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Those "Blissful" moments - share one!

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What I wanted was a long soak in a deep tub. A trip to the spa, maybe, to soak and then get a scrub. And a catered meal. And sleep.

But Dusty was busy trying to fix more things that broke dramatically and the baby is teething and very fussy. And it was midnight.

So a bath with the baby in my too small tub it was. Fine. And how is it that no matter how hot the water, the tub is so cold you're always a bit cold?

So I run the bath. Fine temperature, but still baby friendly. Get the baby naked. Get in the tub. Yay. The tub is cold.

He wants to get in the water, too - not much room for that, but he slides down between my legs.. but the water is too deep and he flings himself back up on me. Well alright then. So I soak, wedged and cold with a baby on me. Cool. Water doesn't come close to covering even my belly, but I can get my neck it in at a comfortable 90 degree angle. Yay.

He braves it again and goes in. I give him his little boat. He's happy and he plays awhile.


He slips and goes face down, inhaling a bunch of water. Not sure how he managed that in the small space he had. So he cries and coughs and we snuggle up and calm him down.

And then back to soaking. Stubbornly. This is my relaxing bath, after all. And he sits on my stomach playing with his boat, hitting the sides of the tub.

And then he gets very focused. Flexes his torso, brings his arms over his head, looks intense.. and then spends the next ten minutes alternately hitting the tub and trying to scrape off his penis with the boat.


Of all the things I've done with penises over the years - and I've got a pretty long list - I never thought that one of them would be cupping my hand over a baby's penis so that he'll quit trying to ram a boat into it.

And then we went to bed where he proceeded to remove the scab from my belly button incision with his Raptor Claw toe nails. Luckily it was apparently healed enough so it didn't reopen.

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Charlie is such a character, I'd love to meet him someday. :)

River's body has been changing from my rolly polly buddah baby to a fast, lean little boy's body. It makes me sad. The last week he has needed to be rocked more when he's tired but too restless to sleep, and I have been completely savoring it. Even last night at 3am, even after working all day and going to work today. I just rocked and rocked and held him up to me and smelled him over and over.


When he wakes up at night he looks like a newborn baby. He doesn't twist and roll away or scream out while I change his diaper like he does all the time during the day, he curls his arms up to his face and holds his fist tight and scrunches his eyes closed tight and cries the way he did when he was brand new. It's so sad but also sweet. He's still my teeny tiny baby.


He has perfected the nursing dismount and always has such a look of pride afterwards. I start nursing him by having his sit on my lap facing my side. He settles in to nurse, but when he's almost done, he squirms around so he's on his tummy on my lap and nurses for another minute. Then he slowly lets his body drop between my legs towards the floor until his feet touch and tries to walk away, all with my nipple still in his mouth. :)

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I have not braved a bath for a while...she is squirmy! i remember saying that before...wait yes - third trimester I used to call her my squid baby :-)  


lately night time nursing has been a bit of a circus act...She kicks her right foot when she eats, even on the high chair. new habit meets us in the bedroom, middle of the night while mama is blissfully sleeping...baby kicks away from the boob..kicks and kicks her way to papa - just the torso mind you, the legs are still in mama's range so the kicks are not waisted. As soon as the head reaches papa it is time to cry for the boob, that a minute ago was blissfully right next to the squids mouth. Mama wakes up, pulls the torso (legs are still where they should be) and there is always this puppy-ish response as in to say "oh yes, this is what i have wanted, why have you taken this away from me, give the boob to me now, now now". starts eating (insert slurping sounds here), for less than a minute..than pops off. The torso starts its nocturnal migration again, mama intervienes... "oh yes, this is all I ever wanted..snort snort". over and over. meanwhile the squid sleeps...deeply. mama, not so much.

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sweet baby girl snoozes next to me in the morning, i can tell she is waking up but i'm not ready yet. i keep my eyes closed pretending to be asleep, maybe she'll take the hint? lol. i hear "eh!" a couple times. not good enough? she grabs a fistful of my bangs and yanks hard. okay... okay... i get it. :)

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Sidelying nursing thru the night, his feet push into my belly and he LAUNCHES away repeatedly until I seriously have enough and tuck the comforter between us.  Ha!  Get thru that, baby!  

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Ha! I've done both of those so many times! Sometimes I even try breathing a bit louder like "yessss... sleeeeepy breathing.... sleeeeeep..." And then he grabs at my face and starts kicking Dusty - who often has only been in bed about three hours, so I have to get us up and away.


And the kicking! Ugh.


Charlie has a routine. This what how I think it goes in his head. "Bed! Woo! TITTY! Eating!! ... Hey, I can roll! Hey, when I roll I can sit! ... I'm HUNGRY! ... Titty!! Eating!... Hey, I can roll! Hey, I can sit! ... I'm TIRED.. ... TITTY!..." forever. He sits and fusses and I drag his dorky but back to my boob and then he greets it like a long lost friend.. only to roll away again :P

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Bliss for me is when Ali V. sends me kisses "smack smack smack" or clicks.... I don't know, it just melts my heart to the core. She has such sparkly blue eyes and such a sweet way about her. I don't think I'll ever get over the immense love I feel in her existence...In truth, there isn't a being in this house that doesn't feel the same way. She just...rocks!

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Watching my boys playing together. Yesterday they were sitting on the floor playing with a set of stacking rings. They both had one in each hand. Aiden would bang his together, then Seth would do the same. This was followed by lots of baby/toddler giggles. It really melts my heart to see them become such good friends with each other.


Another is hearing them giggle and squeal AFTER we have put them to bed for the night. They do this for several minutes most nights and then they finally go to sleep. The brotherly bond between them is so strong already.

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awww, Lyn what an adorable pair they make! loveeyes.gif
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