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Anyone have any suggestions on how to eat more eggs?  I HATE eggs.  I hate them any way they are prepared.  But I know how healthy they are. And I feel like I should eat them.  LOL. Anyone have them in a smoothie, raw?  Maybe completely disguised I can eat them. 

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Smoothies are a good option, though raw might be a little risky, depending on the source (but up to you).  My mom makes an amazing spinach quiche where each serving is two eggs, but you wouldn't know it because of the cheese and spinach and deliciousness.  Many people find fritattas with different kinds of veggies, meats, and cheeses to be a good way to disguise the taste too.  Custard has egg in it, so that might be a way to sneak them in (frozen custard is amazing!).  Casseroles in general are good ways to sneak in eggs without noticing them.  Does egg salad give you the same skeevies?  Because you could layer it in a sandwich with mayo and mustard and probably not notice. 

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I agree with the PP about casseroles. I stick eggs in lasagna all the time, in the ricotta layer. I also double the number of eggs requested in things like pancakes, cakes, etc. So pancakes for 2 people I will use 3-4 eggs, etc.

What about fried egg sandwiches? Or if you eat other sandwiches, like burgers/veggie burgers, fry an egg (break the yolk and cook till the yolk is hard so there is nothing runny about it) and layer it between the patty and bread/veggies, etc.


If you do decide to use the raw eggs, wash the shells thoroughly before you crack them. I have heard that eggs themselves are sterile inside, and that it is the salmonella present on the outside of the shell that gets into the egg when it is cracked that can make people sick. I always do this when i eat eggs raw for whatever reason (korean food or cookie dough, mostly) and have never gotten sick.

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I tend to eat them plain and boiled but mainly since it is easy - it doesn't get much easier than a boiled egg.  But that won't work if you really dislike the taste.  My favorite way to prepare eggs though is a healthy version of huevos rancheros/breakfast burrito type thing.  You use black beans, corn tortillas (my DH likes yellow vs white corn for the flavor), salsa, cheddar, and guac with the eggs and spices of your choice (this can include fresh veggies as spices like green onion, jalapenos, roasted garlic, onion, etc.).  As far as the eggs go you can scramble them (if you do this add a tiny bit of real butter and spices you like, garlic, pepper, cilantro etc. and when they are finished top with cheese) or you can fix them sunny side up (sprinkle with paprika and whatever spices you like), just depends on personal preference.  


You could probably double up the egg and make egg heavy french toast or muffins.  Maybe also a boiled egg crumbled on top of a salad, it will get lost with other flavors of the salad?

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Pad Thai is a great way to eat some eggs! I also struggle with eggs (some days I can eat them and other days I choke them down...scrambled isn't an option at this point) and quiche is a great way to eat them. If there's lots of other "stuff," it's hard to remember that there are eggs in there!

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Some GREAT ideas, thank you so much!

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Homemade fried rice?  I do brown rice, egg, peas and carrots and an obscene amount of soy sauce.

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I've found as far as eggs, the TEXTURE has everything to do with it. I can stomach fried or over easy, but scrambled? or the yolk of hard boiled? *GAG* 

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We have a recipe in my family called Eggs Grinell or Monster Eyes.  I've never heard of it anywhere else besides my family, but it is basically cheese, eggs and spinach. It is delicious and spinach-y and cheesy. 


Press shredded cheddar cheese into the bottom of a shallow casserole dish, then crack eggs so the yolks are about an inch apart on the cheese "shell" and put a tsp of milk over each yolk and salt and pepper to taste, take wilted spinach (we use frozen spinach cooked in either veggie broth or chicken broth) and put it over the eggs as a top layer to the casserole leaving the yolks uncovered (this is the Monster Eyes part, and why it is a perennial Halloween meal).  Bake at 350 until the yolks set.  If you are not a huge yolk fan, maybe try scrambling the eggs and just doing a full layer of spinach over the top of the casserole. 

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