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I'm in the same boat. My jeans are just a bit too tight, and I refuse to wear maternity. I'm getting by with my extensive flowy skirt collection, all with an elastic waistband or wrap skirts. Also a nursing camisole with a bright colored tank top over it.

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Same boat here, too.  Should we be worried that altogether we're going to sink the boat?  Just kidding.  That was in poor taste.


I finally sucked it up and bought three relatively forgiving long skirts from target.com.  They have the yoga band waist which for me is huge.  I hate bending over and feeling my pants slip down in the back, and with a less pronounced waist that has been a problem lately.  These skirts are comfy and hopefully will be flexible enough to be worn once (not if) I drop a size or two.  


But then today I preferred to wear yesterday's nursing tank top and stay in my pajama pants all day.  I threw a nicer cardigan over it all and pretended I was fancy.  If you wear a necklace then it's fancy.  Just don't look at the spit up that is chronically on my shoulder.  

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Phew! Touch and go there for a second. Baby woke up early and seemed WIDE awake. Since we have stuff planned all day I was fearful I wouldn't get my c25k week 5 day 2 workout in. Thankfully Odin went from wide-eyed and grinning to conked out in an instant, and he slept for a whole hour. Woohoo!

I really want to do some strength training but I'm finding it really hard to get motivated. It is easy to follow c25k. The plan is there, you just do it. I need something similar for strength. Like a couch to five dead hang pull ups...or couch to handstand pushup. Or something...
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Me too Rosie! I do week 4 day 2 tomorrow and so far so good but I would so love a similar app for strength training. Anyone have any suggestions?


Aletheia, you are so funny!

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Rosie, have you heard of http://hundredpushups.com/? I'm about to do week 1 day 2 of it.

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I bought a Squeem Perfect Waist (OMG it makes me look AMAZING in my clothes!) and I started the ViSalus 90 Day Challenge: http://www.ValerieRichardson.bodybyvi.com/ I love these shakes!

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How is everyone doing? I start week 8 of C25K tomorrow. It really is amazing that I can run for 25 minutes straight. I've never done that. So far I have lost about 5 lbs. by doing C25K, some resistance training and limiting junk grains and sugars. I have about 5 more to go for pre-preg but was about 10 over to begin with. So 15 more to still lose in all. I will be happy if I can just lose the 5 soon and then the rest after I wean. But numbers on the scale aside, I am feeling stronger and have more energy and am loving that!! I hope the same for all of you!

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Congrats jmay!!! I finished c25k with only skipping one workout, which feels like a huge accomplishment. Yesterday I went out for a 3mi run and man it was brutal. I had been treadmill running during baby's naps. A run in 90 degree heat is very different. Bring water!

I'm consciously doing a lot of squatting (with 16 wiggly pounds on my back!), and lunging. I wish I was motivated to do more resistance training but canning our gardens veggies is much more appealing whenever I have a free moment.

How's everyone else?
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