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Gracen Annabel's birth day...

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Monday, April 23rd started like any other work day, except, I knew I was going to walk into work and hear “you’re still here?” way more than I would like. I was 41 weeks 3 days and still plugging away at work. We did have a visit scheduled with our midwife that day to see how our baby was doing now that I was overdue. The appointment started with a NST on the monitor to see how the baby was doing. Unfortunately at that moment, the baby was so active that our midwife felt the test was inconclusive—couldn’t figure out the base heart rate with all that movement! Also, during a small contraction on the monitor, the baby’s heart rate slowed. The midwife then ordered a BPP ultrasound at the hospital for another check on the baby.  my husband, Dave, and I decided to go eat a huge Thai lunch in between. By the time we got to the ultrasound the baby was sound asleep and as a result we received a low score on the BPP. Also, the amniotic fluid was found to be low. All these results led our midwife to decide it would be best to transfer our care to the hospital midwives for an induction. We were really disappointed with that news, but really glad we would still have a midwife.  I felt really nervous with all the changes I had to quickly accept, but we were excited that we would finally meet this baby! Dave and I ran home to grab some necessities and then we headed to the hospital where Lisa, our original midwife, would meet us to get the process started. Hannah, the hospital midwife, and Fatima, our nurse, got us situated and wanted to check me before beginning the induction. Luckily I was already 2 centimeter and 50% effaced. We reviewed our induction options and opted for a foley bulb to mechanically dilate my cervix along with a cervical ripening drug. The foley bulb would fall out when I was dilated to 5 centimeters and then we would decide from there how to progress (nipple stimulation or pitocin or hopefully be in labor on my own at that point). So, that began our night. I had to stay on the monitor since I was being induced with the prostaglandin. Dave and I settled in having no idea what would lay before us… Dave slept well—he always does! I got some cat naps in between the crampiness I was feeling. It was light and manageable and around 2 in the morning I wondered if this induction was going to work! Finally, I did start to have some light contractions around four a.m. Around this time I woke Dave up and sat with him during a few contractions, breathing through them until I felt like I had to go to the bathroom. While sitting on the toilet I felt something strange and gave a tug on the Foley bulb which came sliding out along with some bloody show. Five centimeters at last! We had decided earlier to call Lisa at that time for labor support. Dave thought we may be calling her a little early because I was coping well, but the contractions were starting to pick up in intensity pretty quickly. I decided to have Dave fill the bath tub which I was saving for when I felt I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I was a little nervous that I was filling it early and asked our new nurse Erin if she could check me and if people would lose dilation after the Foley fell out. She didn’t think so and she tried to check me and couldn’t because it was too painful for me—suddenly these contractions were becoming more than I could handle! Luckily Dave paged Lisa at 5:25 am and she arrived at 6:00 am to find me in active labor. I tried getting in the tub and it didn’t help a bit. Nothing helped at this point and the contractions were coming so close that I felt like I didn’t have a break in between. I thought to myself that if I wasn’t pretty far along in my labor that I wouldn’t be able to take it. I don’t want to sugar coat it—the pain was intense and took complete control of my body. I couldn’t work with these contractions, I just wanted to escape them. I did what I could to cope—screamed, roared, and begged for help from my support team. I wondered if I was in transition already—this labor was so intense! From the tub I got on the toilet. It was wonderful to have Lisa there to talk me down as I repeated over and over that I couldn’t do it. Dave did wonderful supporting me through such a powerful labor—many men would’ve been pretty terrified. I couldn’t have done it without him. Hannah came in to check on me around 6:30 and found me sitting on the toilet trying to cope with crazy contractions. Dave, Lisa, Erin, and Hannah all sat around me in the bathroom trying to calm me—I screamed through the contractions and between them I begged for someone to help and that I needed a break. It was so intense that I couldn’t even process where I was in my labor at this point. I didn’t really realize it at the time, but I had already started bearing down some—my body was working really hard despite my protests. Hannah had me move to the bed to check me because my labor had obviously progressed and was becoming very strong. To everyone’s surprise (except maybe my husband and Lisa) I was complete. I was bearing down on the bed whether I wanted to or not and my water broke during a contraction. Hannah then asked me to move back to the toilet to push some. I was at zero station, which for a first time mom usually means you have quite a bit of pushing to do. I only pushed on the toilet for a very short time—maybe a few contractions. Pushing was not the relief I had heard it could be from other women. My contractions were so close together and I had no control over the pushing—I was screaming the baby out! I’m sure the whole floor could hear me. Hannah happened to take a peak at my bottom and said “is that a head?! Why didn’t you tell me the head was coming?” I was as surprised as she was—I didn’t think there was any way that’s what I was feeling. It was too intense to verbalize. This realization started a frenzy of activity as no one was prepared for the birth. Some nurses rushed in and brought equipment. Hannah tried to get me to the bathroom floor, but I couldn’t move. In the next contraction Gracen’s head came out and Hannah supported her as I sat on the toilet. Then, there was a short break before the next contraction thank God—a little break is what I really needed. The next contraction Dave helped me stand and Hannah caught the baby right over the toilet. Finally we got to meet our baby! It took a minute to turn her over and see that she was a girl. Absolutely perfect with dark hair—beautiful! Gracen Annabel was born at 6:52 a.m. at 6 lb 12 oz and 20.5 in. long. The labor and birth was so different than I anticipated. I had always hoped for a fast labor, but that made it so intense—like my midwife said “most first time moms have about 10 hours of labor, you had 10 times the labor in an hour.” I guess you have to be careful what you wish for! But, I’m very happy that I had a natural birth and looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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Thanks for sharing your story. All of  the frenzy is crazy isn't it? After my labor the OB joking commented on the mess of a supply table because everything was just tossed onto it.


Enjoy your sweet baby girl!

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wow what a fast labor! They are so intense but it sounds like you did great! So glad you got the natural birth you wanted.

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