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Is anyone still waiting on their baby! 40W & 4D today! I've had cramps every night for about two weeks but no contractions yet, I've taken long walks, spicy food, nipple stimulation, sex, and nada! Starting to feel frustrated waiting for baby, although I know she will be born on her birthday, not her due date, it's hard to be patient!
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I'm still waiting! Now at 40w 3d. I wasn't feeling at all impatient until yesterday, and now I'm watching every little body change hoping that labour is starting, but now much going on right now except more braxton hicks. DS2 came at 42 weeks so I am trying to be zen about it... I stopped working last week and now feeling a bit in limbo.


I haven't tried anything to get things going, but maybe i should.

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Still here. Technically, not overdue. Tomorrow is my DD. I`ve never gone this long, both my other kids came a bit early. Waiting is very frustrating, I must say..

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40w 5d here...

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Still here. Either 40+4 or 39+4 depending on the date I use. I've had the worst stomach flu I can ever remember having for two days. Ideally the baby will stay in until I can regain some strength back!

However, before I got sick, I was also massively impatient. So mentally, I am all over the place.

I finally got around to watching "The Business of Being Born" last night. So many sweet Mammas and babies! It was worth watching just for that! smile.gif
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Just joining this at 40.1 day today. I have until next Monday (41.1) before it's time to get these babies out. DD was 41.3 or 42 exactly depending if you look at LMP or dating ultrasound but I don't get to wait that long this time. Never thought I'd be here this time though, haha!

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I'm 40+1 today! My official due date from the military hospital was May 27, but I told them all along that I ovulated 3 days after that, not that they cared. They just assume, as apparently most OBs do, that everyone is an idiot and we're all wrong when we say we know when we ovulated. It's not even that I ever pay attention to when I do (I've never had to make any effort at all to get pregnant). It's just that I know we DTD on Saturday and Sunday, and I figured I had already ovulated, even though I didn't notice it. We had just moved and I figured I'd been too busy to pay attention. Except then I O'ed on Wednesday (I have terrible O pains, so it's pretty obvious), and I remember because I told DH, "Uh-oh. Guess I was wrong about having missed it. Looks like I might get pregnant with another GIRL!" It was a big joke...only I really did get pregnant. We didn't DTD any other time than that during that month, since we had just moved and were very busy. So I KNOW yesterday was my dd.


I'm so utterly surprised to be past my EDD, since dd1 was born at 38+1 and dd2 was born right around her EDD. So this is weird for me. I still feel great though, so no biggie.

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Woot! Anyone still waiting gets a June bug baby. :)


I will admit, I feel like I am just twiddling my thumbs now. It is hard to believe so many of the little guys and gals here are already a month old! Wow!


I know I am effaced and dilated from this week's check. I was reading up on prodromal labor last night, and it is nice to have a name for being repeated psyched out that strong contractions might turn into active labor. I am so glad to be in a low pressure situation this time around. DS was born after a solid week of induction attempts, followed by 15 hours of pitocin, all starting at my EDD. So having a midwife and hospital that are ok with just letting things run out (at least until two weeks after my EDD) is such a relief. The other luxury of this plan is that the midwife is very wary of pitocin for VBAC patients in general, so most likely I won't have to face that exact kind of labor again.


This baby is definitely starting to feel like a fantasy now. Perhaps I am not actually pregnant after all? Heh. Contrasting the long wait with the all too real recovery conversations on here makes it hard to believe the baby is coming soon.

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In both this pregnancy and my last I have had multiple nights of prodromal labor that lasted for hours and hours. Last night/this morning it was from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. I'm VERY tired. Luckily dh was able to come home from work early so I can take a nap, as soon as my lunch is ready. (I'm in HI, so it's only afternoon here right now.)

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