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Katt- your Scandinavian right?  Have you thought of Freya/Freja?  I think it means Lady.

Does your DH have suggestions too?

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CA Country Girl- I guess I'm Scandinavian.  I mean, my genetic background is, but, i'm pretty white bread, you know?  (although i think i was asian in a past life  lol )  

Freja is pretty, but i have a friend who's little girl is named Freja.  Can't do it.


DH does come up with suggestions.  Most of male though.  Girls are just SO hard.

I put Hastings on the list today (for both boy or girl) i don't think DH noticed.  LOL


We like sci-fi / fantasy names.

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Katt- I agree that girls names are hard.  We are getting a list together too, but not sharing until after we decide.  You guys like Sci-Fi/Fantasy?  Me too.  Have you be watching Game of Thrones?  So much fun.  I like the name Khaleesi (which is the title they give one of the queens).  I can't find an origin (though it sounds central Asian).  One of my brothers name starts with a Kh (and its origin is Afghani).

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CA CG- We haven't been watching Game of Thrones.  I think DH watched a few, he told me that it is based on a series he's read.  ATM i'm on more of a supernatural romance kick.  i know i know, brain candy.  Maybe I should take a look at Anne McCaffery again and see what she's got going on in there.

Too bad Clan of the Cave Bear series is so well known, I do like Ayla.

oh well, i'm sure something will pop up.  I'll keep looking and keep my eye out.  love those movie credits.  lol

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I watched one of the Game of Thrones specials on the DVDs and they hired a linguist to come up with an original language for the series!

Personally I think I'd like to find a name that is not too common but easily spelled. It's such a pain to have to repeat your name or spell it before someone can figure it out phonetically. On the other hand, DH has a common name but that exists in 3-4 different spellings, also annoying for him.

You may want to consider a name that is fairly common but that was used for a character in a series/book/story. You will know why you chose that name but to others it won't seem like you chose a difficult/exotic name because it's a character in a novel, they'll just think it's a pretty name. Or you could go with a longer exotic name that shortens to a common nickname, e.g. Pamina becomes Pam.

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Ha, I'm wondering how many girls will be named Katniss in the next few years... ;)

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Haha, I think boys names are so much harder! I keep hearing girls names that I love, because of course, I don't need one. :P
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Just bumping the thread and sharing fun family conversation.  I have said on this thread that my DD is very curious as to whether or not her new little sister is going to look like her.  Today she told us that she thinks the baby will look a lot like her, "but will have Daddy's skin."  She has my complexion (kind of olive) and she thinks her Dad should have someone in the family that is browner like him.  However, his genes carry both the darkest and the lightest complexions in the family;  I am not enough of a geneticist to know what kind of odds that gives us for skin tone.  Babies take awhile to get their true complexion too, so we will not know for awhile.  


Also, at a garage sale today a very nice old lady told me with sympathy in  her voice "she looks exactly like your husband, maybe the new one will look like you."  The sympathy made me want to laugh.  I think my DH is gorgeous and am great if my daughters look like him.  However, we both get told she "looks exactly like you"- since my DH and I do not really look alike (except in a generic kind-of both a bit "exotic" way), I guess this really is a matter of perspective.  


Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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This is an interesting thread and one that really relates to my family! I am multi-racial, my mother is white and my father is African-American and American Indian (Lenni Lenape)...I grew up being told we were "colored" since that was the term used when my grandfather fought in the segregated troops in WWI...it wasn't a topic of conversation in my family really, until I was much older and cognizant of race and ethnicity.  As a child though, I experienced a lot of self-esteem issues because I didn't look like anybody...my features were very American Indian, but I had blonde, extremely curly hair...like the tightest ringlets ever!


To my surprise, my DD, whose father is from Uganda, looks like a little brown me with my exact hair! It started out nearly black and over the past 6 years has lightened up and as you can see in the pic, its truly blonde!  Her little sister however is with my new husband, who is from the Dominican Republic, and a mix of African and American Indian as well, and so she has been asking soooo many questions and is very anxious to know what her little sister will look like! 


From my own experience being multi-racial, i think its great to really talk about these feelings and questions the kids/siblings have...growing up I didn't understand how many different shades of brown there were, and didn't really get why all my siblings looked different...I'm happy my daughter has the space and sense of security to ask these questions so freely:)  

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Hello Mama Monez- Yeah for two little girls!  I am really looking forward to it.  I am nearing the end with this new one due in 5 weeks.  I hope the summer treats your last few months ok.

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Originally Posted by CA Country Girl View Post

Hello All

The Multicultural Parenting thread in parenting is barely active, but there are so things I would love to discuss with other mommies who have multicultural children.  Wondering if there are any of you out there who feel the same.  I guess I should introduce us.  My husband and I both have pretty diverse gene pools.  I am mostly European (many nationalities- some mysteries) but look most like the Southern European parts (revealing the mix with North Africa).  My husband is African American and Eastern European Jewish (with a wee bit of Native American).  We both get mistaken for many different things.  We have one 6 year old DD and are expecting another DD in June.  Our older daughter is starting to get to the part of her schooling when race and ethnicity are becoming issues that kids discuss.  Although we are in the SF bay, were there are a good number of multicultural families, we still struggle with how to raise our daughters to be prepared for negativity that they may encounter, but not to expect it.  On the lighter side- we are really curious, with the diversity of our possibilities, how much our new DD will look like our six year old.  Would love to have others to talk to.

You and hubby sound a bit like my fiance and I - I'm European-Jewish and a little Chocktaw on my mother's side and African on my father's while he is ethnically Anglo/Scandinavian, but his mother is Jewish via adoption/childhood conversion/raised by Jews. I am very curious to see what our DD will look like, as I am due with our first in August. We currently live in north Texas and while I remember the sting of when I first realized as a child that my interracial family was regarded with disdain by some, I am hopeful that we can raise our little girl with the understanding that their negativity comes from an ignorance that we should feel sorry for - certainly, no cause for shame on our beautiful, loving family.

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Hi Ladies-

We have a new baby girl!  She is a wonderful, alert little thing.  Juniper Lee was born July 3 at 1:01 in the morning, weighing 7'10 (nearly two pounds more than my other DD).  She also has way more hair than my DD1 did.  I had a very fast active labor after 5 days of contractions that started and stopped.  Natural, non medicated hospital birth with wonderful support staff.  I think Joyful had hers too.  Update?  

Posting pics of my beautiful girls:


With big sister Adiya- who has been so wonderful.

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More pics (some reason the last post would only load the one).

So whose up next?  How are the pregnancies going?


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awww she's precious!! Congrats!


My son is mixed race, hes english and irish from me and jamaican and nova scotian black/native 561364_362576490457520_428936526_n.jpg



I am expecting number 2 with his "daddy" who isnt biologically related, but has been an amazing father to him since he was 1 yr and half



many, many people spin around and look twice when our DS calls a white man daddy, and with the bun in the oven being white, it might raise questions with him, but not right now..he's still a wee one 

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Hi guys,

I know Country Girl from the other forum, and thought I'd chime in. We are expecting our first, a little girl, in early October.

He is African-American, I am half-Greek, half English/Scottish.

Everyone on both our sides always says, "She's gonna be so pretty."  But we definitely thought, before we found out, that life actually might be easier for  a girl as opposed to a boy.

We talk a lot about being a black man in America, and we are of the opinion that it sure ain't easy.


Anyway, Country Girl, love the pics!



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What a handsome little man Canadianhippie.  As you probably have seen from earlier posts, I started this thread to discuss how we deal with the sometimes stressful and troubling interactions with "public" perceptions of family.  If your little guy has a Daddy who loves him, the other stuff will all be manageable.  Hi here too Catheleni.  Congratulations on your coming little one.  As a mother of only daughters, I don't have much to offer on the difficulties of raising a boy, but I know that I have worried a lot about my six year old DD's conception of beauty.  Although the multicultural representation have gotten much better since I was a little girl, she has still been going through a loving blonds phase that just seems to be there in the ether somewhere.

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Hello all,

We are also a mixed race family (my heritage is South Indian Tamil, and DH is a mixture of W European with some E European Jewish ancestry).  DH was reading through this thread and getting very excited.  He very much wants me to share this website, MAVIN, which is all about validating and supporting the mixed heritage experience here in the US:


You ladies sound fabulous.  I will bookmark this thread and come back to it.  Thanks so much for sharing your stories!


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Hello hansigurumi and DH!  Thanks for the link to Mavin's web site.  It seems like a great organization.  It looks like your little ones will have a similar age gap to ours.  My DD1 has been a wonderful big sister so far.  She is actually old enough to be able to help some and not as confused as a younger child as to why things have changed around the house.

Looking forward to hearing from you again.

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Congratulations, CA Country Girl! All the best to you and your new family!

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Hopping in to the conversation... I am half Italian and half English and my baby's father is half Chinese and half Polish. I look quite Italian and he looks quite Chinese... (: Our son will be born in September (the first) and I am SO excited to see how our little mixed man looks. (: Here's an US of him, though you can't really tell too much. I am naming him Nico... I think it's important to give him a name that anyone around the world can pronounce... Something like Xing would be hard for euros to pronouce and something like Topher might be hard for some asians to pronounce. (; So Nico it is, short for Nicolas. 


Nicolas Cobourne.jpg


And here are his parents... 



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