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Getting Our Bodies to Where we Want them to Be

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I'm not calling this thread a "weight loss" thread, because while the # on the scale is of interest to me, I think that there is so much more to the post-pregnancy body image.  I want to be fit.  I want to be healthy. I want to feel good in my skin.  (I'd also love to weight 125 lbs, but that may just be a dream.)


Anyway, if anyone else wants to join me in a support thread here for getting back in shape - or maybe getting in shape in the first place - I'd love it!


Here's my plan:


Pre-pregnancy: 135 lbs and size 4

Now (at 3 1/2 weeks pp): 170 and size 16


With DSs skin problems, I've been eating raw to try to eliminate whatever he's reacting to.  It so happens that eating raw has a great side effect: weight loss!  I've been "supplementing" myself with rice a few times a week, just to keep my caloric intake up for breastfeeding.  I definitely don't have a supply issue, but am keeping an eye on it just to make sure. So far I feel great, and I've been doing it for two weeks. 


Here's my challenge: I've always been really good at eating right - when I feel like it.  I have a lot of conviction about eating healthily.  Even when I feel I've been eating like crap, it usually means I ate a bowl of organic, homemade raw ice cream.  Food is not my problem.  Exercise is.  I used to ride horses 3-5 times a week, which was great exercise, without feeling like I was exercising.  Now I'm lucky if I see my horses that many times a month.  It's really the only thing I miss from before I had children.  Anyway, with giving up constant riding, I've lost the only regular exercise I had. I love to hike, but it's hard to do that with kiddos.


So, while I'm eating well, I am going to start exercising more. DS1 just learned to ride a 2-wheeler, which gives us a lot more freedom.  He can ride, while DS2 is in the stroller, and DS3 is in the wrap.  I am desperately going to try to go for a walk every day from now until I'm six weeks post partum, and then after that ramp it up a bit.  My problem is, I have no idea how to do that.  The gym is not an option - we don't have the $, and I don't leave my kids in the day care there.  There is only so much I can do with a newborn and a 2 and 4 year old.  I've got a few work out videos, but am not very inspired by them. 


My plan is to weigh myself every Sunday morning.  I really struggle with doing this.  In college I was over weight and I found it took throwing out the scale and learning to accept myself for me to start loosing weight. Still, I want to make sure that what I'm doing is effective, so I think that a once a week weigh-in is going to have to be part of my plan.  I'm not really concerned about the number, it's just a good way to gauge where I'm at. 


Where are you at? What are your plans?  What are your great suggestions for me!?

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pre pg- 


not sure what size, maybe 2


4 wks pp


just fit into my jeans but not all of my pants so not sure


I don't have a scale but have weighed myself at my chiro's office.  My thing is wanting to be fit and toned.  I agree about lbs not being the focus and I have a master's in nutrition and dietetics so food isn't as big of a challenge but I do have to focus on keeping the calories up.  I am one of those people who do not have as much difficulty losing weight and I really don't want to hurt my supply.  It is my top priority no matter what.

 I currently have to walk at least half a mile one way to get to anything worthwhile so my exercise is walking.  I am getting ready to move though and exercise will not be as built into my day so I am going to have to consciously get out and exercise. My two areas that I want to strengthen are my butt and my abs.  I pretty much lost my butt to breastfeeding DS and got a little bit of one back with pg but I need some muscle under there too.  I had planned on doing some core work before getting pg again but never got motivated. so, abs are my next thing, its just annoying bc it hurst lol.


so that's where I am at, it's where I want to go but I am not sure I have good suggestions one what you should do jenny :)  you sound like you have a really good plan!

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Great thread, jennyvangy!  


pre-preg weight: 135

pre-preg size: ~6


2 weeks pp: 163

size: at least a 16


I can't wait to start running again, but need to do some core strengthening (and lots of kegels) first.  


I am going to do 5 long-hold kegels everytime I nurse.  And I am looking for a mama/baby yoga class, but there doesn't seem to be one in this new town we moved to.  Gar.  I loved the class I went to in our old town.  If anyone can suggest a mama/baby yoga video series, I'm all ears.  I also have done T-Tapp in the past, and found it an easy and quick way to feel like I was getting some calories burned.  Man, those 15 minutes can make you sore!  I may turn to that again.

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Originally Posted by Aletheia View Post

If anyone can suggest a mama/baby yoga video series, I'm all ears.  

I second this request!

Pre-pregnancy: 133 lbs - size 4

Currently, at almost 6 weeks pp: 149 lbs - size 8

I would ultimately like to get down to 120-125, which is where I was up until I quit my retail job a year and a half ago.

My plan is to mostly walk and do yoga. I haven't started yet, because I kept bleeding & my midwife told me it was from doing too much. Plus, I seem to be prone to Mastitis, which can be from lack of rest. Add that to our crazy thrush, and the fact that our dog had knee surgery on Monday ( has to be carried outside with a sling to go potty- thank goodness for baby wraps!), exercise has been low on my list!

But my bleeding is a lot better, mostly gone, and DD is sleeping really well at night and I'm feeling relatively well rested. Of course we live in the Phoenix area, and it's already in the 90's, so I'm not sure how much walking we'll end up doing. Maybe at the mall. We do have an eliptical that I'll try to use now and then, and once I'm absolutely 100%, I'll start doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred again.

If I can just lose a little from my hip/butt area so that my clothes fit, I'll be a happy camper! The rest I'm okay taking my time with.
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pre-pregnancy: 175lbs and a size 14


currently: 180lbs and a size 14


I know those last 5ish pounds will hang out for quite awhile, so I'm really not concerned about weight loss. Well, that and I practice Health at Every Size and Fat Acceptance, so I know just how little weight loss is possible. I'm pretty much done bleeding, which means I can start exercising again! The past 2 nights I went on a 1/2 mile walk with my family and it was hard on me. My core still isn't there, and I have plantar fascitis that I really need to work on. So, first goal, really strengthen my core. I'm gonna be doing a lot of yoga for that. After I get my core back I wanna try a Zumba class again. IN the mean time I'm going to also focus on weight training because I really could use some more muscle mass.


Flavorfull, I'm amused at the idea of losing and gaining butt. Mine's been big my entire life and has been the one constant in my body. My butt, it sticks out. It makes buying pants lots of fun though. :/

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Prepreg: 155 size 6. Very fit a year before pregnancy, took a downturn and stopped racing when I started grad school.

Now: 175 size 12 (?) and just weak.

Goals: be able to wear my clothes and become strong again. The plan is to start walking (barefoot), then couch to 5k, with baby-conditioning mixed in. Squats, lunges, planks, etc with baby. Growing weight!
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Originally Posted by RosieL View Post

The plan is to start walking (barefoot), then couch to 5k, with baby-conditioning mixed in. Squats, lunges, planks, etc with baby. Growing weight!

Rosie- do you have a guide of some sort for the baby conditioning?  A book or dvd or website or something?

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Thanks for the thread!!


I feel HUGE right now!


Pre pregnancy 195 size 12

Post preg         208 ... haven't even attempted real clothes yet, so who knows what size


I don't have a long way to go as far as pounds to pre pregnancy, but I would ultimately like to get back to 175 (about size 10).  I used to work out 90 minutes a day 5x/week, and I loved it.  I felt strong.  I miss that.  So my plan for now is to drink LOTS of water (like 5 of my lime green bubba mugs full) and to start doing gentle yoga and walking this week.  I'm hoping the excess water will help keep up supply and also help reduce the number of calories i take in.  As of next week I will have childcare at my gym for Collin, so that will allow me to get a little more gym time in.  They will call me to nurse, so i feel ok with that for now.  I just can't be this big for long.  I hate it!


My biggest difficulty isn't cooking healthy, its portion control.  I've done weight watchers before, and it's effective, but time consuming.  My goal is to use a smaller plate to force smaller portions, and cooking 2 vegetables with every meal to add bulk but not calories.  I also intend to weigh 1x per week, probably mondays.  


I excited to do this with support! hopefully that will make it easier!

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pre-preg (and pre TTC): around 165, size 10ish

3 wks pp--185, and I laughed at Chiro's stats because I was trying to figure out how to say that I haven't tried real pants, either. No idea, but too big for my old clothes still.

I'd love to lose the rest of this weight (having the baby and getting rid of fluids took off about 35lbs already) but I think it'll be hard, since I've never really done any successful weight loss. Mostly, I'd like to feel healthy again and fit into my old clothes. Before we started TTC we remodeled our house, and I was feeling so confident in my body and what it could do. Now I feel kind of flabby and tired all the time, and I'd like to go back to feeling good.

My plan at the moment is to start taking more walks and do some gentle stretching, toning stuff. At 6 wks I'll start trying to hit up the gym, for a reason to get out of the house, if nothing else. My problem is food--we're still kind of eating whatever people bring for us, with no real rhyme or reason to it.
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Pre-pregnancy: 150lbs

Current: 168 lbs


I was trying to get down to 140lbs before I got pregnant but just couldn't do it. At this point, I'd be happy to just get down to 150 again. I was 140 all through my early twenties and while BFing my DD, but I'm just not sure my body is cut out for that anymore. I would be satisfied now with sticking to 150!


I've been getting decent exercise, at least IMO, for being 3 weeks PP - lots of walks, a few small hikes, a lot of running around (we did the zoo this week -  I must have walked a few miles!). My issue is eating - I LOVE to snack. I want to snack, especially on sweets, all day. Otherwise, we eat healthy meals and my portion sizes are pretty good. It's the snacking that kills me.


I'm going to start back trying to watch my calories tomorrow and then will start up Couch to 5K in the next couple of weeks.  

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Originally Posted by Aletheia View Post

Rosie- do you have a guide of some sort for the baby conditioning?  A book or dvd or website or something?
not that I can't put my mouse on. I saw a video of someone doing goblet squats with a baby once and it inspired me. Ill see if I can't find it again
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My prekiddos weight is 138. My prepreggo weight for this pregnancy is 150. I am currently around 175. I gained 40 lbs this pregnancy so I was around 190 when I gave birth.


My weight loss goal is 140. Maybe someday I'll get back to 138. I plan on walking a half-marathon this September. I also want to get back to bike riding 2 or 3 days a weeks. It's great for my legs.


I'm giving myself a few more weeks though.

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Moi: 127 pre-preg

       166-ish  in week before birth

       152-ish 3 weeks postpartum


Say, just curious, how is it some posters, like OP, were like 125 pre=preg and a size 4? Are you just tall? Cuz I was 127 pre-preg and for me that's more a size 8. Maybe 6 or 10 depending on item of clothing. 


I like this idea. Sad to say with this, 4th preg of mine I gained the most. Other pregs, top gain was 35 lbs, with this, I might have hit, dare I say it, 40 a couple days before labor. Earlier that week it was 38 or 39, not sure. Either way, I think I have lost about 15 lbs at 3wk postpartum. Which makes -argh- still 24 lbs to go. 


I'm a little worried since with DS it took 2 years to lose the weight. Must be metabolism slowing as I age or something, because with my girls the weight came off without a noticeable effort on my part, sometime in the first year pp.


My plan this time is -running! Definitely going back to that, seeing how I feel at 6-8 weeks pp. It might be hard to wait since - i have started walking this week- I started feeling the itch for a run when the fresh air hits my face. Glad as I haven't had much of the urge since about 2 months pregnant! My goal until then is to get walking as much as possible. Even starting with 3 times a week for 30 min or so will be progress. Definitely would like to feel less tired as well. And getting a toned butt, and firm abs too would be awesome. Something has definitely happened to my bum during this preg. Too bad as it had attained the most toned-ness pre-baby as it had in years before that lol. 


I am expecting to hang onto 5-10 lbs until baby is weaned, or at least until sometime in the second year pp. At least that has been my pattern with the other  babies. I am fine with that, but hope hope hope it does not take 2 years this time to lose all the baby weight. Also, I am a mite worried that I won't lose it all, ever this time, maybe if my appetite does not tone down. If it keeps up at the rate it does now, and encourages me to snarf cookies as much as it has, I might even gain weight despite nursing.  Or if I can keep it off running, but if I ever have a layoff it will creep back on. Definitely want to eat better, and am doing my best to eat whole, fresh foods, but since I seem to be pretty hungry all the time (Is it nursing? Is it having room for my stomach again after being squashed in late pregnancy?) with the additional room, I am having a lot of cookies (organic) and raw milk... that seems to be my thing lately.


Someone here mentioned C25K. That is the program I used to get going after my son was maybe 8 months old, and how I found my way into running and loving it! I recommend it. Though it did take me a few fits and starts adn 2 international relocations to complete and keep it up ;)

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Tara, I'm 5'3" and when I was 125 I was a size 4 or 6. 140ish was a size 8 for me. 175 is a size 14.

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Originally Posted by Tara2 View Post

Say, just curious, how is it some posters, like OP, were like 125 pre=preg and a size 4? Are you just tall? Cuz I was 127 pre-preg and for me that's more a size 8.

I was 133 pre-preg, wearing a size 4, and I'm 5'9".

What is this C25K?
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I've found that sizes are SO variable from person to person. Everyone holds weight so differently. I am 5'10" and was an 8-10 when I was 140lbs and a 10-12 at 150lbs. Now I'm a 12-14 probably at 168 lbs.

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OK, I need this also!


Pre-preg: 130

Delivery: 160

Now (4 weeks PP): 145


I haven't done much physical activity at all (besides some walking); everything until last week just felt too "heavy" in my pelvis to want to try anything. I got out yesterday for a short, easy hike with the baby in a sling, which was nice. I'd love to add in real exercise before too long. 

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Tracy, C25K is the 'couch to 5 kilometers' a running program that takes you from being a person who maybe doesnt run or exercise much at all (like a couch potato) to being able to run 30 continous minutes -or 5K w/o stopping. I found the intervals really doable, as it begins with 30 seconds of running and 3 minutes of walking breaks, even too easy at times, but that's part of the plan, helping you feel like you can do more, sparking eagerness for the next go.  I liked it!


Re weight/height/size:  Aw, it's not fair. So the taller gals in general get to weigh the same but be smaller sized. That explains it. I am 5'3.5"-ish. My mom used to call my figure type a "pocket venus". Short but not petite, like my SILs who are 5'4" but size 0 and just really waifs. But my boobs have always been on the bigger side. But wait Ashley was 125, 5'3" and size 4. Maybe I have just been shopping at the wrong stores lol.  Though I did hear that in recent years (since 4 became the new 6 or whatever) that they revamped the sizes for women in general. Is this true? Anyone know?  maybe I just need to get more muscle, less chub on the stretchd out baby belly.

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Tara--they change women's sizes every so often to make us feel better about ourselves. If you ever try on vintage clothes you'll find that what is now a 10 used to be a 16 (or even higher!). Sad, but true.

So I've been eating crap all day (again). -sigh- It's rainy and grey out and I don't even want to walk the dogs, much less go for a stroll. I hope it gets nice out soon or I'm going to have to get out that birth ball and try to plan a workout around it...
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My day one of cutting calories hasn't worked out too well. I ate lunch out with a friend and stopped for a vegan cookie on my way home. OOPS. Oh well .... tomorrow's a new day.

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