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Teaching CBE as a doula?

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Hi all! So I'm hoping to register for doula training with CBI this month! I'm so excited! Lots of exclamations! Haha. Anyways, I would also like to teach childbirth education and I was wondering if anyone teaches with just a doula certification. I'm on a budget so I can't afford the cbe training yet. I'm also a registered yoga teacher so I have skills for teaching a group, and the only difference between the CBI doula and CBE training is teaching skills. What do you think? Anyone here teach cbe as a doula?

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i'm not a doula but i know several who teach childbirth education classes and i don't think they have taken any sort of certification to teach them. i think it's fine.

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No one says you have to be certified with anyone to offer CBE, or even doula services for that matter. :) As a doula, you should have a wide scope of knowledge to share with parents, and creating your own classes might help you realize gaps in your knowledge and help you fill them. I say if it's something you want to offer, go for it! 

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Thankyou both! I think I'll go for it. I'm just excited about signing up for doula training soon smile.gif
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I'm training to become a birth doula also! (through DONA).

Its my plan that once I become cert; I plan on offering childbirth classes in both private and group settings. I also plan on teaching childbirth classes for children in both private and group settings. It is my hope to be able to create a support network for every mother and her family so that once I'm out of her life she will have back-up supports. Even though I'm not a childbirth educator I can still offer my services.

I'm happy you've chosen to take this route also.

I want my job as a doula to support my family, so offering classes in the daytime or at night is an excellent income supplement!

I should mention that I currently have two other doulas who I will be working with in this aspect of our career.

We will just be splitting the overall additional income from these classes.)

They are also my back-up call-ins if a birth is unusually long. I'm hoping over time to be able to have a rapport with all the doulas in my city, but the two doula's I do know are starting up this fall also so they are my inital contacts.


I hope these open a couple ideas for you!

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Oh, also at your classes that you offer... If there is something you do not know the answer to, you can have a mini-whiteboard with you in class, and you can write down the questions to be discussed at the next class. I'm a CEA (education assistant) and this is a technique I've noticed teachers use.. Some call it the hover-board).

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