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Hypnobabies home study: Can you share the kit?

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A question for those of you who have done the hypnobabies home study.  A friend and I are due within a week of each other and were thinking of splitting the cost of the hypnobabies home study kit.  Would that be easy to do the way it is set up??  I was thinking we could just both load the cd's onto our iPods, but maybe there is a security feature that doesn't allow that. Anyone tried sharing before?  Want to make sure it's possible before I buy it.  I'm willing to pay half the cost, but am a little wary of full price, especially since I've already had a fairly straightforward unmedicated birth.  I just thought it would be a nice way to keep labor from sneaking up on me since I have had exactly zero time to think about this pregnancy while taking care of an 11 month old. Week 12 already, and time seems to be flying.



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I did hypnobabies with my ds 4 years ago.  I loaded the tracs onto my computer and onto my ipod.  They are just CDs.  Plus theres a manual you use.


I ended up reselling it back to hypnobabies after the birth.  


I really enjoyed practicing during pregnancy.  Good memories there.  Unfortunetly hypnobabies was not helpful during labor and I will not be doing it again.  

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Thanks!  That's what I needed to know.  Yeah, I'm not shooting for a pain free birth, just something to help me get in the birthin' spirit!  Last time around we had the Bradley class, lots of acupuncture, and "free time" to help me prepare.  Seems like a distant memory and it was barely over a year ago.  

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You could probably share the CD but the book would be difficult to share because you need it about the same time. I've done it twice and I did find it helpful. It is very helpful during pregnancy and although my birth was hardly pain-free, I kept calm in the midst of a very unusual birth which I totally credit it with. (I had an unplanned, unassisted two hour labor. Delivered the baby myself. And didn't panic!)

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DH put the CDs onto my iPod too with no problem. I was thinking about the book sharing. Depending how often you and your friend see each other and how organized you both are it might work. I think from memory that you mostly read the book at the start of each week rather than every day. So if you staggered your starts and say your week started on Monday and her week started on Thursday then you could probably share.

You can often buy secondhand kits on eBay though so that might be another option.
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