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Hi ladies! So I've never used the OPKs and just ordered some off the internet. I'm on CD 4 but the tests probably won't be here until Wednesday. I'm concerned that I'll ovulate early and not know it. Right now I'm just going by CM and that seems to be pretty accurate (last month it was confirmed via ultrasound). What day do you usually start testing for ovulation? This is our second month TTC #2 and I got pregnant right away with my DD and we weren't even trying. The sooner I get pregnant, the better it is for my health so I'm pretty anxious!



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Well, what day did you ovulate last month.... unless your cycles are really very inconsistent, O should happen right around the same time.  If you think you ovulate right around CD14, start testing at day 7 or 8.  My dollar store has O tests, so if you are really nervous, pick some up to tide yourself over.  Also, if you have EWCM, DTD as much as possible.  You can confirm O by temps, but not until after the fact.


Good luck.

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It depends on the lenght of your cycle. If your cycles are 28 days long, you usually ovulate around day 14 and therefore I would start testing around day 10. However, if your cycles are irregular, you have to determine the day to start testing by the lenght of your shortest cycle minus about 19 days to determine the day to start testing.

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