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Cut-off age for "acquired" Autism (through Vaxes )?

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Is there such a thing as a cut-off age for 'acquired' Autism through vaxes?


When I was talking to our ped the other day and expressed concern about the MMR vaccine (which I most dread)...my Ped said maybe I could consider giving it to my DD after age 4 since - he said- he doesn't think she is going to become autistic after age 4 (considering she is not on the spectrum).


Is that right?



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You're not going to get much help here, because not many people that post regularly on MDC believe that vaccines can trigger autism. 


I worry more about vaccine injury than I do autism, though I do believe that vaccines can trigger autism or autism-like symptoms in certain individuals (especially after having it happen to a child I am very close to).

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Is that true? I have encountered many posters who believe Vaxes can cause Autism/Autistic_behaviors.. 


..and I believe that too..

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I believe that there is good evidence that vaccines do not cause autism, but even if you do, the diagnostic criteria have historically specified that symptoms are present before the age of 3:



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Originally Posted by Blessed_Mom View Post

Is that true? I have encountered many posters who believe Vaxes can cause Autism/Autistic_behaviors.. 


..and I believe that too..


If there are, they haven't been very vocal in the vax forums lately!

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Here is a previously non-autistic child who regressed into autism after a serier of rabies shots at age 3 1/2.  http://unlockingjake.com/


There are also many studies linking vaccines to things like brain damage, lupus, MS, diabetes, and other autoimmune disorders.


Adults in the US and France have already won their cases and have been compensated for vaccine-induced lupus, MS, and even death.


I'm not saying this is likely to happen to everyone who gets vaccinated.  But clearly it does happen to a subgroup, and severe adverse effects just as devastating as autism can happen to adults, let alone 4-year-olds.


There are anecdotal stories on both sides of the issue. Sure, lots of people get shots and are just peachy.  But a growing number of adults are starting to report that they received vaccines--before international travel, for work, to "catch up", whatever--and had severe adverse effects.


Besides for myself, I personally know one other adult who had severe adverse reactions; hers were more severe than mine, and she is now in a wheelchair.  Interestingly, both of us have celiac disease that was triggered by the vaccines. We each had gotten multiple vaxes at one visit; she had several visits, as she worked at a hospital that told her that in order to keep her job, she had to do ALL her childhood vaxes again, since her ped lost her records in a fire.


Neither of us are autistic--but we ended up with many of the same physical problems that autistic chidren have, such as bowel disorders, vestibular issues, and so on.   Mine resolved (except for the celiac).  Hers did not.

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This is an interesting and timely post since I have been wondering the same thing.  My 3 y/o is about to get her first vaccine next week and I have been silently freaking about this.  I think vaccines can be a trigger for autism among other toxins and environmental exposures.  So I would never vax an infant.  But the other part of me rationalizes that she is not autistic or showing any signs at the age of 3, I am sure it cannot cause a reversion?  But I would kill myself if I was wrong.

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It does seem like - if a child is not on the Autistic spectrum then the chances of acquiring vax-related Autisim after 3 years of age are pretty minor compared to if the child were less than 3 years of age.


I think that is a safe assumption to make and I think statistics can bear us out.

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Google "Stephanie Arnold" autism


There is no "cut-off age."

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If vaccines have anything to do with autism, they are only one contributing factor.


You could look at a few other contributing factors, and see if you fall into any risk categories. I would keep other risk factors in mind when deciding on vaccinations.  


Off the top of my head (all easily google-able), risk factors include:


-being male

-older father

-older mother

-breech birth/low apgars/prematurity

-mothers used depression medication during pregnancy

-family history - not just of autism, but other neurological disorders.



here is a basic article on age of onset of symptoms:




It looks like autism symptoms that develop after age 3 or 4 are classified as childhood disintegrative disorder, and is quite rare.  (1/50 000).

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The Autism Research Institute has reports of two children that regressed into autism after shots at age 7. One was from a flu shot. Not sure what shot the other child had.
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