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The Top 3 Things You Miss

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We all might feel like being pregnant comes with a lot of new and interesting sensations and benefits. 


Then again, aren't there some things that you really MISS from your non-pregnant days? 


Top 3 --------------------------  !



1.  Being able to move comfortably and gracefully

2.  My favorite sexual positions

3.  My usual fitness

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1. Sleeping on my stomach.

2. Comfortable sex.

3. Fitting into my clothes!

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1. The lack of pain in my pelvis.

2. Wine.

3. Energy and stamina



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1. The ability to move during sex
2. Being able to have an occasional drink with friends
3. A night of comfortable sleep
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1. Sleeping on my back (I did as long as I could but now it's really an issue)

2. Pretty much every sex position I liked is out of the question now

3. Having any energy at all

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1. ALCOHOL (yes, I am that person)

2. Sleeping comfortably

3. Being able to do/try just about any kind of physical activity without my hips, pelvis, or back killing me a few hours later

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1. walking up a flight of stairs without running out of breath


2. taking a walk with DS without hurting for the rest of the day


3. being comfortable in my clothing

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- comfortable, more frequent sex

- being able to do anything physical that i want to

- sleeping on my stomach 

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Sleeping on my stomach

Being able to do simple things - like walk around the block or go up and down stairs - without getting out of breath

Not being tired all the time

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-Being able to do intense, strenuous exercise...  It helped my mood so much!

-No back pain!

-Feeling sexy & like having sex...  I was good to go still until the third trimester, now the thought is like UGH, especially with the contractions I've been having.  

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1. Beer

2. Comfortable sex

3. Sleeping on my back


and clothes that don't require a spandex band around my belly!!

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1. my ambition
2. my sharp, multitasking brain
3. not being surrounded by empty blister packs of zofran and unisom
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1. My appetite and the "normal" taste in my mouth after I eat.

2. A non-pain-filled pelvis

3.  Feeling like a good mom to my 3 YO DS.  I'm so tired and uncomfortable and in varying degrees of nausea all the time.  I feel bad telling him "no" constantly when he wants me to play with him.

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Let me add, also, being able to go out in the sun for more than 10 minutes.  I overheat and my eyes can't handle it!

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1. Sleep. Any of it.
2. The ability to take Advil. Tylenol is worthless for my spinal pain.
3. My ankles.

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1. Runny eggs

2. Summertime mojitos

3. Sleeping on my back and stomach

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I just have to say I still eat runny eggs here and there.


1. Comfortable sex during and feeling comfortable after


2. Sleeping on stomach


3. Feeling comfortable in clothes. I have to buy my maternity clothes used and its hard to find a good fit and or exactly what I want to wear, especially bottoms.

At this point I am loving days when I don't have to go anywhere because then I can just stay in PJs.

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There have been a few times when I've wanted to eat some anyway (and believe me, I've snuck some raw cookie dough!), but my partner always tsks and makes me feel bad and then I go ahead and scramble them instead. GRAR.

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I eat two runny poached eggs almost every single morning and have during this whole pregnancy.  I didn't get any this morning and just asked DH to make me some now, in the afternoon (I consider myself to be a good cook, but for some reason I can't poach eggs right! He always cooks them perfectly for me).  He keeps joking that he hopes baby doesn't come out "undercooked" because of this.


As for what I miss, lately it has been my belly button!  It's completely flat right now!

and Aleve for pain; Tylenol doesn't help me at all!

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1. I miss exercising and being active. Its just been too painful for me this whole pregnancy. I still clean houses for work so I am somewhat active, but its not the same thing as a good run.

2. Comfortable sex. Its too much work these days for not much orgasm anyway. I miss being on the bottom and getting a good f*cking (hope that is not offensive to anyone, just being honest).

3. Tequila.

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