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Disposable Dipes Stock-up Question

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I'm not due until July, but the diapers I like to use (Earth's Best) are on major sale right now at BRU and I want to stock up.


I don't know how many packages to buy of each size!  Today I bought:


2 Newborn packs

4 Size 1

4 Size 2


I'd like to go out for another round.  Will I need more Newborn size?  Or do babies outgrow them too fast to be worth it?  I honestly have NO MEMORY of how long DS was in each size!



P.S.  I'm worried about the ability to return them if necessary because I'm buying so far in advance.... I don't know if BRU has a time limit on returns.  So if I sound a wee-bit neurotic, that's probably why!

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You can expect 12 to 14 diapers in a 24-hour period. I have not used sposies for awhile, so not sure about the sizing. I think my oldest two did fine in size 1 pretty quickly and they were 7ish lbs. at birth. The newborns I think were mostly useful while the cord was still attached because of the notch.

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I use EB & 7th Gen and here's how the sizes have gone for me- My oldest son who was 8.5 only stayed in newborn for a couple of weeks. My new baby, about a month or so, and he was 7.7.


He's 4 months now and in size 2, and has been for a while. So yeah, I wouldn't bother with many newborn and probably not a ton of 1s either. 2s have a pretty nice size range though, so I'd get mostly those. Oh, and my little guy is 15 pounds now and I suspect will be fine in 2s for quite a bit longer.

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My son was 10 lbs. at birth and went straight to the EB size 1 (we use disposables for going out and at night).  I bought a ton of size 1 but then used mostly cloth and before I knew it he had skipped size 2 and went straight to size 3 (he was 18 lbs. at 3 months).  For your average-sized baby, I would go with 1 pack of NB and then move him/her to size 1.  My baby had huge and fast growth spurts between 0-3 months and I was left with a ton of unused size 1, so keep the growth spurts in mind!

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With diapers (and clothes) generally a little bigger is not a big deal, but too small is too small.  All my kids were basically avg sized babies (ranging from 6-12 to 8-2) and I think they were able to wear size 1 pretty quickly.  Newborn is really only necessary the first week or two until the cord comes off.

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Have you used their newborn dipe before? I almost always use 7th gen when I use disposable but I loathe their newborn diaper and that was also true for the Earth's Best. They have a miserable design. It was the one instance when  I would choose Pampers. Their newborn dipe is quite well designed.


Also, have you double-checked with amazon.com ? Because Babies R Us rarely, RARELY beats them on price.


Your numbers sound about right because you can't predict what size the baby will grow and how fast he or she will grow.


I think we used two cases newborn, one case of size one, and then we switched to cloth.

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Thanks for all of the replies, ladies.  It has been very helpful!


No, I didn't use EB for newborn.  I used pampers for a while until the guilt got to me.  innocent.gif  I mean, I know I'm not a cloth girl, gDiapers were too complicated, but I couldn't stand going the straight huggies-pampers route.  I needed something a SMIDGE more crunchy.

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