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Dr. Sears says 250 mg of Vitamin C, 1500IU vit A, fish oils, and probioitics 3 days before and after the vax.  I am trying to start it sooner and do it much longer.  I can't find a good source of Vitamin A for kids that she will take unfortunately.  (She refuses all chewable multivitamins, she's very picky.)  So we are just doing the C, fish oil, and probiotics.  We normally do the probiotics and fish oil anyway, so we are just adding the C.  I also am having a hard time finding a chewable or liquid C (I even tried kids' emergen-C) due to the pickiness, so we are stuck taking tons of the tiny Hyland's chewable C, each is only 25mg, but it's all DD will take!  (She's 3, very picky stage.)


Also my ND friend said the homeopathic Ledum is what he recommends (he does vaxes and he actually is pretty pro-vax, I was suprised.)  30c potency, 1 dose right after vax, another dose that evening before bed, and continue if the child is experiencing pain or discomfort in the injection site.


So that is our plan at the moment.


I had borderline mercury toxicity due to childhood exposure.  My dad was a dentist and we would play in the office around amalgam all the time.  I even remember playing WITH amalgam, though he tells me that's in my head.  Also my family were fishermen in NJ, we ate tons of bluefish which is now recognized as a very high mercury fish.  Plus I had amalgam fillings in my teeth (thanks, Dad.)  And was selectively vaxxed in the 1980s when all vaccines still had mercury.  I requested testing from my ND as an adult before I was going to TTC, luckily I had years to deal with the results, but I am sure I could never get 100% of it out of my body.  I did get the levels down very well, though.

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Wow, that is a lot of mercury exposure.  I wonder if we all have as much?  We ate lots of tuna when I was a child...


How did you even know to test for mercury?  Did you have autoimmune disorders or any symptoms of mercury toxicity?


I had a documented allergic reaction to thimerosal in eyedrops way, way back in the 1980's.  It was in contact lens solution and other OTC products back then, too.

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Thanks, nukuspot that helps a lot. I'm in Pierce county. My SIL and her kids all had pertussis recently.


I read how some moms who are S/D vaxxing wait until their child is 2 years old. I am curious as to why and where you found that information.

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I was allergic to my contact solution too, but it was in the 90s when the generic brands still had it in it...


I read an article in the naturopathic journal "The Townsend Letter" about the importance of getting tested for mercury before TTC if the person has any risk factors.  I had tons of them, so I went to my ND and got my blood tested.  I was a 9, toxicity starts at 10.  And I do have an autoimmune disorder, so it all seemed to fit into place.  So after years of gentle detox, I got it down to a 4.  Then I got pregnant.  I assume I'm probably even lower now since I don't eat any fish except sardines and salmon and have almost all my amalgam fillings out.  Just waiting until being done with pregnancy/breastfeeding to get the last 2 removed.


temaki, Pierce has cases of pertussis too.  Have you looked at the DOH website?  As far as waiting until 2, I read that here also.  folks said it was because that was when the blood/brain barrier closed.  I looked it up and can't find any actual scientific articles saying that was true, but it seems to make sense.  It was not why we waited.  I was pretty sure I wanted to not do any vaxxes ever.  But things changed and so now here we are.  If it all goes well with DD1, probably I would think about getting DD2 (not born yet) vaxxed for tetanus at some point before preschool.  But maybe not, I will revisit the research then.  I do know unless there was a huge outbreak of a VPD in my area again, this DTaP will probably be the only vax series we do for DD1, at least not until she is in her teens when I would let her decide about Hep B.  Hopefully the choices of vaccines are better in years from now and with better ingredients.  We can only hope, right?

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