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9 yrs since last cd'ing & can't believe the prices now!

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Holy cow!  Now I think it is super that mainstream stores are carrying so many cd'ing options but holy cow $50 for 2 Charlie Banana diapers?!?  I don't even know where to begin or if I should try to rebuild a stash for baby number two.  DS is almost 9 so it has been a LONG time since I've shopped for cloth and I way over did the first time around.  Granted reselling cloth dipes is a piece of cake but I don't even know what a decent price is these days for a used dipe. Advice please?  Favorites?


I loved prefolds and wool with ds.  We did FB for daycare/sitters.  And I had plenty of WAHM fitteds in my old stash.  But I'm just clueless on what is new, cost effective and most importantly solid workhorse diapers.  


And with the costs apparently double what they were 9 years ago, is it still cost effective to CD vs disposables???  I bought 1 pack of disposables with ds for a vacation and they didn't go over well with him... but I'm older and a heck of a lot more tired this time around with baby number two on the way!


Thanks all!!!

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I bought most of my diapers used on ebay, and just stripped them with super hot water, dawn soap, and bleached to get rid of any bacteria that might be on them. I have a combination of prefolds and covers and pockets. We mostly use the pockets. We spent under $200 altogether for over 30 decent pocket diapers, a couple dozen prefolds, and several covers, but you could probably get even cheaper for just prefolds and covers. We have a combination of FuzziBunz, Grovia, BumGenius, and other random odds and ends, mostly One Size, so they should last until she's potty trained. I did get a few babyland diapers from China, for  $2 each with free shipping, but I'd stay away from them, they're just not good quality, and I only use them in a pinch.


We've definitely already started saving and my LO is only 4 months old. A box of sposies costs between $20 and $30 and doesn't last more than a week or so.

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Sposie prices have gone up too, so yeah I think we are still saving a ton. 


The big thing now are one size diapers which are supposed to fit birth to potty training so they are more but are meant to replace 2 or 3 sizes so I think they could be less overall. I don't think they are a great fit for a tiny newborn though.


I am rebuilding my stash after 3 babies and am doing a mix of diapers, both nb/sm and one size.  Fuzzi Bunz seem to be the best price for the xs sizes. 


Prefolds are still the cheapest way to go. 18 a dozen for the organic newborns at Nickis diapers. Covers were 10 to 13 each.


Wool has always been pricey but if you like it, it does hold up well.


I have some Charlie Banana in xs, they are cute but baby is not here yet to try them. I really want the bear print, will probably pick it up in one size but I looked at them in Target yesterday and I think they are on the bigger size.


Thirsties has an AIO in 2 sizes with some cute prints. I think the size 1 I picked up will fit pretty early and for awhile.

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The prices you quoted are outrageous and I never pay anywhere near that. I pay at most 15 or a pocket or all in one. There are some great fitteds around for under ten, like workhorse fitteds from green mountain diapers.
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I got prefolds, new, for $2.25 a diaper. We got all of our diapering supplies for $150: 36 infant prefolds, 4 covers (I still have some covers left over from DS, and may need to eventually buy a few in larger sizes, but otherwise that will be all we need so definitely cheaper than 'sposies).


The fancier ones are more expensive (yes, as much as $25/diaper for AIOs) but if you shop around you can find reasonably priced options. Keep diggin'!

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To my surprise I scored a huge lot of prefolds and covers so I'm SET and I did splurge and bought a bunch of china made pockets off ebay but all told, I'm at $200 for my entire stash of fluff biggrinbounce.gif  


I even scored 3 one size fuzzibunz which I didn't even know existed - those are an interesting diaper for sure.  We used fb for ds when he was in daycare and they worked out great.  The one size concept is neat but I'm not sure yet how well they will actually adjust to fit a nb-toddler.


Thanks all!  Patience was the biggest hurdle for me as I wanted my new dipes NOW but by waiting and watching craigslist I was able to get a ton of dipes for cheap.  

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Sweet score! I'm glad you found stuff that will work for you and didn't break the bank.thumb.gif

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I've been cd'ing for over a year now and bought the cheapest cloth I could find. Surprisingly, there are still NO signs of wear and tear on them! They have held up great! CD'ing doesn't have to be expensive! I bought Kawaii diapers (they even have bamboo, organic cotton and super fluffy soft ones), NuBunz (made in the USA and great quality, but ugly website), and some from the Grape Apple store on EBay (cutest designs you'll find!). I've found the cheap ones are the same construction as BumGenius - I don't really know what the difference is except the price. My diapers cost between $5 and $7 each. I even got some for $2.50 from NuBunz that were being discontinued!!

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