard Neal Donald Walsh being interviewed on NPR on a natural health show. How's that for a suggestion from God. ;-)

I read the book on a trip to Boston with my then boyfriend (now DH). What's interesting is that I fell asleep on the plane, so DH read the WHOLE book to entertain himself. The short version is that the book really changed his whole world view -- just like that.

That book opened so many new ideas to me, and we both just kept reading and reading. Here's a good list of the books we were led to:

-How to Know God by Deepak Chopra
-Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda
-Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman
-The Eagle and the Rose by Rosemary Altea

The last one is more about a person's journey to psychic mediumship and healer than about our relationship with God, but it is still very good and relevant, I think.

Another set of books that you might not think (at first glance) are so spiritual are the Harry Potter books. Their perspective of lovingkindness and non-judgment are so refreshing in chilgren's books!

Anyhow, what books have you ladies been drawn to, and what ideas have they inspired in you? OR, what experiences have affected your spiritual views?

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this will probobly only appeal to a few of you, but those few will likely get much from it. I stumbled across this, and it has led me way deep down the rabbit hole. If you wouldn't hesitate to take the red pill rather than the blue one, then go to http://www.twentythree.co.uk/ambition1.html
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Artemesia - I'm checking out the 23. Odd, perhaps.

I will join in the thread by saying I am an Indigo as is my dd. The previous posts I pretty much agree with. So, nice to see some new people here!
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well, i tend to call myself pagan rather than metaphysical, but both could apply. here's a site i enjoy, www.orindaben.com

re: conversations w/god, the author lives in our town and has a center that offers workshops, etc. haven't made it over there yet, but sounds pretty interesting...

edited cuz i had the link wrong..
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I've just checked out "23" and maybe it's because I'm new to the computer world but could someone help explaine this site to me? I clicked on the highlighted words and found myself needing a password to get into sphere2. I think I was suppose to figure it out for myself based on the earlier part but I couldn't get it. Did any of you? Help....

Also, I just finished reading the book 'Inanna Returns' by V.S. Ferguson. Very interesting. It's basic premis is that we were all created by the Pleadians as a working race and things got really out of control on the planet. I found the part about humans waking up parts of their DNA that had been dorment/tampered with to be the most curious part of the story. Fiction or not - it certainly leaves one to ponder.

Another wonderful womyn story is 'The Moon Under Her Feet'. It's a story based on the time Jesus walked the earth told in the perspective of Mary Magdalin (sp?) She by the way, is portrayed as a priestess in the temple of the goddess and puts a new spin on the old biblical stories of the time. I thought it was a great read.
Mitakuye Oyasin - Kimberly
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kimberly, i have "the moon under her feet" in my library - a good read for sure. it puts an interesting spin on jesus.... on the old boards, i had a thread going about jesus and his possible connection to the goddess... but those threads are crashed, burned history!!!

re: the dormant dna, there are actually alot of books out there that talk about that, and how we are now in a time to revive the missing strands. also, some believe that the indigo children that are comming in already have all of their strands activated.. i'm far from an expert on the subject - mostly get snippets of info here and there.
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Steph -

Just wondering if you have the Indigo Children book by Lee Carol? I've been following the Kryon books for years and have gone to a few of Kryon's seminars in New Hampshire. I just love the information about the Indigo's and feel it has really helped us understand our 2 year old dd. My mother read the book after I did and she thought that I showed a lot of the same traits even though I was born in 1970. She thinks that's why I haven't really fit "in the box" all my life. Thankfully I've chosen this time on earth to incarnate otherwise it would be very difficult being a Spiritualist/Pagan/Lesbian/Healer
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You have quite a lot of titles!! I love them all. Anyway, about the 23 thing... I tried that, too, and was embarrassed to say that I couldn't figure out the password, either! I thought, maybe if I read everything here, it will be obvious. But, it wasn't! Oh, well. So, don't feel too bad about it. You are in good company.

I am also very interested in the indigo phenomenon. I have an interest in DNA research, and have always thought it was a poor description to called unutilized DNA "junk" DNA. I am really glad that researchers are becoming aware of it because I think we are just awakening to the realities of human potential.

Having folks like you on these boards reassures me all the time that we humans are achieving some great things these days!

With love,

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For those interested in Indigos: www.metagifted.org. There are indigos of all ages, BTW.
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Have any of you heard of the Tomas mesages that James Twyman has been sending out? They are "sent" to him by one of the psychic children in Bulgaria, and deal with the changes in conciouseness or paradigm shift or whatever name you want to call it. I'm posting some links for an article about Twyman and the messages and the link to subscribe to the messages.
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jeanvanzyl- Hi! I am reading CWG right now. I am on the second book and I really feel like these books are "right on" as far as explaining God and life to me. It has been changing me in so many ways. My Mom went to see Neale Walsch at a retreat last February and she was quite inspired.

I like this thread, thanks for all the great links and books, ladies
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oops! artemesia - I missed your Twyman links. I will check them out.

Peace Will Prevail!

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Hello! I don't have a "title" for myself and my beliefs, but I would say that this is the category in which I am most comfortable.
Reading the book "The Tao of Physics" opened my eyes to how closely intertwined spirituality and science really is. It blows my mind to think that after all these years of scientists thinking they were observing experiments, they were actually active participants because of the way they perceived and thought about the experiments, thus influencing their outcomes. Make sense? Hard to explain in twenty words or less!
And about how the entire Universe is made up of and runs on conciousness, both collective and singular... and how the microcosm of DNA, for example, reflects, like a hologram, the macrocosm of the Universe... that there is no cause and affect, because there is no beginning and end... just events set in motion through the thoughts and actions of single people and the minds of humans, as a whole...
OMG, I drank too much coffee. I am getting out of hand and starting to sound like one of those crazy people that ramble on and on and on and on and on and on...
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funny you should mention the connection between science and spirituality Candiland. I just decided to change my major from philosophy to physics. From what i have read this summer, the real philosophy is going on in the quantum physics departments, which is what a professor said to me a year ago, but it didn't make any sense to me then.
I must get a copy of the book you mention, thanks for the resource.
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I definitely fit here as well. I've been meaning to check in.
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What do you think of the latest "Thomas" messages?
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Candiland and Artemesia - If you are interested in the science and spirituality I just thought you may be interested in this website:


This fellow, Gregg Braden, is fascinating. My mom has heard him speak. He is a scientist and discusses quantum physics, DNA and the "vibrations" and how we can literally change someone's DNA through our thoughts...it is all a little "beyond" me intellectually but I would love to hear him speak...

He and James Twyman collaborated on their book Praying Peace

Also have you checked out the Emmisary of Light website (James Twyman's?)

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well, if there is any place I can answer your question clancysmum without fear of sounding completely batty, I guess it would be here. I did the bath thing for two days (for some reason I was moved to not do it last night), and a lot of thoughts opened up inside of myself. It was rather like having a conversation of sorts, except that it was all internal. The thing is, I have thought so many things on my own over the past several months, then have read the same things in several different places. It seems to me that there are many people and "groups" which are doing the same thing (awakening, evolving, changing the paradigm, hijacking consensus reality etc., however ytou want to put it), they are just going about it in different ways, some groups are catered to the cyberpunk flavor, others to the new agers, some have a christian bent, well you get the idea. The same message is worded in many different "languages" in order to connect to as many people as possible. I have had nearly identical conversations with three different friends, one is a tattooed and pierced guy who's into gay s&m sex, one is a middle aged married devote catholic, one is a guy my age who is the "granola" type. I find it very interesting that such different people are having the same thoughts and epiphanies, though when you realize that there is ultimatley no other, only one, it isn't that strange at all. Has any of this made sense?
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I'm not sure exactly how to describe my belief. I don't believe in one or many god(s) just that there is an entity. I even question whether this entity has a sex. I do believe in spirituality and the ability of beings to tune into and or manupilate the spirit of all living beings. My siblings and I were raised reading and hearing about many different religions. I also majored in Anthropology in college. I have come to the conclusion that basically one needs to RESPECT all things and treat them well. This I think would bring much needed harmony. I do believe in out of body experiences and aura manipulation as well as healing meditation. I was exposed to such groups at a young age and have participated in some unusual, by most standards, meditation circles. Anyway, glad to see I am not the only nonmainstream religious person on the boards. I am just now trying to figure out how to expalin these things to my ds. And I definitely don't fit in the community that I now reside in.
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Hi... I am new here and felt like adding something to this very interesting post. I am from Sedona, AZ and if any of you know about the place you know where I am coming from. I grew up with chanelling, crystal power, all kinds of healing, you name it I have seen, been a part of, or heard about it. Now, I am a conversations with god reading, yoga loving, spriitual child of godess. I do however have a hard time with these people who think they are the cure all end all to humanity. I have met so many healers (i am one myself, but without the ego I hope) who's egos are bigger than the Grand Canyon. I know it all so I cannot be touched mentality. I also know so many body natzies that preach their issues with "bad things". I am a very spiritual woman with a hint of cynisism and bitterness. I take great care of my body but I also enjoys lifes little pleasure (like champagne). Some increadible books I have read are... CWG, Way Of The Peacefull Warrior, A Womans Worth, Then One Day My Soul Just Opened Up, Atlas Shrugged, just to name a few. So wonderfull to meet you all and read you veiws and opinions. Thank you
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