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Seems I have plateaued at 120 which is good because I was worried about losing too much.  I am eating healthy which includes home made choc chip cookies.  My abs need some help but it seems like they are stronger every week. Still not working out other than walking everywhere but I feel a lot better after doing it now. My hope/goal is to be able to run when I go home while we wait for our stuff to be moved across states. there is just something special about running at home where i grew up w my dad and sister. My dad does ironman triathlons so a mile or two will just be his warm up but it is still nice to get out on the land I grew up on.  Feeling sentimental lately.  Good job ladies by the way :)

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I need to jump in here and hopefully gain some motivation from you gals!  I tried on my "fat clothes" and they didn't even come close to fitting!  That kind of shocked me and I thought that I need to get a plan or some kind of goals or something!


Pre-pregnancy: 150

Highest pregnancy: 186

Weight Sunday:  168


I have 18 pounds to lose, which sounds really hard to me.  And, my belly still looks about five months pregnant and I had my baby 3 weeks ago.  My ideal weight is more like 140-145 (I'm 5'6), but I'm just gonna concentrate on getting to 150 first.  I am exhausted and my baby is nursing all the time-- we've had some challenges.  So, I feel like I don't know how I'm going to have time to do anything?  I seriously nurse all day.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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i am totally going to try the daily weight thing-- if it's once a week I just kind of forget how much it actually was. i was 183.5 yesterday. maybe stepped goals are best? i'd love to be 155, but since i got preggo at 175, that's only 8 1/2lbs to go!

any suggestions for easing into working out? I'm walking some (and intend to do more now that i have a better wrap) but i'm still 2 weeks from being cleared for real cardio, which seems like a good limit for me. anyone have a recommendation for a good core workout that won't kill me? I'm not the biggest exercise fan, so the more serious plans scare me...
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Well, I stepped on the scale today and was very disappointed. Apparently in the 2 weeks since I weighed my self I gained some because I was 153 today. This made me super sad. I now have 28 to lose.

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Height - 5'4"

Pre-IVF - 120-125

Pre-conception - 130

Pre-Labor - 170

Pre -birth - 165 (I lost 5 lbs during the first 5 days of my labor)

Now - 1w2d - 149


So I am down a little over 20 lbs from my peak.  My goal is to get to the 130 level fairly quickly, but let that last 5 or 10 stay on until I am just about done with breastfeeding.


I think this post will be motivating!

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I'm thinking about getting a new stroller.  DD2 is a month old and already 13 lbs!  I don't love my old one and could probably get some money for it at the consignment shop....


Thinking an easier-to-use stroller might get me more motivated to get out and use it.  Maybe.

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I went for another bike ride today.  I wish I had an easier way to carry Atticus than in the wrap so that it would be easier, but he can't ride in the bike trailer just yet.  My butt hurts from the seat though!  I'm going away for the weekend, so I will do my weigh in on Monday night instead of Sunday morning. It's probably a good thing, because it will give me an extra two days to loose anything I might loose.  I plan on going for a few good hikes while I'm away, which I'm already excited for.  I much prefer 'exercising' naturally, not forced - and anything that isn't out in nature for a reason other than exercise is forced for me.  I saw this on facebook today, and it totally describes me:




Anyway, hope everyone has a good weekend.  I wish we could all meet at the zoo or something and walk around together and feel good about ourselves with each other!

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I'll go to the zoo with you, Jenny!!
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first post baby workout... 50 minutes of cardio followed by 4 hours of recovery... sad... but hey, at least i made it to the gym!

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I'd totally meet up at the zoo with you mommas!


Did I mention I started c25k? I have done the first day and while I was reading I was thinking, oh, I've got this, why do they start so slow? Yeah, it totally kicked my butt! i go again tomorrow. I did feel better later that day, like my body felt nice even though my muscles hurt and my lungs sort of burned. I guess I should actually have gone today, but my back is killing me and I want to go see the chiropractor before I run again. it feels like my back muscles are tightening up around my back which feels in the wrong position and well I was jogging there was a lot more pressure on one hip than on the other. So I'm sure I am all sorts of out of whack.

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Alright, I think I'm persuaded by all this c25k stuff. Now that Edie is getting us up at 6 anyway, I might as well go running, right? I still have a week before I'm cleared for that, but I'm going to find the app for my phone and try to start by taking back the morning dog-walking shift that I've been nursing through up until now. Last night and this morning i have just felt like I need to STRETCH! Maybe a yoga video is in order.

How are you all doing on food stuff? I have good intentions, and then I order the snickers ice cream pie.
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Pre-baby stats: 5'10", 135lb

Last pregnancy weight: 186

3wks PP: 150


I cannot say enough good things about the C25K program. It got me into running several years ago when I could barely chase down a bus without getting totally winded. I was never an athlete, and I don't really consider myself one now, but I know that the program (and programs like it) actually get your body acclimated to that kind of aerobic work without burning you out. Once I'm 6wks PP and I get the clear for resuming exercise, I plan to do a Novice 5k running workout that's modeled on the same principles: http://www.halhigdon.com/training/50933/5K-Novice-Training-Program


I'm not really stressing about the number on the scale, but it's strange to inhabit a new body shape. All of my clothes look very different on me. I totally own up to the privilege of being thin and so I'm not really bitching, but there is a sense of losing an old identity. And having breasts for the first time in my life? Very strange. More than anything, I want to feel like I know my body again and running should help with that. 

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chiropractor said he hasn't seen someones hips who were so uneven in a long time. he said to come in again later this week and to not start running yet. After that adjustment I could bend over without my back hurting, then this morning while i was doing dishes I heard something pop and now it hurts to bend over again. uggh. he said to stretch but didn't say what kind. Also I'd really like to know what to do to keep things straight b/c once my insurance runs out I won't be able to keep going to the chiro. Any ideas? I think for stretching I will do a yoga dvd. that should be good i think.


food, well I was doing pretty good until I was hungry (a couple of hours past lunch and I hadn't had lunch or even my mid morning snack) and I saw a giant tub of cheese poof balls in the store. the shame, the shame.

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I thought weighing myself this morning would be a good thing, as I've been doing it on Sundays the last 3 weeks, so I was giving myself an extra 2 days of extreme weight loss winky.gif.  However, I haven't lost a single pound since last Sunday! Damn it all!  Really, I just want to lose enough to fit into some of my old clothes, but it doesn't look like that's happening.  Erg. 


So, I'm still at 165 lbs, hoping to be back to 135 one day. 


As for the running programs, I just can't figure out how to do that with the baby.  I just don't go far from my babies, so running in any direction for 5 kms is way too far from home for me.  Maybe I'll just run in circles around my block, after I put the big boys down to sleep and nurse the baby.  I obviously need to do something other than eat well, because I've been eating really well.  Have I mentioned I'm not a fan of exercising?  I guess it's time to change my attitude.


And Julie, you are on. Do you have a zoo pass?  Let's do it!

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I did C25k last year and it worked wonders. I have started up again. I'm doing it in my neighborhood, which is even harder because of all of the hills. I take Grady with me in the jogging stroller and he sleeps the whole way. I HATE exercising, too, and I'm having a hard time finding the time to go as much as I'd like.... but at least it is something. Last time I did the program, I went from no exercise to jogging 5x/week and didn't lose a single pound. My body was just STUCK at 150 ever since DD weaned which makes me worried that now it is just STUCK at 168 and this is the "new me" no matter what I do.


I am doing a sugar detox this week - I NEED to kick my sugar addiction.

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ok, so i've been doing better about exercise, but i'm so hungry!!!! i still need to work on the amount of food i'm eating..

the scale hasn't budged, but i guess since this is the first week i'm really trying to loose weight, i shouldn't be too discouraged yet.  

does wearing collin for 9 hours on saturday count as exercise??? i mean, he's almost 14lbs now...


thinking about trying C25K soon...

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Carly- are there any particulars about the sugar detox you can share, or is it just that you won't be eating sugar?  I might be interested in joining you in that challenge.


I did my first run on Saturday.  It was only about 20 minutes, but man, it felt great!  Unfortunately, I'm still sore, three days later.  

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Alethia - I read up on a bunch of sugar detox "plans" and basically came up with my own. My goal is not to go paleo or cut all carbs out of my life. I am vegan and it just wouldn't be possible or healthy (or sustainable for me). We are already a whole grain family. But, I am totally addicted to refined sugar - I crave sweets several times per day, every day. Particularly since Grady was born, I have felt like my craving for baked goods is just out of control - like I HAVE to have cookies and NOW. I also have been drinking so much Chocolate Soy Milk that it is truly embarassing. (like, half-gallon per day). I've got 15 lbs to lose and this addiction isn't helping, but my main goal is just to break the cycle of eating tons of sugar and then craving more. So, my plan is basically to not eat anything with added sugars for a full week - replacing with whole foods and protein to replace some nutrients my body may be lacking. Today was day 1 and I've made it through - though I wanted sweets several times today. I have allowed myself a small bit of Stevia per day.

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I finally weighed myself last week and Im 195 lbs.  Im 5'9" and I weighed 205 at the end of pregnancy so at least I haven't regained all the weight I lost with delivery.  I have stopped eating '"junk food" and sugary treats for about a week  now.  I was on a terrible cycle of craving sugary treats and baked goods and not being able to stop eating them.  I also have really worked on increasing my water intake.  I am discovering that sometimes when I think Im hungry I am actually thirsty. I started light exercise with weights yesterday And Ive started walking around the neighborhood with the baby in the wrap for about 30 minutes every day.  Im 4 weeks postpartum now.


I also only eat "healthy" snacks instead of baked goods.  Carrots, celery, hard boiled eggs, apples, banana chips, dried fruit, whole wheat bread, etc...  I feel SO Much better since i stopped eating added sugar and started eating more fruits and veggies.  It helps keep me going with the healthy eating because caring for and nursing a newborn is exhausting and I need all the help I can get! 


Oh and I started writing down everything I eat and the time I eat just to see if I can see a pattern, keep track of my water intake and it helps keep me from overeating sometimes too.  Especially it helps with stress eating.  Which I tend to do a lot of when I have a newborn.  Im feeling pretty good these days. :)

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I also only eat "healthy" snacks instead of baked goods.  Carrots, celery, hard boiled eggs, apples, banana chips, dried fruit, whole wheat bread, etc...  I feel SO Much better since i stopped eating added sugar and started eating more fruits and veggies.  It helps keep me going with the healthy eating because caring for and nursing a newborn is exhausting and I need all the help I can get! 





Sounds like you're doing great!! and you've just reminded me to go boil some eggs!!!!

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