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Has anyone heard anything/been to Dr Hubbuch? I think she used to be in Newton, MA. A friend of mine took her autistic son there and said she was great. My son has a ton of a food allergies and we have made an appointment to see what approaches she may have. His regular allergist simply feels we avoid his allergens and wait it out...
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I was over at the ILADS web site looking for a Lyme Literate doctor and was given Dr Hubbuch's name.  Her being up on Lyme information is a huge plus.  Especially for a mother as you can pass Lyme to your unborn child.



Yesterday I watched a live video from Skidmore College.  It was on Lyme disease and had Dr. Horowitz speak.  He has extensive experience with Lyme, 25 years.


The video is called:

tick-borne Disease - Part 1 (Morning



Dr. Horowitz's presentation starts at 42:30.

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Dr. Hubbuch is very knowledgeable and capable.  She treated me for Lyme and other issues.  I highly recommend her.

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hi amcl-ld,

can you tell me more about your experience with her in treating lyme disease.  

how long did you had lyme before you saw her?  did she put you on antibiotics fro a long time?  and how successful was the treatment in clearing up symtoms?  

i was given her name for treatment of lyme, and your feedback would be very helpful.

thanks you!

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I have gone to her for the past 17 years....i am a very skeptical person of most things. She is amazing. I had lyme. All of m local hospitals hd no answer other than treating my symptoms for months... i went to her...she said "i think u might have lyme...hav u been tested?" I said...well th er tested me but never told me what the were testing for...she called right then and ther to all. Hosp's nd i did. Ive know her and gone to dr. Hubbuch for almost 20 years. And she is brilliant. My insurance doesnt even cover her, but she is worth my out of pocket money all day. And i only make $12.50hour
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I imagine you are very frustrated.  She runs a small office.  I don't know if you live closeby, but can you just go there and get an appointment?

Her staff is competent and professional-- but I guess they are overworked and Dr Hubbuch must be swamped with appoitment requests.  

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Try Dr. Katherine Lantsman, My Path Medical. She is currently treating me for Lyme and aimed under Dr. Horowitz (referenced in this thread.)
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What are people's experiences with Dr Hubbuch and Dr. Lantsman?  I need to see a LLMD asap.  I have no idea how I'm going to pay for all this but, I need to get better and get my life back.

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