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I'm 38 weeks pregnant and my due date is May 14th.

I started to have contractions that were 6 -8 minutes apart on Saturday along with some back pain. But when I woke up the next day, they were gone. Ever since I have had irregular contractions with the same back pain and then some cramps. I had back labor with my first born, so I'm certain that is what this is...

However, it's soooooooo slow. My friend went through something very similar but now she's with a newborn, and I don't want to be a bother to her, so I came here instead. It's been 5 days now of this constant ache and contractions. I'm going bonkers. Seriously. Had anyone endure a slow labor before? What did you do to help ease your anxieties? All this wait is adding onto my anxieties. How long did you have to wait when your contractions first started?



Oh honey, I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I can't imagine how terribly, terribly desperate you are to be done with this!

I think, unfortunately, that this is just how it goes with some labors. I've had friends who experienced something like this and it was really hard on them. The good news is, all of the women I've known who experienced this type of lead up to "actual" active labor, had really, really quick and easy active phases and were holding a baby with little "fuss" very soon after it became clear that it wasn't going to peter out "this time".


Is your MW doing anything for you? Black and Blue Cohosh or anything? I know there are varying opinions about using cohosh to help bring on more steady labor, but I've had friends who used it with  (apparent) luck.

What kind of stuff are you doing to try and get something steady going? I'm really sorry this is happening...but you are SO CLOSE to holding that baby. I know you've been repeating that in your head over and over again for weeks (I'm 36 weeks and just hitting "that" place) - but now it REALLY IS true! You are SO close!

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Thank you so much! Your words are great comfort. :)

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