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Are you feeling movement yet?

Poll Results: Are you feeling movement yet?

  • 37% (10)
    Yes, I can clearly feel the baby moving frequently!
  • 11% (3)
    Yes, I have felt the baby a few times.
  • 29% (8)
    Maybe...I'm not sure.
  • 22% (6)
    No, I haven't felt the baby yet!
27 Total Votes  
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Just wondering how many of you are feeling what...
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I'm only 12 weeks...nothing just yet. But I felt DS at 14 weeks so hopefully soon!
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don't know for sure, but i like to think i am anyway... i'm 12w 5d...some days it seems like i feel it frequently others not at all...also, when i do think feel it, it's only when i'm sitting, can't feel anything laying down.
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Not yet. I'm 14w6d today. This is my first, so I'm imagining that it will still be a few weeks before I feel anything...
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15Ws 5Ds here. And I've felt movement a few times. I have to be sitting very still and it helps to have eaten recently. The baby realy responds to spicy meals. Had Pad Thai the other day and the chilis had the babe doing a little Thai dance about 15 minutes later .
edited to add: thought I should add that this is my second pregnancy so I think that's why I'm feeling movement early. With my first I didn't feel anything until 16 weeks.
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I voted "maybe" b/c I thought I had felt it, but then when I had my U/S the baby was nowhere near where I thought he was (in fact, I don't think my uterus had even grown there yet, LOL).

But it sure felt like baby movement and not somethign else.

Anyways, I'm back to thinking "no" but we'll see, lol.
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Just a couple of days ago I thought I might have felt something. I was sitting very still, had just eaten and I had a full bladder too. I might have felt some squirming, but it's so hard to tell. I felt my son at 16 weeks and I am now 15+ weeks so it really might be it!!

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Lots of maybes LOL and I'm not even a first time mom, LOL.

I have been feeling just a little here and there, like once a day...usually when I am sitting at the computer actually. But I am not sure because I will just feel it once, the not until the next day again. But I am only just now 14 weeks, with DD I don't remember when I felt movement except that it was after the 18 week u/s because I remember watching her move and think how it was so weird to see it but not feel it.

And sometimes I think I feel something but then it turns out to be gas, that's happened a few times so I dunno. I am looking forward to truly feeling movement during the day!
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I started feeling movement this time at around 10 weeks...with dd, it was around 13 weeks.

I was feeling movement right before my MW used the doppler...and when she started looking a few inches away for the baby, I moved the doppler right to where I had felt the baby, and there was the HB!

The other night, I felt actual thumps. I was lying in bed, after drinking a lot of juice, and I was kinda half on my side and half on my belly. The baby thumped my belly where I was laying on it, as if to say, "Hey, get off! Roll over!"

BTW, I am...hmmmm....almost 15 weeks.
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16 wks yesterday and the last week I have felft movement. I feeling like the baby is rolling..
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