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Any crafter-mamas?

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Is anyone a crafter? Are you making anything special for the new baby? For my son, I made a cloth book with buttons, a crinkly butterfly, a doggie that goes in a dog house, etc. the plan was to finish it before he was born, but that didn't work out so I gave it to him for his first birthday. Lol. For this baby, I am making a quilt. Just baby-blanket size. The pattern is Dutch windmills. I am making it out of scraps from my stash! Hopefully it will be finished by November! smile.gif
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I have never made a quilt, but I'd love to learn how and I'd love to make one for the baby. Maybe I should add that to my to-do list :) How challenging are you finding it?


I've just taken up knitting, and am knitting my first cocoon and the matching hat--it has some cabling but I am honestly finding it much easier than I expected. After this I plan to knit a few pairs of longies, a couple of sleep sacks and a hudson hat for nb photos. Whether I will get all of this done is something else altogether haha, but I'm only 10 weeks so as long as I don't put it off, I should be good.


I also have to replace the elastic in most of my nb fitteds, as well as most of my goodmama stash, too because they've been sitting in storage for 2-3 years. All up I have about 30 diapers to fix. Half of them have cased elastic and that is simple, but removing the 3-stitch zig-zag elastic is much more labor intensive. The other thing I'd love to make and usually make for shower gifts is a name frame, but we're team green and don't have a nursery, so not much point. That said, I'm yet to make one for either of my other two, but it's something I always said I would do once we had our own house and they could choose the colors they'd like for their room.

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I knit and see. I'm knitting a blanket for the baby but I havent done any sInce the m/s started. I'm not sure what else I'll make. For DD I knitted a blanket and some bootees and sewed a few little toys. November is the end of spring here though and we have hot summers so we aren't going to need any newborn woolies.

I'm making my first baby quilt for a friend so maybe I'll do one for this baby too. And if anyone has any good summer baby projects feel free to share :-)
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I think quilting, like most things, is as simple or as complicated as you'd like it to be. All you really need is some material, scissors, a needle, and thread. Or you can buy tons of special tools and create a masterpiece appliqué art quilt. smile.gif the quilt I am making is fairly simple. Nothing more complicated than sewing together triangles. In order to make a nice quilt, you do have to be precise about cutting and measuring. I am terrible at that with regular scissors. (I blame it on being a lefty.) so I use a rotary cutter and it works beautifully. Actually quilting it is not hard, just time consuming if you do it by hand. I have never tried machine quilting before, but I am thinking of trying it for the borders of this quilt and hand quilting the rest. The binding is probably the most intimidating part, but even that is easy enough once you read some online tutorials and just dive in! Baby quilts are a great place to start or table runners or placemats or pot holders. smile.gif there are lots of free patterns online.

I tried knitting a sweater for DS too last time I was pregnant. I totally forgot about that. It is all knitted except for the neck because I don't know how to knit in a circle! So I have the front and back and 2 sleeves all in pieces in a bag somewhere. Haha. DS is 2 now. I don't even remember what size the sweater is!
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I agree. The quilt I'm doing is very easy. I chose a simple peekaboo pattern so there aren't many seam junctions or fiddly points to line up. And I'm quilting it in straight lines rather than a free motion pattern which is also very easy. I haven't bound it yet and that is the state I'm most worried about but I've read a couple of tutorials and I have a stitch unpicker :-)

I say give if a go if it's something you're interested in trying.
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Bella - I have to replace elastic in a bunch of my goodmamas too!  Ugh....she must use crummy elastic.  Mine haven't been in storage, but maybe we haven't used them as much recently but everytime I seem to go get one, I pull it and the elastic just crunches.  It seems to be all my OBVs...  Have you replaced elastic in that before?  I've only done FBs and Bgs...I'm not sure how this will go.



I would love to make something for this baby.  I like to do crafts but right now we are so behind in house renovations...ugh...it's hard to get everything done.  I might make a blanket/quilt.  I'd love to take up knitting or crocheting, I feel like I just never have free time to learn something new.  I can sew some pretty basic things, so maybe I'll do something like that.    I still need to start my baby book for my 14 month old!  Ack...it's just sitting in his closet totally blank. 

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I'm definitely the crafty type! I love most things crafty. wink1.gif I am thinking about making a baby quilt but would feel guilty that I never did that for the other 2. We have baby blankets my grandma made each of them and she is making one for this baby too.

I am a knitter and crocheter and since this little one is coming in November the knitted goods would definitely come in handy. I have a few patterns saved to knit but haven't really started anything because I have been so afraid of miscarriage. I've had 3- my latest at 12 weeks. I'm 13 weeks now and have an appt with my dr today so if everything is looking good I plan to do our formal announcement and get started knitting. smile.gif

ETA- Just a quick update that everything looked great at the dr. appointment! Looks like it is time to jump in! joy.gif
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Yay! So happy for you greenmamato2! joy.gif

I cannot do crochet! It makes my brain hurt. Lol. But I really admire the finished products!
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Good to see so many fellow knitters!  I took up knitting when I was pregnant with my second, so about 14 months ago.  I knitted her the most hideous baby blanket ever but totally wrapped her up in it to bring her home Sheepish.gif.  I've gotten much better since then and I am currently working on a hat made with bamboo yarn that is soooo soft.  Of course I have been working on it since we found out about this sprout, so about three months, and I am only barely half way.  The fatigue has really made me lazy in all areas.  I hope to finish the hat and makes booties to match. 

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i made a hat today (worsted baby hat) so it didn't take long to finish - just a couple hours.  The problem though, is that it could fit an adult!  Doh!

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I'll definitely be doing some crafting for this baby. I'm feeling a bit superstitous yet, I'm 11wks tomorrow. I think I'll feel more free after 12. However, I did finish a knitting project and start some baby legs this weekend. I'm telling myself that they are not necessarily for my baby, they could be for any baby. The colors are very pink and I'm probably not finding out the sex, so we'll see.


I'm a knitter and a sewer. Anyone have good websites for free patterns for both?

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lulubikes - have you tried www.ravelry.com for patterns?  They have the biggest knitting pattern database on the web. :)

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Yes, Ravelry is great! I should have mentioned that I know about that one... :)

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Another favorite that you probably know of (but just in case) is www.Pinterest.com .  You can see my fiber-arts board here, and my "baby" board here (which is mostly baby-items that aren't fiber related, but there are a few... lots of crafty projects though, including sewing).  Not sure if you can find anything you like there, but maybe!  You can also do a search for "baby knit" and you'll come across a ton of really cool ideas/patterns/etc.  Don't forget to click "boards" at the top left after you search to look at what other people have collected as well - you can find SO many fun things that way.

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I am going to be knitting this next I think. I don't have a pattern but I think I could wing it.


image from: http://pinterest.com/pin/203154633160409536/


I've made a dress and hat similar to this for a friend's baby.  This one was meant to fit a 1 year old.



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Also - have you checked out www.craftster.com?  There are SOOO many good ideas there - you just have to hunt because it is set up like a message board instead of a database.

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oh!  for sewing!  Check out http://sewmamasew.com/blog2  - again you kinda have to search, but she has been around a long time and has tons of pattern links in her blog.

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Omg those caterpillar things are ADORABLE!!!!!!
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Thank you!  I had a lot of fun making the dress and hat. :)  Hopefully the "cocoon and hat" will go just as well. 


I went ahead and cast on for this owlie sleep sack in a light butter yellow.  I may not have enough yellow, so if I don't, I'm going to add some orange and white thick stripes at the bottom (to look like candy corn) and then make a pumpkin hat. :P

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I started crocheting a blanket early on, but haven't worked on it lately (due to fatigue and crafting ADD :P)  I'm a knitter and crocheter, I also sew and dabble in most crafts lol. (I used to say if it's sold in Micheals, I've probably tried it!)


I'll have to work on getting my craft on for decorating once we have a nursery (right now we are busy the next two months, pretty free after that, but trying to buy a house! yikes) 

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