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Please share this with your family and friends! There are typically hundreds and hundreds of families who participate, so there are TONS of clothes and baby things, and the more families who participate, the more fun it is.
 The Lake Orion Clothes Swap is Coming!! Please join us with what you have and plan to take home what you need on Thursday, May 24, from 10a-7p. 
Clean out your closets, dressers, and basements!  We take from preemie to every size adult clothes, shoes, and accessories.  We take outerwear, baby wearing stuff, breastfeeding clothes, maternity clothes, cloth diapers...we take it all!  And there are no minimums or maximums, you bring what you have and take what you need.  And it's all free.  Bring friends and family, because it's always more fun to share your awesome finds!!  The "inventory" changes over all day, so plan to stay a while if you can.  It's like garage sale hunting...but everything is free, so there is no price haggling! And trust me, it is worth the drive.  No resalers, please.  Though there are no limits, we  ARE sure that this works fairly.
Christ the Redeemer Catholic Community, 2700 Waldon Road, Lake Orion, MI  48360
Christ the Redeemer is on the North side of Waldon Road, between Joslyn and Baldwin Roads, across from Waldon Middle School.  
Hope to see you there!!